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Found 2 results

  1. Hi chasers, GCM's Anniversary is on the horizon, and we have prepared lots of special content for it. And guess what? You can join us for preparing it too! Do you know about ‘Mini Pet Accessory’? It is that little guy that will always follow you in dungeon or pvp. For example is this Uno mini pet coordi. You can design a doll for us to use IN GAME! Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds! Requirements : 1. You can make a design of your own mini pet coordi, it can be a digital or manual arts. Or you can be creative with craft, or even cosplay and give it your best pose! 2. Only use the character that only exist on GrandChase. It doesn’t have to be a playable character, but you can also you the NPC or even the enemies. Be creative with it! 3. Must be your own original work. No stealing! :3 4. Max is three submission per participant, but we will only choose one from it. You can’t win twice with the same account. 5. Include your IGN in the submission here. 6. Entries must be submitted by March 12th, 2018 Prizes : 1. We will make your own design a real mini pet coordi and release it on our Anniversary! Don’t worry for manual arts, crafts and cosplays! Our staff will redraw your creative arts so it can prettily be used as a mini pet coordi. So don’t worry and be creative!* 2. There will be up to 5 winners (there may be less) 3. Prize for winning is an undisclosed amount of VP, as well as the Doll you created will be given to you and one friend! Winners will be chosen by the GCM Staff! The Topic will be closed March 12th, so no more entries will be allowed. We recommend all participant to create something new and not to use an old artwork. Good luck Chasers! *this can also include a digital arts submission if we see it not decent enough to be released in game. *We hold the right to edit any submission to fit the needs of the game. We look forward to seeing your submissions! Happy Chasing! -FenOL + Mari
  2. The GCM fashion event has concluded! Apologies for judging taking so long, there were so many great entries for our staff to consider! With that being said here are the winners (In alphabetical order)! Firebane Katou Randel Rozime SonicBreno CONGRATS to the winners! Your 2,000 VP prize will be sent out shortly! Thank you all and have a wonderful day!