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Found 1 result

  1. Well was fun for a week as of the recent update/patch note. I will be leaving and going back to GC history. Level gacha is the absolute worst thing to ever been in GC and now on Madness bringing it back. Guess they need more money. Thsoe of us that are not rich can't keep buying gacha every time were at new lvl and gacha doesn't upgrade with us of course. So I'm not rich enough I rather have it the new best way buy one set and done. I think GCm gets enough from buying scrolls as it may take 4 60 packs (I hear stories) to get entire set. For that reason I'm leaving. I'd rather get a devilion set anyways once and for all. As of now this is not madness, this is very very old GC money hungry history. One question is it possible to get money back? As I just bough cash last night.