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Found 11 results

  1. Tuskeown

    Gacha Bug

    Is anyone else getting the problem where the seal breaker scrolls are somehow a negative number? I bought 50 scrolls and I'm still getting this number. I tried reinstalling the client, but the problem is still there. Can anybody help me?
  2. Diabolic Bear

    ForgeNDawn Recruiting

    Recruiting members for our club. ForgeNDawn Hey people. I was playing GrandChase long time ago. I was really loving this game. However, servers shut down my account got deleted. I am pretty happy that this game came out. Also, i am already experience with gacha games for several years now. Still, i am playing game called SoccerSpirits. Im probably addicted to it :D. Anyway, I created a club. I love this game i am regularly playing it. I am just not competetive type of person in general. Even though, im finishing all requests everyday and all that stuff. What i am trying to say is, If you are really casual about games you are welcome aswell. To sum up, please check out our club "ForgeNDawn". We also have Line and discord server aswell you can join those. Discord: Line:
  3. Yamazaki

    Double Scroll Event

    Would you mind adding "Double Scroll Event" for this coming maintenance.
  4. potats0


    Please help! i cant get either the weapon or pet and i still have space in my inventory i cant get the weapon! i want the pet right now.
  5. I remember back in the day there was an auto opening, can you guys implement that option again please? I like to have my characters look GOOD but clicking gacha 100 times with the slow animation rolling every time is really getting on my nerve PLZ let there be that check box so the gacha roll it self While you guys at it, maybe get one for enhancement too both necklace and equipment, where for equipment it stops is the selected scroll runs out
  6. IwaseKento

    Gacha Armor Bug

    I decided to spend my vp on dutchess gacha level 80, stats are okay ... but props? Whew .. what happened? Stats are at level 0? Please Fix! it seems like i'm not the only one IGN: Kenzo
  7. shin10

    Armor Gacha Bug

    gacha lvl 80 in my lime but when i select the properties , the stats are lvl 0 . pls Fix it Gm
  8. Well was fun for a week as of the recent update/patch note. I will be leaving and going back to GC history. Level gacha is the absolute worst thing to ever been in GC and now on Madness bringing it back. Guess they need more money. Thsoe of us that are not rich can't keep buying gacha every time were at new lvl and gacha doesn't upgrade with us of course. So I'm not rich enough I rather have it the new best way buy one set and done. I think GCm gets enough from buying scrolls as it may take 4 60 packs (I hear stories) to get entire set. For that reason I'm leaving. I'd rather get a devilion set anyways once and for all. As of now this is not madness, this is very very old GC money hungry history. One question is it possible to get money back? As I just bough cash last night.
  9. Lunehart

    Next Gacha Rotation

    Just wanna suggest that the next Gacha Rotation could be Sellion, Rexion and Sirius (Dog Star) set. Im positive that most players loved those sets back at the official GC years ago. Nostalgia value might bring more old GC players to this server too. Hope this helps
  10. NeonGears

    Classic Gacha

    Hi, is it at all possible to have classic Gacha pets as SB Gacha perhaps the next rotation? Such as Havoc and Ninko, and that Leprechaun thing? I realize that Luna is now a pet that can be forged but what of the others? I guess I'm really asking if it's possible for the classic Gacha pets to be added in some shape or form like the Luna pet to the forge and Sidt pet as an egg. Thank you in advance.