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Found 27 results

  1. Why does the game keeps on crashing whenever i try to enter a room? I tried entering dungeon rooms and pvp rooms but it's still the same. I also tried to repair the client but it still keeps on crashing. One thing i noticed is that the game is running smoothly for other low level characters but whenever i try to use my lvl 85 i cannot enter any room again. Pls help..
  2. Azphelumbra

    Launcher has stopped working

    When i open the application this whet happened.. what to do?
  3. pinkan

    Failed to open launcher

    Hi, after every updates, I always get this when opening the launcher. It doesn't matter if I applied manual patches or not. I also experienced it after previous update, but I do nothing. After few days (of yes, not playing at all ;-;) I opened it again, and the launcher started normally and immediately fetching new updates and then I can play. And yeah, I believe it isn't about my ISP / internet, because I can do anything else normally. Is there way around it or I have to wait (again) for some indefinite amount of time? Thanks in advance! Hope to find the answer ASAP. - Pinkan -
  4. hello everyone, can you help me? today is December 9, 2019. GCM maintenance has been completed and when i opened the launcher. Why is the launcher stuck here? and also I have downloaded the manual patch but nothing has changed anyone, pls help me *sorry for my bad english.
  5. Hello, i just starting playing on this server and i got stuck when i try to play the game. I've got stuck so many times when i try to download this file "Model/modelabta11.kom" it always keep repeating. - Launcher Screenshot : - Folder Screenshot : - Model Folder Screenshot :
  6. RinKun

    Lass 3rd Skill Error

    Hello. I just found Grand Chase Game after so many years. So i decided to play lass, and do a jumping level on him. I made him to level 70, do the Skill Tree Configuring, put the Items, and try to go to dungeon. So far, until this point everything was Awesome. But i realize, when i use Lass's 3rd skill for his Last Job (Striker), it only do the final slash. It should be 4 Slashes in it. Down Slash, 2 Upper Circle Slash, and the Final Slash. I found this very annoying especially, when you want to dodge monster's/bosses skills. Please fix this bug. Thank you so much for reading.
  7. ayshndood

    Warehouse error

    So my cousin and I always play madness on the same pc. Somehow he can open his warehouse on any character, but when it comes to opening my warehouse, no matter what character, GC Madness would always crash and leave the game. Sometimes I get frustrated for not being able to use the warehouse. Please tell me how to fix this issue, or please fix this issue. My IGN is "Ayshdood", thanks!
  8. Rokugoku

    Error 214-99 / Pet

    Hello. I was wondering why I can't use the Gaikoz pet I got from Jin when I want to use it on Amy? Are pets not shareable between characters now when it's labeled [ALL]? Because I don't see any pets in the pet slot of Amy, unlike Jin's who has Gaikoz etc. I tried to move the Gaikoz from Jin's inventory to Amy's through warehouse, and it said "You have been disconnected from the server. The program is shutting down. Error code 214 - 99 ). Is this a bug, or the current GC is like this? So I have to spend the same pet twice, one in Amy and one in Jin?
  9. Leezy

    login problem

    i have problem it said " the connection has time out" but my connection is ok my ping 5ms whats wrong with that
  10. Erikasa

    Login Crash

    Hello community members, I am in need of help with my account not being able to log in to the game. My other accounts seem to be working fine but somehow my main account is having trouble in logging in. I hope to get many feedback information as to why my main account is not able to log in rather than my other ones. Thanks for the support!Alternate Account IGN : Eriaka Main Account IGN : Erikasa
  11. Yzon

    Launcher Connection Failed

    Please help me with this error,, already used WrongFile Checker and it seems theres no corrupted file.. i've already played this yesterday and now i wont work help me pls ty
  12. Leezy

    Bug in mission AB 10-4

    please fix bug in mission AB 10-4 i clear 2 times but this mission is not clear yet
  13. i get force close using my character zero when i open the menu game and click the gacha
  14. Leezy

    Bug mission AB 2

    someone help me pls i have problem i already kill the arbiter slime but , mission 3
  15. Leezy

    Bug mission AB 2

    someone help me pls i have problem i already kill the arbiter slime but , mission 3 GrandChase20181125_091512.BMP
  16. Leezy

    Help Main exe

    my computer win 7 can anyone help me pls lul
  17. Hello People and Admin/s! So, I recently left Reborn and moved here, knowing how well this server is maintained. Everything seems to run fine, except I always encounter an error about 30 minutes to an hour (even if I let it sit it on the log-in screen). The error says "The server has not responded in some time. You are now being disconnected" and after that the application (game/client) will force to close. So I did a little investigation to it and tried your "WrongFileChecker.exe" hoping it will fix it. The file checker found a corrupted file "ui.kom" so I immediately delete that and try reinstalling it using the patcher. But as expected, the solution didn't work. I tried to find some similar topics in the forum also, but it seems that I am the only one who probably experience this. I need suggestions, solutions or any reply that can help me with this error. Any support will be helpful and appreciated :)) I'm not sure if it is the server, my Internet or the game files. I have fair Internet signal btw.
  18. maxedgamingx

    cant download the setup anymore.

    So. I was a reborn player, but after coming back to it I see that the servers are quite dead and not a lot of people are playing it. to my dislikes I was devastated to see how abandoned the whole server was but, to my hopes I found that they're are three other servers currently active, the best one being madness. I decided to download it and everything seemed normal.. until I clicked play. It said I was missing a file named "gcmp.dll" so I searched, etc. and eventually tried fixing it. Hopes ran up me as I saw it fully download and decided to click play, of which it crashed and went all sad. Finally my last attempt was to either re-download the whole thing or head to history but as of now whenever I try to re-download it gives me a message saying: "Error writing to registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current-Version/Uninstall/{680F61E8-05D8-42F3-B3F2-875614943776}_is1 RegSetValueEx Failed; code 5 Access is denied. Greatly appreciate to know how to fix this. I've been a long time grandchase player looking for some nostalgia.
  19. Hello! As it says in the title, when I try to obtain the Mortal Fear skill for Sieghart 1st job, I get an error then a blank box after clicking ok. I do in fact have the skill keys for it. You can see from the screenshots. Please help!!
  20. euroo

    White Screen Crash

    everytime I open the launcher and click start, a white screen will appear and suddenly crash need help
  21. boy7boy


    Hi Mod or GM since yesterday,i can'nt login,it says "launcher offline,check your connection or try to contact an adminstrator" pic attached i have ping my connection several times to and no problem,i have reinstall it,but still same problem,even i have uninstalled my antivirus,but still no work.i try launch wrongfilechecker.exe,still useless but 2 days ago,i can login anytime please help me,if I doing something wrong?
  22. Hanz


    How to fix this kind of error? but after this error the launcher works fine but i only see white screen then it closes
  23. Scylla

    Gift Shop Errors?

    Hey there moderators and players alike! I just popped in the forums today to ask if anyone else is having trouble sending gifts with the coins they earned in the Pet's Revolt event dungeon? I keep receiving an error message whenever I try to send this one Pet Surprise Box item out? It's 200 coins and I'm not sure if it's the only item with the error, but I don't wish to spend my coins testing others. Please get back to me if you're a moderator or another player having the same problem (with the box or other gift shop items)?