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Found 4 results

  1. how can i fix this problem ?
  2. GCM Exclusive Plans to Remove other park channels (eg. 2-4) Adding New Park Base Cities/Dungeons *Old Content **New Contents **Future Updates ***Serdin Castle (Park Interface) 20/30 Players Afk Zone Contents: NPC: *Guild Master Bestair *Forum Boards ***Serre Leader of the Violet Mage guild **Eluna Elder of the Violet Mage guild Elena's Younger Sister *(Elena's Gatcha) (GP Gacha) *Worn-Out Seal Breaker Scroll **Queen Enna (Enaruvvui Serdin) Current Queen of Serdin Princess ascended to the throne Holy Year 1455 (KoG Based Timeline of the current Chase) ***-> History of Serdin (Story of the First Queen) **-> Quest (Grand Magnus Sage) Collect Souls of the Ancient Magnus x 30 at Great Halls of Magic Defeat Lass at (Kaze 'aze Castle) x5 Collect Pieces of Madness x3 (Drops From ToD) Quest reward Sage's Cloak (Skin)(Relic)(Mantel) All Stats +20 (+3 from Gatcha and Awakening) Attack +40 (same stat) Crit Resistance +10% (New Stat) Dungeons: **Gates of Serdin (Wave Base Dungeon) level 0-85 requirement -> Survive 7-15 waves (clear - 30 sec spawn waves) Max duration 450 secs/ 7 mins or fail -> Goblins base mobs (31-101 levels) (Mob level Based on the highest player level) -> Crest reward: Goblin Conquest -> Possible Drops: 30-75 Gears(Epic) Potions HP (L) -> Completion Reward: Premium Transmutation Scroll x1 **Great Halls of Magic(Heroic Dungeon) Level 70 level requirement (Daily Run x4) -> 2 room dungeon -> First room Mobs Hera's Based Mobs x3 Light Hierophant x5 (Dark Hierophant Recolored/Skills Adjusted) -> Boss Room Shadow of the Ancient Magnus (Arme in Moon Shadow Skin and Cloak of the Arch-mage (Sage's Cloak) Dash(prevents from connecting combos) Blink/Teleport comes in front of a Player Sudden Cancel (Prevents from using skills for 7 secs) Deliberation Aura (Blood Pest)(change instead of taking MP for MP, takes MP for MP) Shockwave (Battle Mage) Blizzard (Warlock) -> Boss Drops **Souls of the Ancient Magnus Crystals -> Completion Reward: Naamah's Demon Core x1 Hero coin x1 Random Phantom Phoenix Accessory x1 ***Portal to the Demon World (Teleportation Magic Research Remnants)
  3. THIS GUIDE IS NOW OUTDATED, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like no one has posted anything for ley so I will put up my skill tree. This skill tree is intended for the children who play dungeons. You will probably have leftover SP if you READ my guide all the way through and do not follow my pictures 100%. <-- not necessarily a bad thing, you can do whatever you want with that leftover SP. WHO TO SUMMON? Before you play Ley, you will have to choose between Haunt and Garouille, and Mary and Jeeves. This is because game does not let you have Garouille and Haunt out at the same time, same for Mary and Jeeves. I like using Haunt and Mary. Many prefer using Jeeves instead of Mary, and a good amount of people like Garouille more than Haunt. The reason why I like Mary more is because she has no time limit so she stays on the stage with you the whole time, and Haunt can lower enemy defense. You may choose to use Garouille because he has fancy fire damage/ice damage (oooOOooohhhhh) and you may decide that you like Jeeves more because some of his attacks hurt more. If you do decide on using different summon choices then just ignore how I put sp into Mary and Haunt and put those leftover sp to on the summons you prefer. Anyways for the summons you don't want IGNORE ALL OF THEIR UPGRADES. ALL OF THEM, YOU WILL GET NICE LEFTOVER SP TO SPEND ON THE SKILLS YOU WANT TO USE. Unless you are like me and don't know what to do with leftover sp so you just put it into random stuff. DO NOT FOLLOW MY PICTURES 100% IF YOU WANT TO USE JEEVES OR GAROUILLE INSTEAD OF MARY OR HAUNT 4th bar skill Probably a better idea to use mortality instead of on target because it is easy to control, and you can aim. I use on target because I am too lazy to aim, and besides it can clear a whole stage for me. 1st Job Below is your 1st job skill tree, you will want to have Jeeves' powebomb, Jeeves' etiquette flame roll, and gravity ball. Those will be the skills you will be using most until you reach 2nd job. The two most important skills here is Jeeves' powerbomb and flameroll since these two do the most big boi damage. Gravityball and Jeeves' ettiquitte is required to grab those skills so you might as well use one of them, pick the one you like better. Inspire is nice to have because it makes your AP gain faster (I highly suggest it uwu <3) As for her passives you don't really need the reduced counterattack cool down since you probably won't be countering often, and the charge attack is pretty much useless. Grab Garouille's upgrades and stuff if you want to use him instead of Haunt . Secret passage might be a skill you want, but I don't think it's all that useful unless you are fighting against a big boss or a bunch of mobs is crowding around you. I chose to not use it. Plot is great because you get to levitate :))) (if you combine it with weapon change you can levitate infinitely) Increase crit chance and Increased AP at start is basically optional sicne the boost isn't that big, but I grabbed them anyways. 2nd Job Congrats, you got second job. You can grab uncertain air if you want it. This is where you will grab Mary's upgrades if you want to use her instead of Jeeves (I grabbed Mary). You can grab grim hand if you want, it's a nice skill and does okay damage. Uncertain air is nice because you don't have to aim that much.. uwu Tear drop looks cool, but doesn't do all that much damage. Barrage is fun to use because it sends out little minions to damage or debuff, but it's pretty much useless since it doesn't last very long. Center of gravity isn't that great and doesn't do the best amount of damage, but it looks cool so maybe you want it. Get that jump attack upgrade, sure you lose the range of throwing a ball down, but you get to spin and your spinning does more damage Also you get a nice dash attack which is always fun. More AP recovery stuff and crit boost stuff you can spend your sp on. 3rd Job You got 3rd job, you getting spicy I guess. Grab Haunt's upgrades if you didn't grab Garouille's. Grab that summon command. You can ignore Garouille's and Mary's upgrades here if you are not going to use them. Ticktock and Firebird splash are good skills to grab. Fire bird splash does a lot of damage, but you aren't invulnerable when you use it, ticktock is nice because it's fast and does okay damage. Heavy is fun because it slows down stuff around you, but it's pretty useless in dungeons especially since it doesn't do much damage. Blockade is pretty much useless in dungeon too. Gray zone is cool because you get to see Jeeves doing a weird dance, but it doesn't do much damage either. You can grab ley's enhanced combo sphere and her curse ball thing, but it might be optional since you'll probably be relying on her skills more than her combo most of the time. I grabbed it anyways as you can see. 4th Job Wow, last job change. Amazing. Now you get Jeeves! If you want him. You also can get a new combo if you want it, though this combo is probably better for pvp. I personally hate the new combo so I don't use it. Some people prefer the new combo because it is faster. You should grab real dark and havoc. My final skill slot is ticktock, real dark, havoc, on target, and inspire. It is probably a better idea to replace on target with mortality because you can control mortality better, I use on target because I am too lazy to aim. You can replace inspire with any skill you like because at this point inspire isn't that useful anymore, I just use it because I like hearing ley say "INSPIRE". Half moon looks cool, but doesn't do much damage. Flawless attack is actually a pretty good skill so maybe you want to use it. Dark luminous and Nether wind is cool, but I prefer tick tock simply because ticktock is pretty much a one hit skill. I like using Havoc and real dark the most. The only problem with Havoc is that the range isn't that great, but it does very nice amount of damage. Real dark does more damage than Havoc but it goes straight down so you gotta get up close to the enemies. You should have a good amount of sp leftover from ignoring the upgrades on the summons you don't use, so once you get all the skills you need, you can use that leftover sp on whatever you want. I put it in the upgrades for Jeeves and Garouille because there weren't any skills I wanted, but maybe if you want to pvp you can grab some nice skills to use in pvp. Dark flame is literally useless because you want Ley's nice flashy skills. You can grab Ley's advanced combo stuff, I think they are necessary. Some people don't grab them simply because they don't really use them. Definitely your choice. End. Yay you've reached the end. Ley is a very fun character to play and you can mess with her skill tree A LOT. A lot of combinations and ways to play Ley, so I recommend trying everything to see what you like, but if you are lazy and just want to play her mindlessly, just follow all the pictures :)))
  4. Omar


    Welcome to the GCKnights thread! About GCKnights guild is a guild that treats all its members as family, we work together to concur dungeons and vent by PvPing each other, we enjoy playing grand chase and we aim to be one of the best if not the best guild on grand chase. Expectations We value all of our members no matter who they are, we aim to be one of the strongest guilds on grand chase and in order to do that we must lay out rules to protect everyone in and out of the guild, following them is a must, and breaking them is not tolerated. Be respectful to everyone No hacking to clear dungeons or win PvP Speak propper English while conversing with others If given an order by a higher rank you must follow it Have fun Activity is appreciated and well rewarded, inactivity is not an issue although if you exceed a two weeks you will be removed if we saw the need. (if you have been removed you may come back when you are active once again!) Activities and Events To keep things fun and interesting we hold several activities and events throughout the year where our members can compete and/or work together to achieve certain goal(s) or do certain thing(s) As the guild grows we'll be able to hold more activities of different varieties. JOIN TODAY! Our guild is always open for anyone and everyone to join!