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Found 4 results

  1. Sigh...(there will be no TL;DR...if you make it to the end, you are a mature person and I will give you cookies), As a self-proclaimed Dio-sama and former Dio main for 2~3 years in old GC, I've played both Weapon Force and Devil Force as well as Hybrid Force (keke), so I know the ins and outs of the former cover boy (no homo), mostly PvE wise. Dio isn't an easy character to master, his mobility skills are average (unless you go full weapon force), he has no passive skills to get out of cornered situations so he has to use the dodge system; all his skills miss most of the time, so you got to learn all the mobs' and bosses' patterns; and it is very difficult to land skills at the back to get proper damage however, in a party this becomes very easy and he appears to be broken especially if he lands "that skill" from behind. Now, these days, I hardly play Dio, the most I'll use him for is in the Hungry Pets' Revolt event so I can catch up on some anime (with subtitles) while playing (oooh gawd, why did I say that, now his particular skill that is OP in that event will soon not work anymore just like "that skill" in Monster Train 301 on the Death Furnace bosses, smh). Anyways, I'm tired of noobs perceiving Dio as a broken character because of a skill that makes them go "what the who" when they see it in action; then they go on forums and cry - "my Arme can't do that; all my Arme can do is debuff bosses, heal herself and party members, buff herself and party members and do above average damage" (thank gawd for this nerf); or my "Ronan too weak, all he can do is buff himself and party members, heal himself and party members while making them invincible, plus make himself and party members nearly immortal for the entire fight duration and at the same time do fairly high damage". And then there are the noobs who'll level a Dio but give up half way because he's too hard to use early on and they can't comprehend how to use him even when they get "that skill"; they will then go on the forums and cry "Dio is for noobs, that skill needs to be nerf, its so unfair GCM staff, we demand you nerf Dio" so he can no longer say - "All I want is pure Destruction" to say "All I want is pure Soy". Advice for crying noobs Noobs don't realise that this game is meant to be played with people and not to be solo'ed. All characters become OP in a party, some even become broken depending on the combination of characters in that party; and yes, all characters can solo, but some are easier to solo with than others and as such, people say they are OP and needs to get nerf. All I can say to you noobs is to learn your character properly and compare apples to apples; don't compare a damage dealing character like Dio to support characters like Arme, Ronan, Ryan (this guy suck, may there be hope in his revamp), etc. If you are going to compare Dio to another damage dealing character then lets look at Rin - I can spam two 4th skill and two 3rd bar skill with just a pet that restores 8+ bars of MP and one MP potion if necessary; oh what's that? onrush suddenly not looking hot, is it? And why is there no call to nerf Rin and to prevent this spamming of two OP 4th skills in a row, which I can easily get back attacks with? Also, what noobs fail to realise is that "that skill" (its onrush if you didn't know btw) is equivalent to the MP/AMP characters spamming 2 or more 3rd bar skills in a row. Lets buff Dio and make Noobs cry less...wait...what? Now, since I've hardly played Dio in the past 2 years I don't know how much buffs/nerfs he has atm however, I must say that the recent potion revamp was an excellent move for it will now hinder all those OP MP/AMP characters from going berserk with the spamming; and also preventing the onrush skill from doing more damage (one would think noobs will rejoice at this but nope, they still need to cry to keep the song of the "Onrush too OP" going). The next balance should be to MP pets, perhaps the ones that restore a lot of MP will do little damage and vice versa? And pets that restore AP can perhaps do more damage when equipped to an AP character? Having said all that, lets look at possible buffs: 1) Make onrush hit 100% and not go through the target regardless of the distance you are from it. Bosses already jump around and teleport away and now immune to onrush (Death Furnace bosses), so this would be most helpful to the noobs who want to onrush and don't know how, resulting in them crying less. 2) Buff the skill - Blink (both vertical and horizontal) so that when you use them near an enemy, they could help activate the Marble gauge in PvE; the skill is useless in PvE thanks to the dodge system. This will help the noobs greatly to get out of cornered situations when they run out of dodges. Plus the skill takes up a slot in the skills' tab where a damage dealing skill would be, resulting in Dio possibly doing less damage which make noobs rejoice. 3) Buff the damage output of his Weapon Force 4th job combos, its so pathetic that after anyone experienced it, they immediately go hybrid force or devil force; after they had played around with it for a few hours or so, of course. Lets face it, those combos are arguable the best looking ones in the game (heeellloo, cover boi). Plus you'll think that a 4th job's skill tree, whereby all the skills except for two, that make up his entire combos would do something special - maybe you can make his combos restore AP/HP like with Asin's (Mugen) nimble stances; this might make people not build the OP hybrid force by going full, fun, weapon force, resulting in noobs crying even less. Soooo yeah, TL;DR: No cookies for you; learn to play your class before you cry "my class weak and the onrush class OP"; compare apples to apples; balance MP pets (maybe); my favourite Dio skills are Haunting Shock; Blink (vertical and horizontal); and Innocent Fear - this is arguably the coolest looking skill Dio has which make creatures bow in his presence as he sits on his throne, too bad it's meh; buff Dio; and don't nerf my nearly broken Ronan for he's my new main and I want to play him a bit more before you do that, but if you do, I'll just main the broken Veigas. Furthermore, every character becomes broken with my skill level, so nerf everyone just in case noobs see me make bosses drop like flies on a zapper with certain characters. And oh, when are those Blue Fox accessories for Asin gonna hit the coordi shop?; I've been waiting at least 5 years in total to get them for my Asin. Bonus: this is what my Dio looks like; a future Fashionista winner - A thing of beauty: Cheers, Ikta
  2. I would like to eventually be able to create another copy of a character I already own. This is so I can have different paths for the same character without having to go to another account.
  3. Vegascastle

    Dusk Bringer special : Destruction

    Weapon Force's special active 'Destruction' behave differently from what I remember. Here the few first hit has close to zero range and only last hit has wider range, and it doesn't do much damage. I hope i didn't ask what other's had asked cause dio's pretty popular, used search and got no hit. Oot : Did using active after special active is no longer possible? We used to skip the frame freeze of some skill (ex: chaotic spark) with blink so it would have instant hit.
  4. I know there are many bugs with the characters that you peeps are working on; but here is one if you missed it: When one levels up, the skill points (SP) they receive are counted as "used skill points" and are not available for one to use and allocate to the desired skills. I've encountered this on Ley and Dio so far; for example, my Ley at lv 70 had 140 SP (I've used all), I then leveled to 72 and the 4 SP I got was added to the 140 "used SP" making it 144 when I didn't even had a chance to use them. I then leveled to 85 and the 20 SP I got from lv 70 to lv 80 was added to the 140 used SP making it 160; and again I didn't use any. This isn't very encouraging to level up however, I'm currently leveling Ronan and this does not happen to him. In the image below you'll see that I was at lv 72 and the "+ sign" is highlighted, signifying that SP can be used there. However, the 4 SP is added to total SP (used SP). In the following image I'm at level 85 and its still the same way and if you try to learn a skill it says "you are in excess of the number of skills you can learn from this job (I have all 4 jobs). Please delete some and try again. If you need more images/info. I can post more either on Ley or Dio. I'm not sure what other characters are affected by this or if I'm the only one; for someone told me they had the same problem (on their Dio) and it resolved itself once they leveled up a few more times. Since my Ley is at level 85, a SP reset all card might do the trick; but I don't have any to use atm to see if it would work. However, if one is leveling characters such as Dio, Rufus, Zero, etc. they would need to have their SP available to use as they level up so they can move forward; as such, my Dio is still at lv 62.