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Found 12 results

  1. dnalram04

    Won't start after the patch

    done patching but it won't start...been trying to fix this through manual patching...still not working...any idea to fix this?? thanks in advance
  2. DerpyXander

    Game crashes after a few minutes

    After only a few minutes my game freezes and then crashes shortly after. It happens regardless of the actions I take, and consistently around 3-5 minutes. I tried to repair the launcher to fix potentially broken files, but that didn't change anything. Attached are two videos showing the full display of what happens. In Video 1, I join the Agnesia server and explore some menus before crashing. In Video 2, I join the Ernasis server and try to run a dungeon, crashing mid-way. Both videos crash at around 3:00 Any ideas, suggestions, or fixes I can try? I'd really like to play again. Edit: Issue is fixed, thank you so much for your assistance 2019-10-16 01-21-41.mp4 2019-10-16 01-01-55.mp4 2019-10-16 01-21-41.mp4
  3. morang


    Hello guys i have much lag when playing GC MADNESS i try to put d3d9.dll in game folder but lag going on... I use Windows 8.1 (Sorry for grammatical errors, i dont speak english)
  4. Erikasa

    Login Crash 2.0

    The same issue has happened again. I feel that I'm the only one with this problem. My main account can never login while my alternates could. I wonder what's the issue here. Please help verify this situation. Thank you very much! IGN : Erikasa
  5. Please Help, Main.exe not found, check your anti-virus and try again I've been getting this error since i downloaded the game and finished the update. What does it mean?
  6. Why does the game keeps on crashing whenever i try to enter a room? I tried entering dungeon rooms and pvp rooms but it's still the same. I also tried to repair the client but it still keeps on crashing. One thing i noticed is that the game is running smoothly for other low level characters but whenever i try to use my lvl 85 i cannot enter any room again. Pls help..
  7. NathanGuevs

    Extreme Skill Issue

    Hi new to this Community. Ive been having an issue with all extreme skills. When I try to unlock any extreme skill on any character the game freezes then i have to close the program using task manager. Has anybody encountered this, Ive tried with different accounts, characters, pc's. Still it freezes. Thanks to whoever has a fix to this. btw from the philippines and i have bit of knowledge on computers.
  8. DIEX

    Crashes upon startup

    Game started crashing upon startup (crashes a couple of seconds after clicking the play button) ever since I put a d3d9.dll (one of your files) to my GCMadness Season 5 folder because my game keeps having sudden FPS drops. Please help.
  9. Authentical

    White screen crash on start up main.exe

    pls help me the game is working before but after a i clean some virus in drive c where my windows files are and update my windows, the game starts to white screen then crash after the start up of main.exe i dont think the anti virus did this because i only scan drive c but my gc game file is on drive d, i even and the folder in exclude path just to make sure the game wont be ruin but still the game mess up, so i try to unistall my anti virus but still the game is the same pls help me about this issue......
  10. euroo

    White Screen Crash

    everytime I open the launcher and click start, a white screen will appear and suddenly crash need help
  11. Einschever

    Crashing In-Game

    Hi. I'm using my pc (Windows 7). Then I play on a dungeon, when I attacked it hangs and crashes. Does anyone or someone experience this issue also? Thanks
  12. AnimAsin

    Game crashing

    Hello, I'm gonna need some help with this, not sure where to even start with this; My game keeps crashing whenever I try to play, it started yesterday (December 18th), I don't have a timeframe. So into a little more detail here, I loaded into Berka's with a couple of my friends, and about 20 seconds in, my game froze and I waited for about 20 minutes before telling Windows to close it.. Same thing happened less than 10 minutes ago with Wizards Labrynth (I don't think the stage matters, but it was 28 on first run through). It also happened in Dimension Door, and Kamiki's Castle. Please help, it's becoming a big problem since I can't progress through Wizard's labrynth at this point, or get gear from Berkas either. Nvidia GTX 660 AMD 8320 fx Windows 10 Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm totally new to forums and I really hope I put this topic in the right place >.<