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Found 3 results

  1. As much as I'd like new Characters available to me, I can't earn them by completing missions. Using VP points gets costly and time consuming (even if you spend all the VP points you get at the beginning on new Characters). When VP points should be used on other important things such as making the Characters you've already got better, you don't need to be spending time on earning the VP for Characters. The initial 3500 VP points don't stretch to all of the Characters, and there are no missions available for earning new Characters either. At a rate of 60 VP points per 24 hours, and a cost of 700 VP points for each Character, it takes a while (about 5 or 6 months assuming you've spent every VP point on only Characters). It would of been nice to have had the chance to earn the Characters via missions. Though once you have all 20 Characters, you get a different issue, logging in as each and every one of them every day. 30 Minutes per Character, multiplied by 20 Characters, that's 10 Hours of gaming Minimum. Attendance should be Linked across all Characters, as should In-Game Currencies.
  2. heyucomeback

    Character Quests

    So I have been playing gc reborn for a while, and I noticed that the only way to get new characters is with vp as a gc fan, I was really disappointed because I loved the character missions gc had, every time you finished one, it was so rewarding, and the characters felt earned. With vp, it feels as if I am cheating and getting the characters cheaply, eventually I stop playing the character because it doesn't feel like a reward, more like a burden to play them. I just want to know if gc 5 madness has character quests before I download it, because I don't want to reinstall anything just to be disappointed again. Thank you for your time and help.
  3. Character Help > Sieghart Hey there GCM community! I have recently been browsing around for character guides, but much to my dismay most of what you can discover has been recorded and documented on YouTube (99.9% of videos with no controls mentioned nor noted in the comments section and I don't know about y'all but I kinda need to see what keys are being used). So, I come seeking some tips and tricks from experienced Sieghart players? being new to the characters myself. My Sieghart has all of his jobs already and all his first job skills equipped, but I'm lacking in the skills that aren't documented in great detail on GCM practice mode, some of which are shown in the video below: Video can be found at the following link: Side note: I really want to learn how to effectively use all of the Slide Attack Combo's A+B+C and the Sword Dance techniques. I'm slow to pick up on things especially when it comes to gaming (slower reflexes than your average gamer), so I would very much appreciate it if someone would take the time to explain to me the controls for each move. It takes a lot of practice on my part before I can effectively perform what's being shown in the video. Here's another video showing how effective Slide Attack Combo is? Or at least that's what I'd like to use it for + PVP Thanks for reading and any other tips and tricks for Sieg are greatly appreciated!