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Found 53 results

  1. Shouto1

    Unknown Items

    Good day to you all Admins I hope ya'll having a great friday, So this came out of nowhere in my warehouse after I've finished attending Moonlight Village (Hell Mode) with my Jin today. Any ways on how to get rid of this bugged items Admins? Unknown Items.BMP
  2. Good day to u all Admins, I have this issue which I should have reported this sooner since last week of May so here's my issue. I can't get all this separated Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby fragments and this Hellstorm cores out of my inventory. Unfortunately each of my characters has them and their really filling up my inventory big time and to this day I still can't sell them because there's this message that keeps showing up whenever I attempt sell them that says "Failure to sell this items". If there is a way to solve this just let me know admins. Thank U Separated Fragments and Cores.BMP
  3. Shouto1

    Jump + Dash Bug

    Hello admins its me again, Sorry if i'm about post another bug report but for the past couple of days I've been observing something odd with the Jump (^) + Dash (<>). It started when I was powering up my Jin that there are times he would continuously Jump and Dash but there are also times he would just dash and won't normally perform the Jump and dash even thou I'm pressing the correct ^ and <> keys. Recently just today, I observed the same thing to my Lire while I was having a dungeon run in Moonlight Village and the same goes with my Elesis while i was having a dungeon run in Nightmare Circus . I'm not even sure if this is a bug or I'm just imagining things but can you guys look it up for me thanks.
  4. YamiHiro

    Dismantle closing the game

    Today, I tried three times use "Dismantle" ate Forge. Every time I clicked on Dismantle, the game closed.
  5. shqhero

    Party Dungeon Unsynced

    Hi there, After my friend and I played in Dimension's Door, we could not play any other dungeon together because only the party leader could see and fight the mobs. The other player can only see damage numbers flying everywhere and buffs applied, but everything else was frozen. Here's a picture of what it looks like in the Event Dungeon (you can see that my friend's HP bar is always empty, and the number 16000 shows up out of nowhere even though no mob shows up as they should) Here are a few things we've tried and the result: 1. Switch party leader: only the party leader can experience the game normally 2. Each of us played in a different party: nothing weird happened to either of us or the players that we partied with 3. Both of us joining a third person in the same party: we all had problems until my friend left the game. 4. Each of us tried resetting our PCs, repairing the files from the launcher, turning off our firewalls and real-time protections: nothing worked This problem persists for normal dungeons, hero dungeons, and event dungeons. Help me, guys
  6. YamiHiro

    Dimensional door

    Every time I tried to do dimensional door, the dungeon dosen't work (my game start but the image of loading don't desappeared). Please. Help. P.S.: this error began after the last atualization
  7. After today's patch, the game updated without issues and the launcher works fine but after clicking play on the launcher, the game doesn't load up. Any ideas on how to repair this?
  8. After today's patch, the game updated without issues and the launcher works fine but after clicking play on the launcher, the game doesn't load up. Any ideas on how to repair this?
  9. Kazuya

    Angry Boss Mission Bug

    can't claim the reward, it says: "cannot be rewarded for selected mission". pls fix it nickname: Lotak23
  10. Tuskeown

    Gacha Bug

    Is anyone else getting the problem where the seal breaker scrolls are somehow a negative number? I bought 50 scrolls and I'm still getting this number. I tried reinstalling the client, but the problem is still there. Can anybody help me?
  11. Erikasa

    Login Crash

    Hello community members, I am in need of help with my account not being able to log in to the game. My other accounts seem to be working fine but somehow my main account is having trouble in logging in. I hope to get many feedback information as to why my main account is not able to log in rather than my other ones. Thanks for the support!Alternate Account IGN : Eriaka Main Account IGN : Erikasa
  12. Tuskeown

    Gacha Bug

    Is anyone else getting the problem where the seal breaker scrolls are somehow a negative number? I bought 50 scrolls and I'm still getting this number. I tried reinstalling the client, but the problem is still there. Can anybody help me?
  13. hmorris239

    Gatcha Bug

    Hello, my IGN is Kyroo. I have bugged seal breaker scrolls, it happened when i bought 2 stacks of 60 scrolls. It created a separate scroll with no quantity, also in the gatcha window it says i have -1 scrolls and when i try to open the seals it prompts that i dont have enough scrolls. I just really want to use my items i spent cash on for VP. Help would be greatly appreciated. P.s. I have made other posts but it appears they got deleted. Want to be sure this is seen. Thank you so much
  14. hmorris239

    Seal Breaker Scroll Issue

    Hello everyone, I just spent K-Ching on seal breaker scrolls to open seal breaker gems for the Gacha set I want. To be specific, I bought 120 of them and it says I have -1 scrolls in the Gacha menu. Even though in my inventory it has 120. It spent the K-Ching and I just want to use my scrolls so any help would be appreciated. <3
  15. Hellooo Im a Returning player here after 2 years and wanted to play the game again but there has been a problem and i ran the wrongfilechecker.exe but it only says this But it will show me what file is the problem i tried reinstalling the game but same thing occured was finding on where to download the main.exe but sadly the file was not found specially in the one that i saw in the bug reports that was pinned. Hoping that i will get a reply and fix this im eager to play thanks Edit: Tried to relocate the files and ran the wrong file checker, the first image error was gone but then this happened :3 i got more wrong files :3 Welp
  16. tangerines

    Xenia Care Package Bug

    Hi, I finished the adventure's event for the continent of Xenia and received the care package. It's in my inventory but when I click "Ok" to collect the contents, it doesn't do anything. I've changed serves, relogged, changed characters, etc. Can someone help me out?
  17. Imperiality

    Login Screen Bug

    So my login screen is kinda doing whack for me. This was working perfectly yesterday and I have my antivirus off. When I go full screen it gives me the login message "Hello Chaser," etc. Looks like this ---> And the photo I added that isn't a link is the one that was in windows mode. Please help! big hug ~Imperiality
  18. Lady Relia

    Naamah Instaturn Explosion

    Naamah in Sanctum of Destruction has an attack that summons a swirling vortex in front of her which deals constant damage for a small period of time before it explodes. Normally such lengthy attacks are the perfect oppertunities for getting in a few safe back-attacks and generating some extra mp to kill things faster with. However, Naamah has a bug with this attack where she turns around right before the end of the attack's animation, causing the explosion to appear on the opposite side of what players might expect. If this is not an actual bug, and instead an intended feature, please give her some animation to display that she is going to cause the explosion on the other side. Right now, she just looks to one side in one frame, and then the very next frame she has turned to the other side, and the explosion has already connected, which is a very jarring experience.
  19. Please Help, Main.exe not found, check your anti-virus and try again I've been getting this error since i downloaded the game and finished the update. What does it mean?
  20. Why does the game keeps on crashing whenever i try to enter a room? I tried entering dungeon rooms and pvp rooms but it's still the same. I also tried to repair the client but it still keeps on crashing. One thing i noticed is that the game is running smoothly for other low level characters but whenever i try to use my lvl 85 i cannot enter any room again. Pls help..
  21. YuraIkitsuki

    Zero (Loss Skill HP/AP Absorption)

    I play zero and already 4th job. Sadly, there is minor bug that i found which i guess made Zero's player in trouble. That is HP/AP doesnt fill correctly according to the number of monster being stabbed by Skill Loss. Of course, i already take "Orchid Thorns : Increase Absorption lv 2". i remember when i play zero in original server, if the enemy is piled up, with one stab Skill Loss HP Absorption, can heal 1/2 blood of Zero. I dont know if skill loss to be like that was the latest update as a nerf zero. But if it is not nerf, please fix it ASAP. -Thanks-
  22. I ever play GC from KOG and played character Lass but i decided to stop playing. And now i am playing GC Madness and playing as Lass again. When i am using 3rd MP Skill Striker = "Blade Spirit", the iframe is so fast. As i know, iframe Lass Striker took so long and has 2 picture Skill. Is this Bug or Update for Lass 4th job (Striker) ? if it is bug, i hope it"ll be fix ASAP.
  23. Leezy

    Bug in mission AB 10-4

    please fix bug in mission AB 10-4 i clear 2 times but this mission is not clear yet
  24. TheNoobie

    Proof of the Laggy Server

    Ok as of now... I actually made an experiment well all of us inside the game experienced this.. All I can say is that this is actually server side lag problem.. I only take Screenshots at PVP. Dungeon is next.. I am hoping that theres a solution to this. because before the update no one experience this kind of lag which kinda annoying.. GrandChase20181127_180514.BMP GrandChase20181127_180506.BMP GrandChase20181127_180345.BMP GrandChase20181127_180343.BMP GrandChase20181127_180341.BMP GrandChase20181126_155550.BMP
  25. Leezy

    Bug mission AB 2

    someone help me pls i have problem i already kill the arbiter slime but , mission 3