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Found 83 results

  1. My brother and i just got back to playing and was wondering if there is something im missing. All seal breaker scrolls i have are only on my elesis and other characters have none. Also when my brother's account tries to access playhouse it just lags and goes back to dungeons I was hoping to buy a gacha set for my other characters hope this helps asap. Thanks in advance and also thanks for keeping the chase alive.
  2. Kaon

    dio onrush bug

    스킬을 사용할때마다 끊긴다 멀티플레이에서 자주 일어난다. GrandChase 2020-07-26 20-46-55-441.avi
  3. Someone can tell me what happened with the server pls ;-;
  4. Hello! I would kindly like to report a bug regarding to the PvP's system. This concern is about Dio's Weapon Force system in PvP where normal attacks does not make any damage against an opponent(this similar bug applies that you also don't take damage against a Dio Weapon Force opponent when playing with them). However, Special Skills and Technique Skills are the only attacks of Dio's Weapon Force system that gives damage against another opponent. This bug became present since the patch update of June 19, 2020 was released. I would be glad to receive a feedback and help regarding to this matter. From a concerned player, -Lunarix video-1593579914.mp4
  5. Nickname: GoldClover I would like to report bug that Adventurer Event doesnt count right. First in Zeruel which I should getting 7/9 but when I check its back to 5/9 Second in Kounat Collapse when I already done 9/9 but when I check its back again to 5/9 what I get from this? playing in Kounat Collapse really exhausting and I keep getting back to 5/9. Please do something
  6. After the maintenance the beta player crest display is huge that covers the center of the screen
  7. Hello, i just found out that my True Iron Dragon equipment has no Properties and Sockets Is it actually a bug or i am missing something on the patch note this occured after maintenance
  8. so i just finish King Slime Event Dungeon Mission as Dio and got character slot item, when i try to add the character slot, suddenly it appear error box and i just hit ok. And now my character slot item is gone and my character slot didnt added at all :(
  9. This bug report is about the SP All Reset Card that can be bought in the K-Ching shop. I tried messing with the weapon force skill tree and did not like it so I bought an SP All Reset Card in the shop for 300 VP. I have lots of SP Reset Cards in my inventory because of the dice mini game around 27 or 28 (I think). At first, it was just normal. I have my SP All Reset Card(1) and my SP Reset Cards(20+). I don't need to use the SP Reset Cards so I moved them to my warehouse. When I went back to my Inventory, the SP All Reset Card that I just bought disappeared. I think it might have merged with the SP Reset Cards when I moved them into the warehouse. I hope I can get the SP All Reset Card back. If not, then I'll just have to wait for a few days to recharge my VP. T_T
  10. I'm not sure if these skills really are the cause of the bug. Most of the time, when I summon Bastion or Garouille, an enemy (sometimes enemies) becomes invisible or disappears. The invisible enemy can still be hit and killed, but even after killing all the enemies (including the invisible/s) I can't seem to proceed to the next stage of the dungeon. I started having problems with this bug when I started playing in Kamiki's Castle. I concluded that it might be because of the Garouille/Bastion skill because the bug doesn't happen when I don't use them.
  11. Idk if its a bug but all other chromas have it, so does obsidian abyss knight for Ronan supposed to have a coordi weapon or not? Edit: nvm not all chromas have weapons, it may not be missing at all sorry ;(
  12. Every time I tried to do dimensional door, the dungeon dosen't work (my game start but the image of loading don't desappeared). Please. Help. P.S.: this error began after the last atualization
  13. I can't add skills, even though I already got sp skills when leveling up
  14. i completed the gatcha and somehow i cant get my final reward, i asked to the discord server and found out that if you fuse your item you will encounter this bug, and i check my coordi and realized that i got my Upper Head coordi fused. is there still a way for me to get my pet(sia)? btw my IGN is iChillyPepper
  15. Hello good day! I hope you are all doing well right now specially during this long quarantine. I'm new to the community and I have a query regarding the GP prop reset form that I got from the Anniversary Stamp event. It says on the announcement that we will get two (2) pieces of the GP prop reset form on the 14th day but when I stamped in I only got one (1). Is it really just one piece of the form or is this some sort of bug? Thanks in advance for the answers I would really appreciate it. Love lots, IGN MargauxElise
  16. hello~ We created this AlwaysEasy guild in 29 March 2020 and now we have 8 members but I didint receive any Guild Mark Change Card. Is it a bug? Guild Master IGN: AElCorruptor and just in case, the exact guild logo is 30x30 right?
  17. When I started this game, I chose the item box along with my playmate but I noticed he gained the demon cores and hero bullion. I actually received nothing beside the item box for my selected hero (having lvl 30 box, 50 box, 70 box). I tried browsing my 3 heroes but all of them didn't have the said rewards (cores and bullion). I tried reporting this for a week but got no response. Please help me My IGN: Puray Characters owned: Zero, Dio, Jin
  18. Hello, I'm new to Grand Chase Madness, and just started just now. I chose the lvl 70 jumping character, but when i want to start, the equipment on my Seighart is all white and didn't displayed on the character. Is this an error? Thank you in advance Item
  19. Why does the game keeps on crashing whenever i try to enter a room? I tried entering dungeon rooms and pvp rooms but it's still the same. I also tried to repair the client but it still keeps on crashing. One thing i noticed is that the game is running smoothly for other low level characters but whenever i try to use my lvl 85 i cannot enter any room again. Pls help..
  20. is it just me or anyone have a same problem as me? is there any solution? please helppp GrandChase Madness 2020-03-06 00-49-51.mp4
  21. Already tried a lot still getting the Error
  22. how can i fix this problem ?
  23. So my friend is playing her Rin but she's not able to finish her 4th job chosen mission because the second part of her quest on Kamiki which is in spanish is not counting for her mission when we finish the dungeon. It's kinda getting frustrating, is it a bug or are we just missing something here?? Need help!
  24. Hello, i just starting playing on this server and i got stuck when i try to play the game. I've got stuck so many times when i try to download this file "Model/modelabta11.kom" it always keep repeating. - Launcher Screenshot : - Folder Screenshot : - Model Folder Screenshot :