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  1. Well, there has been a few Fashionistas, so I have enough information to give a meaningful critique. There are two main things that I notice which I believe needs to be addressed for a smoother flow in judging future Fashionista contests: 1) In our specie - Humans, women are made beautiful; as such there will almost never be a male winner when they will have to be compared to the female characters. Therefore, if someone wants a higher chance at winning they will have to dress a female character. You probably realised this and decided to make one winner this time around a male character out of pity, for Torsion's character is easily the ugliest winner so far (imo, for nothing matches). Some possible solutions would be to make one of the three winners a male character at all time; or just choose one male and one female character to be the king and queen for that month - you can perhaps add another winner to the runner ups. 2) You have a wide range of costumes to decide on what is "creative" and as such it is difficult for you to judge; so many times your innate biases (which we all have) play a big part in judging - the main one being cuteness or what you consider to be cute. If we look at all the winners so far we can see the common theme of what you consider to be cute. Also, please post the pictures of the previous winners (as you did before) so we can see why they won for many of us aren't able to scroll through the pictures to see what the winners looked like. A possible solution would be to have a different theme for each month for e.g. a September month can have a theme of unusual creatures; as such one of the past winners - Siegraine would win due to their character being a creature with vampire teeth, rabbit ears and angelic wings. Other months would have easier themes such as August would be Swimsuit themed and December would be Christmas themed. By doing this, players will then be focused on being creative in combining their costumes to produce the desired theme of the month and you will know what you are judging. Cheers, Ikta
  2. Hey, thanks for the feedback on my idea. I was hoping someone would bring up the points you made so that I can address them and toss in some other stuff, not relating to your remarks, that fitted in nicely to help have a conversation going. Now, this Extreme Mode I suggested isn't necessarily to make the game harder but as a challenge for the seasoned GCM players who are bored. Also, with the current best in slot gear (True Iron Dragon) being broken, this mode can perhaps be the balance for it; so we don't need any new gear nor higher character levels. Plus, all the ideas I mentioned, in terms of skill/mechanics that the bosses can use, are already in the game or was removed and the Extreme Mode will just be an additional mode added to existing dungeons. I don't know how difficult this idea would be to implement for I have zero ideas of coding/scripting. Since GCM caters for people with ages in the early teens and even younger, the game is good as is in terms of being challenging. As people get better at playing it (mostly the older people), it becomes boring and they tend to move on to much more challenging games. However, there are individuals who don't realise this or find it hard to part from the game (because it is arguably the best 2D side scrolling online game atm or at least imo); so they start to cry and say "the game is too easy and we need harder content", when they should just move on. The Devs are then pressured into thinking if they should make the game harder to keep the current population of old people or remain as is to cater for the new younglings joining the online gaming communities. Remember, if the game is too hard, the younglings will turn away from it and if its too easy the seasoned players will move on; either way GCM will loose some players. So the possible options the Devs have are either to make the game easy and cater mostly for the young population of online gamers, by being one of those games that are the stepping stones for them until they join those open world MMOs; or make the game hard and cater for the older population and compete with the open world MMOs, for this population is most likely to be playing those as well; or find some kind of balance to cater for both population which is difficult for there will always be someone crying and you can never cater for everyone - such is life. Nevertheless, this idea can perhaps help to balance both worlds by making the proposed Extreme Modes not mandatory for new players to progress, but if one can clear them they will be even more greatly rewarded, for the current rewards are already great. This way, the younglings can play the game as is and as they get better they can try their hand at the Extreme mode where the seasoned players are. Cheers, Ikta
  3. Sigh...(there will be no TL;DR...if you make it to the end, you are a mature person and I will give you cookies), As a self-proclaimed Dio-sama and former Dio main for 2~3 years in old GC, I've played both Weapon Force and Devil Force as well as Hybrid Force (keke), so I know the ins and outs of the former cover boy (no homo), mostly PvE wise. Dio isn't an easy character to master, his mobility skills are average (unless you go full weapon force), he has no passive skills to get out of cornered situations so he has to use the dodge system; all his skills miss most of the time, so you got to learn all the mobs' and bosses' patterns; and it is very difficult to land skills at the back to get proper damage however, in a party this becomes very easy and he appears to be broken especially if he lands "that skill" from behind. Now, these days, I hardly play Dio, the most I'll use him for is in the Hungry Pets' Revolt event so I can catch up on some anime (with subtitles) while playing (oooh gawd, why did I say that, now his particular skill that is OP in that event will soon not work anymore just like "that skill" in Monster Train 301 on the Death Furnace bosses, smh). Anyways, I'm tired of noobs perceiving Dio as a broken character because of a skill that makes them go "what the who" when they see it in action; then they go on forums and cry - "my Arme can't do that; all my Arme can do is debuff bosses, heal herself and party members, buff herself and party members and do above average damage" (thank gawd for this nerf); or my "Ronan too weak, all he can do is buff himself and party members, heal himself and party members while making them invincible, plus make himself and party members nearly immortal for the entire fight duration and at the same time do fairly high damage". And then there are the noobs who'll level a Dio but give up half way because he's too hard to use early on and they can't comprehend how to use him even when they get "that skill"; they will then go on the forums and cry "Dio is for noobs, that skill needs to be nerf, its so unfair GCM staff, we demand you nerf Dio" so he can no longer say - "All I want is pure Destruction" to say "All I want is pure Soy". Advice for crying noobs Noobs don't realise that this game is meant to be played with people and not to be solo'ed. All characters become OP in a party, some even become broken depending on the combination of characters in that party; and yes, all characters can solo, but some are easier to solo with than others and as such, people say they are OP and needs to get nerf. All I can say to you noobs is to learn your character properly and compare apples to apples; don't compare a damage dealing character like Dio to support characters like Arme, Ronan, Ryan (this guy suck, may there be hope in his revamp), etc. If you are going to compare Dio to another damage dealing character then lets look at Rin - I can spam two 4th skill and two 3rd bar skill with just a pet that restores 8+ bars of MP and one MP potion if necessary; oh what's that? onrush suddenly not looking hot, is it? And why is there no call to nerf Rin and to prevent this spamming of two OP 4th skills in a row, which I can easily get back attacks with? Also, what noobs fail to realise is that "that skill" (its onrush if you didn't know btw) is equivalent to the MP/AMP characters spamming 2 or more 3rd bar skills in a row. Lets buff Dio and make Noobs cry less...wait...what? Now, since I've hardly played Dio in the past 2 years I don't know how much buffs/nerfs he has atm however, I must say that the recent potion revamp was an excellent move for it will now hinder all those OP MP/AMP characters from going berserk with the spamming; and also preventing the onrush skill from doing more damage (one would think noobs will rejoice at this but nope, they still need to cry to keep the song of the "Onrush too OP" going). The next balance should be to MP pets, perhaps the ones that restore a lot of MP will do little damage and vice versa? And pets that restore AP can perhaps do more damage when equipped to an AP character? Having said all that, lets look at possible buffs: 1) Make onrush hit 100% and not go through the target regardless of the distance you are from it. Bosses already jump around and teleport away and now immune to onrush (Death Furnace bosses), so this would be most helpful to the noobs who want to onrush and don't know how, resulting in them crying less. 2) Buff the skill - Blink (both vertical and horizontal) so that when you use them near an enemy, they could help activate the Marble gauge in PvE; the skill is useless in PvE thanks to the dodge system. This will help the noobs greatly to get out of cornered situations when they run out of dodges. Plus the skill takes up a slot in the skills' tab where a damage dealing skill would be, resulting in Dio possibly doing less damage which make noobs rejoice. 3) Buff the damage output of his Weapon Force 4th job combos, its so pathetic that after anyone experienced it, they immediately go hybrid force or devil force; after they had played around with it for a few hours or so, of course. Lets face it, those combos are arguable the best looking ones in the game (heeellloo, cover boi). Plus you'll think that a 4th job's skill tree, whereby all the skills except for two, that make up his entire combos would do something special - maybe you can make his combos restore AP/HP like with Asin's (Mugen) nimble stances; this might make people not build the OP hybrid force by going full, fun, weapon force, resulting in noobs crying even less. Soooo yeah, TL;DR: No cookies for you; learn to play your class before you cry "my class weak and the onrush class OP"; compare apples to apples; balance MP pets (maybe); my favourite Dio skills are Haunting Shock; Blink (vertical and horizontal); and Innocent Fear - this is arguably the coolest looking skill Dio has which make creatures bow in his presence as he sits on his throne, too bad it's meh; buff Dio; and don't nerf my nearly broken Ronan for he's my new main and I want to play him a bit more before you do that, but if you do, I'll just main the broken Veigas. Furthermore, every character becomes broken with my skill level, so nerf everyone just in case noobs see me make bosses drop like flies on a zapper with certain characters. And oh, when are those Blue Fox accessories for Asin gonna hit the coordi shop?; I've been waiting at least 5 years in total to get them for my Asin. Bonus: this is what my Dio looks like; a future Fashionista winner - A thing of beauty: Cheers, Ikta
  4. IGN : Ikta Description : Rabid Fox Attire
  5. Greetings fellow Chasers, I haven't played in a while but I come bearing ideas for this, arguably, best 2D side scrolling game ever: Apart from current Normal and Hell Modes in Angry Bosses, we can perhaps add an Extreme Mode where all the bosses will have their OG skills activated - that brought a world of pain in the old days. For examples, Samsara can OHKO you when he does the jump attack if you're close and his laser can nearly kill you if you have full HP; Starklin dragon summon can OHKO you; Yamini, apart from her Death Sentence OHKO skill, she can have her Cursed Fate buff whereby she would regain HP if she hits you; etc. So basically, this mode can become a true End Game Event dungeon which is a revamped Angry Bosses with limited or no use of potions, no revives, most bosses if not all will have one or more OHKO skills, etc. As for the loot, you can add items dropped from bosses which can be used to forge their respective coordi sets and for those who don't have any atm, can drop other useful items (maybe gear); and perhaps a small chance to drop those Single Property scrolls when you clear. Also, you can add a new Crest and Achievements for this mode. I have a lot more ideas in terms of skill/mechanics that the bosses can use which are already in the game but can be used a bit differently if not the same, just beefed up a bit; but I'll wait after you peeps drop the AI revamp on the monsters, then give my feedback and ideas then. And oh, the recently added Action Missions which give buffs if completed, would be a game changer in an Extreme Mode for sure; so many will want to do them. Also, if the idea of adding an Extreme Angry Bosses mode is good, then this concept can be applied to existing Event Dungeons for those who have BiS Gear and want to hone their skills while reaper even better rewards. As of now, all can drop their ideas of what other skills/mechanics an Extreme Angry Bosses mode can have along with possible loot ideas in the comments. Cheers, Ikta
  6. Hmmm, my critiques usually sounds harsh but I'm fair, so here goes... If your suggestion was implemented this would make MP characters broken as they now will be able to have access to 16 plus skills within a dungeon run whereas they usually have access to 8 plus skills vs. AP/AMP characters which only have access to 5 skills within a dungeon run. The idea is to have players strategically choose before hand which job(s)/skills they need to use then run the dungeon. Now lets look at your solution to this problem: This lends itself to more conflict for e.g.; if I'm playing Ronan's 4th job and I've been saving up mana to use Magic Defense (which is a 3rd job skill) to protect my team mates from an upcoming attack, I wouldn't be able to do this because when I switch weapons I will get zero mana. It therefore means that I will be forced to play 3rd job only if I want to support my team mates, putting other MP characters with support jobs in the same situation. As a result people will then have to decide before hand on only one job to use in event dungeons (where you can't use potions) and in Tower of Disappearance (where pet and MP/AP regeneration is reduced and potions limited), putting them in the same unfair boat of certain AMP characters like Rin which can only play either Light side or Dark side; or like Asin and Lime which has the option to go hybrid jobs or either 1st or 2nd jobs but never both as MP characters can. I once posted a suggestion (about 2 years ago) that may or may not be a possible solution for such AP/AMP characters here: Cheers, Ikta
  7. I had once posted a suggestion to combat this problem. I do believe that KOG didn't put too much thought into the characters after Mari which used one weapon in terms of allowing you to build different paths and store them so u can then switch between the best suited path for the run. We can see that their solution was to make characters (with one weapon) which had access to all their skills from all jobs as with Rufus then Edel and Veigas; and with Uno, they decided to go back to using 4 weapons. Anyways, here's a link to that post which has a more in depth explanation; you may share your two cents on the idea as well~ Cheers, Ikta
  8. Hmmmm, I not sure what you mean by party board (correct me if I'm wrong), but based on what you have described its a board where players make lobbies for whatever dungeons they want to play that players can then join until their room is filled, then they play; and that such a board can easily be pulled up from the menu so that a player can see all the dungeons that players have lobbies for. I, myself had thought of such an idea having played large open world MMOs where you would have had to go to specific areas to get access to your desired dungeon if such a party board system didn't exist, which allows you to join a lobby and then queue from any location on the map. However, GCM doesn't have such a complex map and dungeon system, so if one wants to play any dungeon they can simply go to that dungeon and see the list of available lobbies there and join or make their own and invite random players to play with them who are in that specific continent or not. The problem I see is that many block auto invite because its annoying and guess what, its the newer players who send out invites for help; but, if you personally want people to play with just go to the specific continent that you want to play and uncheck block auto invite and you will get at least one invite under a minute unless the server is dead. The other option is to post on GCM's discord server in the dungeon channel. Now having said this, the real problem is a poor UI system which hinders communication in game tremendously. If one was able to, let's say chat to all from within the lobby of a dungeon (no, not that annoying mega phone thing) they can then ask people to join rather than having that annoying invite being sent to you; or even better, be able to post a link to the dungeon that you are in so others can click and join you instantly. I have many ideas for a simple and very effective UI but every time I think about posting the ideas it turns out that it will be insanely too much to read and it would be best if I direct one of the DEVs to the MMO where I get the ideas from, for its UI is arguably the best and definitely the best imo. So if any DEVs are interested in beefing up the UI, just DM me on Discord (nickname is Ikta on the server). Cheers, Ikta
  9. I'd say the event mission was done nicely this time around with the right amount of RNG on the Devotee Tickets. The main problem last time with Angry Bosses (AB) and the Machinations of the Eclipse (the Acolyte farming), was that, it made AB feel grindy. I, myself and many others felt this way but couldn't actually put it in words, or at least me with my lengthy critique that time, but I was close. We all know events are meant to be grinded and the more you grind the more rewards you get, but the challenge AB bring takes away the grindy feeling for most; as such, almost everyone loves when you drop the AB event. AB can been seen as the only true endgame event dungeon we have atm; and endgame content brings a nice challenge with nice rewards, so when it start to feel grindy players loose interest or complain. Having said all that, we know the Custom Client is upon us and we know many good stuff to come. We've been waiting patiently for new content and now we know with even more certainty that it will come in near future. Keep up the good work, Ikta
  10. Hmmm, as a fellow player I would like to share my views on your suggestion; but first of all idk if you mean "Action Missions" when you say random missions; or you meant random missions as in the Machinations of the Eclipse mini game being apart of the Angry Boss' mission event? But since you mentioned Deity orbs - where there is kind of an interactive mechanic in the Fortress of Ascension dungeon that you can activate if you had any, I'll answer you along the lines that you meant Action Missions when you said random missions. With the plan of implementing more "Action Missions" into future content of GCM, which not only reward items but very good buffs within the dungeons, is an excellent move. The Action Missions, forces players who would have just muscle their way through a boss to stop and have an interaction with the boss, based on what the action mission specified, if they wanted the buff/item. This not only adds more depth to dungeon gameplay but the buffs would be very much welcomed in event dungeons where you cannot revive or use potions, such as the Hell modes in Moonlight Village, Nightmare Circus and Monster train 301. GCM don't want to make you farm potions and clear these modes in the event dungeons in a minute or two because its fairly easy and with the addition of Action Missions, it will give one the ability to clear as fast as you would have used potions; but, you would have to earn the buff within the run making it fun while adding a very good challenge. However, your suggestion is very good because the Deity Orbs worked well to help clear Fortress of Ascension which was probably the hardest dungeon to clear as a newcomer back then; but again, they didn't have "Action Missions". So imo, Action Missions is kind of an upgrade to that system and the Deity Orbs are too OP since they are activated from within your inventory while allowing you to carry a full set of potions at the same time. Cheers, Ikta
  11. Ahhhh, Enid beat me to this reply; I should have posted 20 mins ago :/. Anyways, let me add my views as a player: The Point Shop can be beefed up indeed, but it is fine as is for the cost of the items and items available for new players; and I'm sure GCM staff also has a plan for this but it will be way down the list and should be under Play House revamp, maybe. Nevertheless, I'll share my views on your suggestion: Firstly, the small potions are indeed useless as your character reaches Silver Land continent but as a new player who is now starting GC, will find that these potions are super useful as they get them as rewards as they level up. As such, they might find that they need a few more to help them clear a dungeon and the Point Shop can help with this; you may argue that they can buy it with GP, but as a new player you don't get much GP in the maps where these small potions are helpful. And secondly, by the time you need to use the X and L potions, GP is abundant in those maps and you would have passively earned a lot buy these potions. If you want more potions, then you just have to play more to get more GP; a tip is to forge one Timed Agnesia Valor box from forge, equip it and then go do some runs in any Dimension Door - you will thank me later when your GP caps out after a few good runs. In the past, you almost only got pearls from killing the final boss in a dungeon, and the pearls were needed to forge weapons, accessories and armor. Now you can get the pearls within the dungeon and not by killing the boss (which only rewarded one pearl back then); from Hero shop; and by again, playing Dimension Door. Also, pearls are only used now to forge armor and pets; so if you want more pearls then you just have to play more and at the end you will get that satisfying feeling when you complete your gear or forge that pet. Socket gems were hard to get in the old days of GC, but now you can get so much from mini games and event dungeons that are always active in GCM. You also get 22 for just 5 hero coins which is very fair. If they added more ways to get, then it will become one less side item that you won't look forward to getting in event dungeons/mini games; so if you want more of these you just have to play more event dungeons/mini games. Unless, they add more new items to get in event dungeons/mini games, then they can perhaps make old items such as socket gems be available by other means like in the Point Shop as you suggested. Ring of Beefiness is the weaker version of Agnesia Valor which you can forge for free. Having said this, it could be a decent move to have it in the Point Shop, because to forge the Agnesia Valor you would need 10 dungeon festival coins which new players will most likely not have; but then again you can get from mini games for free and we now have Dimension Door to level fast (seasoned players can level from 1-85 in about 5-6hrs or less). Hero coins are very easy to get now than it was in the past; for e.g. using 10 characters with just S stats can play LoJ (Land of Judgement) alone and bring home 50 hero coins a day. Therefore, the more you play the more you will get and 10 hero coins for an item like Queen's Jewel is very fair for new players and too cheap for experienced palyers; not to mention that its an item that is shared to all within the run (so only one person needs to have it equipped). Also, I should mention that LoJ has other rewards such as - potions; GP; and the Ring of Beefiness!; all for free, you just have to play. In the past, pet manuals where very hard to get and then very hard to forge due to the limited gate ores you got from a champ mode run; the need of champ tickets; and difficulty in killing the 2nd boss. Now, to remedy this, they made it a lot easier to get pet manuals and gate ores to a point where it is considered ridiculous to old players but very good and fair to new players. So to keep it from being too easy and boring to forge the pet, they added pearls to the mixture which is a good move; it therefore means you still have to play a bit (but a million times less than before) to get that satisfying feeling of forging your Rutherford. This is something I thought to suggest myself, but the cost should be more like 50~100 Reinforcement Release Scroll = 1 Premium Reinforcement Release Scroll and 20~100 Normal Transmutation Scroll = 1 Premium Transmutation Scroll; but I never got around suggesting this, because these items were very hard to get in the past and now its very easy to get a lot, you just have to play more dungeon event/mini games. Cheers, Ikta
  12. Hahahaha, I do not like RNG and so do many players (and this RNG doesn't affect me in anyway, i'm a seasoned GC player); but I was trying to say that we can perhaps do other things to prevent rushing missions rather than implementing more of this RNG thing which can become bad. Yes, I know many are complaining about AB hence, the spark of this topic which I decided to post to get some answers so all can now relate to. And the matter is not bad luck with farming, many like to farm (its what we do in any game) but its the RNG of first having to find an acolyte, then the other RNG of having to open a chest and not getting one mini game devotee ticket. This is RNG stacked upon RNG, which is the beginning of how the RNG thing becomes bad. I am aware that you plan to increase the orb drop rate from 1-3~5 later which is strategic in any event towards the end to help those who were lacking but that doesn't not help with the RNG on getting the ticket within the chest. But now we've got some more info. where there could be a possible increase in ticket rate by 1%; and i'm sure if many people still haven't got the tickets by the last week of the event, you peeps will increase it a bit more because thats how good of a staff we got. So I guess by then, you will assess the level of RNG the GCM players can handle. And oh, I'm pretty sure the players you saw that manage to farm the tickets with little time on their hands, are "seasoned GC players", which makes up a good percentage of the game's population atm; and it doesn't say much for new players who are more likely to have never played any online game before since GCM targets 7 year old and up I believe. If there were more tickets in the aquatic dodge ball mini game, it wouldn't feel like we (casual players) are waiting, for i'm sure you would have placed the part 7-3 of the AB mission towards the end so by the time we reach there, we would have gotten most if not all of the tickets. Since this is a matter of AB farming, it is very rare for new players to get decent gear to clear it (unless they are carried), for AB is not equalised and is a dungeon for well geared, experienced players to go have fun farming? And yes, the new players can go farm acolytes as they come across them since they will be leveling up and doing job missions; and side items will be very useful indeed. However, to the "season players" doing AB, the little time we (casual players) have on hand, we want to spend it grinding AB and not having to stop after every run to go hunt the RNG Acolyte. Like I said, the mini game - Machinations of the Eclipse is perfect as is, but it shouldn't be integrated in the AB mission because it impedes on the little time the casual players have. If you want the AB mission to take longer to finish then have us do more parts that relate to AB itself for e.g. part 20-11, kill Thanatos 10 times without dying. This way we will still be able to grind the dungeon drops while doing the mission - this is my point. Like I said, the mini game - Machinations of the Eclipse is perfect as is for those who want to play it to get the pet and forge coordi, make friends, allows new players to interact, get great side items, whatever. However, it should be separated from the AB event mission because it doesn't fit; hence the early complaints. You have clearly misinterpreted what I said: Allow me to explain: You are aware of the maximum amount of dodge ball you can get per day by logging in; and you are aware that the average person can hit 20-30 points most of the time; therefore I do believe you can do a basic calculation of the total amount of dodge balls you can get in a weeks' worth of log in and space the tickets within the mini game, in such a way that most players will get almost all or all of it in 7 days time (or 14 days time, you decide). Now, I then went on to say that if any player wishes to complete part 7-3 of the AB mission any faster, they can then play the RNG mini game - Machinations of the Eclipse which would then be considered fair in its current state because you would have included 10 tickets in the aquatic dodge ball mini game. And if you do not want to play RNG mini game, you can use the VP that GCM gives us for free or support the game by spending cash. There is no way that anyone one can say that GCM STAFF GREEDY; in fact, everyone I recommend to play this game, I always tell them its the most free to play, cute, 2D style scroller you'll ever find and you should support them if you can because the game is a million times better than before. A game is considered pay to win if there is no other means of obtaining a specific item (other than paying cash for it) to completing a task that is beneficial to the player and if the game sells in game currency for cash; do GCM meets this requirement? NO. And if you don't want people to support during mini game events, then remove all mini game related items from cash shop; I guess one of the staff members is secretly rich and funds this game for kicks, because I don't know how you people do it. I hope this adds more depth to this discussion. Keep up the good work, Ikta
  13. This topic was sparked by the current Angry Boss (AB) Mission which includes the RNG of the mini game - Machinations of the Eclipse. Not only do you not find the Acolyte 100% of the time in any of the specified dungeons every time you enter it (during the Eclipse), you also have to deal with the other RNG part of opening the chests to get the required item to complete the mission. Many players (if not all) prefer not to deal with RNG; they rather spend time to complete something when they know what the end reward will be, for e.g. with the Dice mini game, many logged in for hours to get the Bakunawa pet; or that rock, paper, scissors mini game; or the current aquatic dodge ball mini game, all of which requires you to spend time to get the rewards and all of which are successful. Don't get me wrong though, the mini game - Machinations of the Eclipse is perfect as is for those who want to play it to get the pet and forge coordi. However, it should be separated from the AB event mission because it doesn't fit. I thought AB was an event dungeon for the players who farmed their best gear and stored up their best potions just to have a relentless go at this event to farm whatever rewards it has to offer and not be hindered by the RNG of a mini game. Nevertheless, one can still get the "dropped rewards" from this dungeon, but many players (mostly casual players like myself) will most likely not reap the rewards from the mission(s) that comes with AB because of the RNG of the mini game at the moment. If the idea of this current AB mission was to prevent "seasoned players" from completing it too fast then you are almost there with the concept of that "mini game devotee ticket". What makes it annoying is the RNG I mentioned of the mini game - Machinations of the Eclipse, not only does it takes time, its frustrates players because of the small chance of getting what we need to complete part 7-3 of the AB mission. So here is what I think should be done: Distribute at least 10 devotee tickets in the aquatic dodge ball mini game which can replace some of the demon of yore potions. Let's say it will take 7 days to receive 10 tickets (if you get the maximum amount of dodge balls per day by logging in), then you will have succeeded in preventing many players from completing the AB event mission by 7 days. If any player wishes to complete part 7-3 of the AB mission any faster, then they can buy aquatic dodge balls with VP or support the game by spending cash and/or by playing the Machinations of the Eclipse mini game; either way, all will win and there should be no more crying. Share your thoughts peeps, Ikta
  14. A pretty good read for new ones, but as an Asin main in GCM I will add that a Hybrid build is overall better than Disciple because its more practical in that it brings the best debuff (Pressure Point) in the game to the party while allowing you to use better skills; but full Mugen is more superior to a Hybrid build and Disciple when it comes to LoJ, ToD and hell mode in event dungeons which limits or prevents the use of potions. What do I mean? Well, this is thanks to the GCM staff which made a good move on buffing "Special Enhancement" which not only now increases Water Puddle's duration to 10 seconds and a 30% boost to all Mugen specific specials and Imperial/Ultimate skills, but also adds Hyper Armor to Cloud Walk. By doing this, Asin can almost stay indefinitely in a "hyper armor state"; and imo, hyper armor trumps everything in PVE. I'm pretty busy to write a guide on anyone atm, but I'll try to see if I can at least do sort of a Mugen Tips which will elaborate more and hopefully incite more players to go full Mugen. Nevertheless, this is all good knowledge for new Asin players. Cheers-
  15. I'll never draw these swords...or will I? IGN: Ikta