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  1. Adrian

    Game is laggy?

    It's not reliable to run the game this way. You better fresh install anything before Windows 10 build 1803 or install Windows 7.
  2. Adrian

    Do voice packs still work

    What happens @Quazi?
  3. Adrian

    Do voice packs still work

    1A- Open a file called Options.xml 1B- If you can't save the file, try to open notepad.exe as administrator, them edit the file and save. 2- On the line 4, set <AllowModifications> to True Example: <AllowModifications>true</AllowModifications> 3- Download the voice pack you want from our forum (The ones you can find anywhere on the internet will not work here, some files got changed, download only voice packs that work with Grand Chase Madness.) 4- Make a backup of the Resset and Sound folder. 5- Extract the content to the Grand Chase Madness folder and just launch the game normaly. 6- Enjoy!
  4. Adrian


    Did you bought and opened it on Uno's inventory?
  5. Adrian


    Thank you for the report, we will take a look on this.
  6. Adrian

    I can't equip gear or pet...

    Remove everything, pet, crest, armor, coordi, close your game and login again, that might solve the issue hopefully.
  7. Adrian

    Sieghart 3rd job bug

    It's a known issue and we will fix it whem possible, thank you for the report
  8. Adrian

    Force Restart

    I don't know...the issue description is still incomplete, for this error your best friend is Google now sadly...sorry
  9. Where did you download the game from? did you download any other file to the game folder after the instalation? Just reinstall it for now, and you have to open the Launcher.exe not the main.exe,
  10. Adrian

    Poções lisnar

    Sim, quando o Custom Client lançou elas foram inutilizadas temporariamente, mas no futuro teremos novidades sobre
  11. Adrian

    Poções lisnar

    Elas não estão disponíveis no momento tanto para a Torre da Extinção tanto para a Terra do Julgamento.
  12. Adrian

    No Tech?

    KoG removed it on Season V
  13. Adrian

    Ryan Nephilim Knock Down Bug

    Thanks for the report, we will take a look on this when possible
  14. Adrian

    Force Restart

    Hm...this case is looking super weird...are you sure you downloaded the drivers from an secure source too? looks like this Windows setup is really broken...
  15. Any help is welcome, if you can show some examples, maybe we can ask some comissions latter