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  1. Adrian

    Dismantle (crash)

    Hmm...that is an very specific case, only few people experience it, can you try to put your game in 1024x768? try other forges too with different characters
  2. Adrian

    Donation Event.. When ??

    Generally these kind of events happens only in Black Friday
  3. The map is huge, even with slow characters you can learn their AI and escape, if Drawl is on the lower part of the map go up and vice-versa, Season V introduced the dodge system soo it's an really high advantage for all characters (and even broke some even more...) I don't get very well what do you mean with Giant Frilzard. I think Enid can solve this, but better wait for his reply. You can counter it wasting your skills to gain i-frames and destroy them before hiting you o: Yeah, i agree they does insane damage and isn't even balanced with their currently stage and the Season V dodge system, but AB isn't meant to be easy too, AI is manipulable and you can simple group them and kill them both in one go... Ok, that is super weird and need a fix asap, even with some revamps the old characters are really outdated in some aspects (and coding specially, yes, i'm talking about you KoG!) I don't play Arme soo i won't burn my hands about this. You know that Lass can even kill Kaze'aze last form in ToD now, don't you? he is viable now, just need to study him. Won't burn my hands for these tree either. Both are viable here too, i even managed to fast kill Berkas with Elesis solo in less than one minute
  4. Adrian

    Not playing music

    Can you try to play these music and video files to see if some of them are corrupted? i still think that is the case, also, forget about wrongfilechecker, i got the info that it dind't work anymore (for now).
  5. Adrian

    Not playing music

    Run this tool at your client folder and check if any file will be detected as corrupted
  6. Adrian

    Not playing music

    Delete all .dat files into your client and try again, this will reset your display settings but might fix the issue. Note: No need to delete unins000.dat.
  7. Adrian

    monthly reward

    Guys please calm down, it's being diagnosed and no one will get unrewarded 😮
  8. Adrian

    Can't Equip Crest or Title have to unlock these crests first, do you really have them?
  9. Adrian

    Microsoft Visual c++ runtime error

    Does you have the c++ 2017 and 2005 redistributables installed?
  10. Adrian

    Bloody Soul Earrings

    It's an anual exclusive item and always return in the date where Uno got released, it's gonna return this month
  11. Adrian

    Not playing music

    Delete your entiry music folder and patch again to see if it will work
  12. Adrian

    d3d9.dll in windows build 1809

    Not now, if you want to play you will have to downgrade it back sadly.
  13. Adrian

    I'm stuck in the "KOG" logo

    I don't think soo...people use it to exploit purposes
  14. Adrian

    I'm stuck in the "KOG" logo

    Hmm...none actually, pick one d3d9.dll from this link and put at your game folder, if one dind't work you test another till it works, if none works you will have to downgrade your Windows 10 sadly
  15. Adrian

    I'm stuck in the "KOG" logo

    Check if there is a file called d3d9.dll at your game folder, if yes, delete it and try again.