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  1. 1. You can use anything there, they all have near the same damage output and are very situational, try them all and use the ones you find more cool. 2. It's EXTREMELY important, you won't survive longer without it, you need to learn atleast the 3 dash slashs JF. 3. They are very situational too, you can use 2nd job to literally destroy Berkas and big enemies, and that is it, there is not much special about this job besides that, and 3rd job is a good replacement for PK if you can't learn his JFs, really cool stuff.
  2. Teste essa d3d9.dll e veja se o problema será resolvido por favor, disponha.
  3. 1 - Desinstale a versão atual do seu MS C++ Redist e instale a que o launcher pede para você ter. 2 - Reinicie o computador. 3 - Veja se tem um arquivo chamado d3d9.dll na pasta do jogo, se tiver, remova, se lagar, retorne aqui.
  4. That is not a critical issue, it will be tackled when possible, thanks for the report.
  5. Adrian


    Do you have your pet attack equiped?
  6. Your download got corrupted, delete it and try again with your antivirus turned off.
  7. Screenshot your setup folder and send here please.
  8. Now the only fix would be a downgrade into your OS sadly.
  9. Disable your antivirus before you extract the setup and try again.
  10. I saw that you where able to run the game without a d3d9.dll file, that means this one isn't compatible with your OS. There isn't only one dll, try the one attached on this reply first, if it does not work, try these dlls one by one. d3d9.dll
  11. Delete your main.exe and try again, you allowed it but the file there is still corrupted probably.
  12. You're not alone, i would recomend you switch to another AV and check if the issue gets solved, Avast is a good option.
  13. The server is online and this is an issue into your side, if you still can't get in, please reply here.
  14. Hm? i don't get what you mean, the inventory is split on Season V, each character have their exclusive inventory now.
  15. Your antivirus is deleting it probably, put the game folder in the exceptions or turn it off, them try again, it should solve your issue.