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  1. Adrian

    Not playing music

    Hmm...weird, maybe try to download one by one from the host itself? Download Link
  2. Adrian

    How can I fix this

    Remove your d3d9.dll from your game and it will get solved, if your game lag, you will have to find another dll compatible with your game.
  3. Adrian

    In game Quality Glitches/Bug

    Solved on Discord, but for anyone else having the same issue, just remove the d3d9.dll from your game or get another one from the solutions.
  4. Adrian

    Sphinx's OX Quiz

    It works fine here, the special rewards you get after completing X right answers.
  5. Adrian

    Won't start after the patch

    In the last patch we did some efforts to fix the FPS lag for Windows 10 users, that means the launcher is downloading a new d3d9.dll for them, but Windows 7 users doesn't need it. For now i would recomend you to: Wait the launcher patch the game; Delete the d3d9.dll from your folder; Them finally start the game normally. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Adrian

    Game crashes after a few minutes

    Known issue, we are trying to fix it, for now you should wait until further instructions, thanks for the report!
  7. Adrian

    Clear/Invisible Crest

    Sadly no, it will always show, but maybe we can code a option to hide it.
  8. Adrian


    Don't worry abour grammatical erros budy, did you try all the d3d9.dll files? Try one by one, not drag them all in to your game folder at the same time, the game only read one of them, remember to make sure they are named d3d9.dll too
  9. Adrian


    You don't receive K-Ching, you receive VP, check the VP amount you have now
  10. Adrian


    Check if you have a file named d3d9.dll at your game folder, if yes remove it.
  11. Adrian

    Can't install the game

    Did you had Madness installed once in the past? More info would be welcome
  12. Thank you for the feedback, we will do something about it
  13. Adrian

    Weapon change and Emoticon/talk collection Bug

    That is a thing since the vanilla game, i can't say anything more about it...
  14. Adrian

    Pet skill & costume

    It's a known issue, we are looking for a fix, thank you for the report
  15. Adrian

    Nickname bug

    Are you sure the nickname isn't too long? Sometimes the game can say it's avaliable but in reality it isn't too