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  1. Concerning this... I also noticed the very slow patch download so I went patched it manually, which worked perfectly fine... until I closed the game and tried to play it again after a couple hours. Now I'm stuck with an endless loop of the ''Stage/script.kom'' downloading and the launcher telling me the ''Modification Attempt Detected. Click to repair''. Clicking repair causes the ''Stage/script.kom'' to re-download and re-pop the ''click to repair'' window.
  2. Krokmou

    About Samsara in Angry Bosses...

    I mean, why reduce damage specifically from Lire's arrows which damage is already low enough when you have much more powerful chars unhindered? Dungeon enemies' occasional Arrow Defense buff (i.e. in Champion Mode) is also something I don't understand. Increased Defense buff is already something, so why cripple Lire to a halt with Arrow Defense when her damage is already low enough? (I know Arrow Defense doesn't apply to special skills and melee attacks, but still. It's just an annoyance at this point.)
  3. I really would like to run Angry Bosses with my Lire but those two Samsara bosses in the very first room have some kind of passive arrow defense and only take like a fourth of my normal damage and its taking forever to clear because of that. I thought the Arrow Defense mechanic was keelhauled from PvE but apparently Samsara still has it. It's not even a buff from Champion mode or something, it's really some kinda passive and it's essentially there to bully Lire like ''I take less damage from you especially, because f*** you in particular''. I never understood why this thing was even implemented in PvE in the first place... Is this enemy buff against Lire in particular really necessary in PvE?
  4. Krokmou

    Pet evolve bug?

    Now that you mention it... It makes a lot of sense. It's my bad, memory failing me again. False alert, many apologies >.<
  5. Krokmou

    Pet evolve bug?

    That makes no sense since a friend of mine has obtained Lucretia a while ago by evolving Lilith Was one of his first pet in GCM, in fact.
  6. Krokmou

    Pet evolve bug?

    I figured I'd evolve my pet Lilith to Lucretia so I bought a Elite Pet Evolution Manual... for nothing? It should be able to evolve any pet with an evolution stage as soon as level 0 but it just doesn't seem to work at all whatever I might try. 😕
  7. Krokmou

    Black Witch Coordi set bug

    This has been going on for a while on my side actually. I have the Black Witch coordi set but the particles and effects are still as blue as Mari's originally are. I have the full relic set, as expected from that one update which made all awakening sets into relic grade, except the weapon which is still epic grade and I was wondering if that was creating the bug. I checked the awakening package in the K-Ching shop and the weapon is relic grade, unlike mine. Any ways to fix this?
  8. Yes! Exactly this! Grandiose! I know a bunch of people that are just waiting for this exact thing to happen and are super hyped for it too. That'd be super awesome and not only for Jin. I don't know about all characters, but I know that most of the characters I used to play back in NAGC had those hitstuns removed in dungeon and it was game changing. It was simply divine.
  9. Krokmou

    Reverse NERF characters...

    Well, people are using Dio solely for Onrush (well, most people). I'm not one to use techniques when playing Dio (I'd rather combo and wait for special attacks) so I wouldn't know much about them but I have a 50k TA lvl 85 Dio without Onrush and I can tell you his special skills are pretty decent against both small and large enemies if you know how and where to aim them. Your examples are far too specific too call all of his skills useless, makes you look like you never used Dio whatsoever (I don't mean to offend). I didn't say Dio needed a nerf, I was targeting Onrush only. One can't just barge in and kill freakin' Kazeaze (ToD stage 5, if memory serves) in one go. Don't get me wrong, I see those things too as a Elesis/Ryan main (240k/105k TA). Some characters have more ease than others while running normalized stats dungeons, I can agree with that.
  10. Krokmou

    Hero Dungeon Limitations...

    I really like the testing range idea. I usually go to Angry Bosses to test things out on high HP enemies, but having a testing range could go a long way to really test efficiency properly.
  11. Krokmou

    Reverse NERF characters...

    Dio is meant to be using alot of techniques and special attacks. His combo is there to deal minor damage when charging AP. Also, have you seen Onrush? This abomination seriously needs a nerf.
  12. I think this has been addressed already but I just wanted to refresh the topic about removing the combo/special attack hitstuns upon striking an enemy. Some characters/jobs like Ronan (all jobs), Sieghart (Duelist), Uno, etc already have theirs removed and it really feels great. I do know that back in the original NAGC, they were entirely removed some time before the game died and it was a game-changing thing. Refreshing. I also know a bunch of people that are just waiting for this to come back into playing GCM. Without those hitstuns, some combo attacks will be actually usable. Elesis (Spearwoman and Savior), Sieghart (Gladiator and Warlord), Lass (all jobs), Jin (Asura), Ryan (Druid, Sentinel and Vanquisher), Amy (Dancer) combo won't take 3 hours to complete. Even if it means reducing all damages a bit to compensate for the faster combos, it'll be reeeaaaaaaally worth it just to see those hitstuns removed. As always, keep up the good work and stay awesome. Cheers~!
  13. Krokmou

    Can't use pet skill.

    This can be fixed by equipping pet attacks... Somehow, changing character while inside a room may remove pet attacks back into inventory. Just need to put it back. Well, this is what's happening to me at least.
  14. Krokmou

    Zero (Loss Skill HP/AP Absorption)

    It's not a bug, it's meant to be like that. On the original server, Loss was nerfed to this since Eternal update. Loss now only absorb HP/AP from first enemy hit.
  15. Krokmou

    Black Witch coordi set.

    Oh! I see, I see. Thanks for clearing this out for me