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  1. they do have same stats with gacha coordi. only awakening set doesnt have any acc, so you should fill it with gacha coordi. and, if u fuse awakening set with gacha coordi, it will make the awakening set effect disappear
  2. i think they do have cherry credits as payment method. u can check it on the login and click donate, chose payment wall and there u go
  3. IGN: Noxya Description: Seriously?
  4. maybe its more like delayed rather than lagging. example is when u pick drop item in dungeon, sometimes the system will not dice right away, like theres a delay for some time. i also feeling u need more time to do something like entering the server, creating room, reinforcing necklace, opening box, etc. maybe thats what he means?
  5. i think there are some maintenance for now, you should join discord for the recent news
  6. 11/12 still no halloween update feelsbadman

  7. yep, but unfortunately its only for some people who registered for the beta here we, who doesnt register or doesnt passed the requirement have to wait until closed beta
  8. nope, you can get tid from all floor, though it seems like 5th and 10th floor drop rate is bigger than the rest floor imo
  9. well, you should join the discord channel. at there, you will be more easier to find people to run with you rather than here. im going to help you later
  10. nope it doesnt matter who craft it, the chance are all the same
  11. looks like theres a problem atm, everyone also stucking at the white screen it seems should be patient and wait
  12. its work just fine. you just need to enter the heavy stance in another way while in rage. you cannot go into heavy stance with pressing v while combo when your rage is active. you need to jump first and then v v to enter heavy stance when your rage is actived
  13. have you join our discord yet? if you havent, then you should join and look at #solutions you can get another main.exe, updater.exe and launcher.exe to fix this problem if im not mistaken
  14. noxya

    Me Report

    for fast respond its better if you contact them on discord