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  1. As you know last week got full server, and some people can't get in because there is a lot of player nowadays but as its going on, now only ernansis got busy and its rare now to get full server. i just though some point that players is not play often now because ; 1. this game didn't give some valueables item on daily reward login 2. didn't give special gift on big day like in this eid day or others 3. first character jumping on level 70, u need to carry until 85 to get full set TID (need 2 or 3 weeks to get it) need to farm and farm so can build other new char, why dont u give 85 full set tid so the first char can solo farm on event dungeon or HD to get items and coin to buy equipment on other char so other char can easy level up 4. i think some people get bored too cause they login just to get TID fragment everyday and dunno what to do after that this is only my opinion, hope u read this thank you
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    I got full set of gacha level 80 its good but the worst is i must change it with iron dragon set at 85 later. if u dont mind please at least give full set effect for gacha equipment so it won't waste because the full set effect like iron dragon set is really make huge difference in stats. Thanks