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    reinforce stone not attached

    i just reinforced my ronan and mari weapon into +17 went i checked in my inventory, the stone not attached to my both character at all. *already relog and still the same
  2. rollenzo

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #7

    Entry : Princess Edelweiss IGN : Rollenzo Description : Let me grab my bullets first ! Coordi Used: Equipments Helmet : Vermillion Major Helm Upper Armor: Wedding Upper Armor Lower Armor: Serdin School Girl Skirt Gloves : N/A Shoes: Medusa's Shoes Mantle: Purrfectly Wright Aviatrix Tail Weapon: Ace of Spades Rapier Accessories Upper Head: Hibiscus Lower Head: Hypnotic Eyes Upper Armor: N/A Lower Armor: Serdin School Toy Bunny Arm Ornament: N/A