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  1. May I ask, how do u get G-Point and Guild Teamwork Point
  2. DStroke

    Gacha Bug

    I bought VP in the donate part of the GCM website. I bought the 800 VP for $4. Afterwards, I bought the seal breaker scroll for Gacha pets. But when I tried to unseal, there's a message in Korean (i think) saying it's an error. but when I press ok to dismiss the message, my seal breaker scroll is reduced and I get nothing. Please help. I was also hoping that by reporting this I would be able to get the scroll back again.
  3. Does attack and critical strike damage stats also increase our skill’s damage?
  4. I’m a noob and just started playing Asin. I’ve seen a lot of people in youtube play and they gain mp every time they basic attack. How do u do that. Oh, and btw how do u do the last nimble style? Instructions says to press >> after attack x... what does that mean
  5. How do you complete dimension door? I played for like 40 mins and is still going... sometimes it’s just 2 rounds and it’s already complete. Is this a bug?
  6. How do u get/farm deluxe card box? Or is it just event exclusive?
  7. I have full phantom phoenix relic set, including accessories, with full socket all at least gold cards and upgraded to a min level of 6. still couldn't reach ss. please help me