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  1. Danielrine

    The game took very long time to download

    The problem is solve now. But the google drive is unable to download because it's missing
  2. The game took 4 hours to download, is there problem?
  3. Will Grand Chase ever come back in official?
  4. Why we only have 1 life in the game, it should be 3 lives
  5. Danielrine

    Some suggestion to GC Madness

    Thanks for help
  6. I hope I can delete my characters and open slot from 4 characters to 20 characters (all).
  7. Danielrine


    IGN: DanielX0
  8. Suggestion: 1. I am unable to delete my character, can GC Madness make some changes? 2. I wish to play all the 20 characters but there is only 4 slot. 3. Can make the game more challenging, it would be more fun.