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    Dio Silhouette

    yeah played it got boring really fast
  2. GeminiCode

    Dio Silhouette

    Sorry for posting non-gc topic but It feels interesting to see Grand Chase characters on other KOG games. (i.e elesis on elsword) Apparently, 3 characters are already on the game: Jin, Lire, and Lime but with different origin to Grand Chase. Hope they add all Characters from Grand Chase or a proper sequel.
  3. GeminiCode

    MP Drain

    I know it sounds dumb but do mp drain also affects ap characters?
  4. GeminiCode

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #6

    IGN: CodeGemini Entry: Fairy King's Appearance Description: My own visualization of what Fairy King looks like Coordi Used: Helmet - Mad Tea Party Hair Upper Armor - Tuxedo Mask Upper Armor Lower Armor - Noir Pants Gloves - Casanova's Leather Gloves Shoes - Wait for Him Shoes Mantle - None Weapon - Moon Shadow Grandark Acc. Upper Head - Perseus's Circlet Acc. Lower Head - Lunar Cicisbeo's Earrings Acc. Upper Armor - Bluebell's Wings