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  1. Im Running Windows 10, I replaced my main with yours and also added that exclusion and still nothing lol
  2. McAfee and MalwareBytes uninstalled, Windows defender tried with putting Main.exe and launcher in exceptions....also with Windows Defender firewall completely off, nothing...just Main.exe showing up in the task manager.
  3. Yeah i already did that earlier, its weird because I tried another client, and had the same problem, so i uninstalled Mcafee, then that client worked, so im really at a lost with this lol
  4. I have the free version, so i just uninstalled it, rebooted, and still nothing lol
  5. Alright so I went and did the Redist thing, restarted my computer and...nothing. What exactly do you want to see in the task manager, a specific tab or what?
  6. So I just checked the LauncherError file...am i suppoed to be getting all these errors? Lol
  7. Tried that last one and still itsnt popping up :/...net framework is also updated to the latest version
  8. All i have are the d3dx9_42 and 43.dll files
  9. I've made exceptions for Main.exe in both windows defender and McAfee, ive also tried turning both firewalls and im still getting nothing. Main.exe appears in my task manager but nothing pops up not even an error
  10. Having trouble starting the game. After clicking the launcher and letting it do its thing and then clicking play...nothing happens. I can see Main.exe running in my task manager thing but nothing else happens. I dont get any error prompts either.