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  1. Chillyxxxxx

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #6

    Entry: Summer Hang-out Outfit Description: Hang-out with friends on a summer day. IGN: iChili Helmet: Bluebell's Helm Upper Armor: Evening Beach Coordi Dress Lower Armor: Evening Beach Coordi Dress Gloves: Serdin's Royal Court Gloves Shoes: Evening Beach Coordi Mantle: Dog Star Cloak Weapon: Training Giant Sword/Training Ssanggeom Upper Head: Hibiscus Lower Head: Hypnotic Eyes U. Armor Ornament: Clear Wings L. Armor Ornament: Clear Anklet Arm Ornament: Clear Shields
  2. Chillyxxxxx

    Stats for Elesis

    I am wondering before i farm items for Elesis, what stats should i pick for her items? is Braver based on Attack or Speacial Attack?
  3. Chillyxxxxx

    Suport box?

    i made a new account today, and i notice i don't receive any support box like how may friend say i should have