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  1. Since gc never actually shared those numbers, can devs disclose the stats and numbers of how much damage skills, basic attacks, numbers of hits and so on everything does in the game? I really wanna get into theorycrafting on the game. Would be great if u would contact me of u need help in creating such data
  2. Would also like to know why a character is given a certain rank, and what it excells in Edit: please consider suggesting two jobs combo for the classes that can use those (for example sieg 1st for map clear with 4thbar and 3rdjob for boss killing from og gc)
  3. launching the game normally, getting the msg in the title. tried the solution online with repairing and re installing the c++ files of the various years, and tried clean booting and the rest of the list on that solution online, still doesnt work. any suggestions?