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  1. pinkan

    [Suggestion] GP random reset scroll

    yes exactly, even tho hera and hierophants are perhaps not that bad, even tho arme isn't really likeable (to you atleast), it does proves my points about hard floors and performance wise right?
  2. pinkan

    [Suggestion] GP random reset scroll

    ToE is the same thing as ToD just different naming convention across the globe right? (Like Underground Tunnel = Underpasses of Lost miss that name...) Yes I am aware that bullion and material wise, it'll be going round and round because we get 90 Bullions plus Box as opposed to only 90 Bullions when spamming the same upper floor. But performance wise, I mean some levels in Middle zone (not to mention in the upper, too...) like 16th (3 Heras) and 19th (Dark Hierophants)... Unless, have maxed charas with OP raw power of skills (Arme, etc), I guess that would be no different.
  3. pinkan

    [Suggestion] GP random reset scroll

    what is the best practice regarding WL ? Staying in upper zone (maybe 27th or 28th I forgot) to farm Bullion (3 per run, 18 total per day, per chara) or just finish 30 and rolling out again and again while claiming the box contain 5 GP Random? And actually, what is ToE? I know ToD is Tower of Disappearance..
  4. pinkan

    new soul here

    Hello Yuriha, welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  5. pinkan


    hello, Pinkan here! ^0^ I'm not new to GCM actually, but I kinda new here in Forum. I decided to drop my way here because I needed something to ask back then and Facebook group were not really helping. If I am familiar to you, I am Pinkan from GC Indonesia (GCID) Megaxus Indonesia (Official Server, March 2010 - 14th April 2014), and also played GC Asia (GCA) RevivalStudio Thailand (Official Server, May 2018...and lasted just hiks....few months). Hope to play along with you, thank you for having me...
  6. pinkan

    Asin build, double the power of Mugen (PvE mostly)

    is Sirius a good pet? (at least for Asin)
  7. pinkan

    Everything about Dio

    I have seen other threads talking about WF / DF, which stats are important for Dio, how can you prolong Onrush duration...I am intending on putting them all into one comprehensive thread. But as usual I'm by any means not an expert at all. In fact, I want you guys to fill this thread with those answers. I have summarized all into these questions. 1. What Stats are important for Dio? Of course when asking this question, it mostly means "which stats are contributing to Total Attack?" we all know 5 answers - Attack, Special Attack, Critical Strike Chance, Critical Attack Damage, and last but not least, MP Recovery. But Relic equipment only holds 4 attributes, so we must let 1 of the aforementioned properties go. So which one ? Let's see each of those. Dio is an AP Character, which means he used all of his skill in the Skill Tree by hotkey (not spamming z to certain bar, like other MP / AMP Character), and I don't need to explain myself when I say Dio primarily uses skills to incinerate his enemies. The higher the Special Attack, the more damage Dio inflicts while using his skills. This one is no joke. Must have. And because like I mentioned above, Dio need to enhance his damages, Critical sure will come in handy. I guess we all agree that Critical Strike Chance and Critical Attack Damage must come after Special Attack. For the last property slot, which one should we choose? When choosing between Attack and MP Recovery, we need to considerate these things. Sure Dio will benefit more from enhanced Attack, but as I mentioned earlier, Dio uses skills, and by that, Dio needs his AP to be recovered fast enough. But I need confirmation from you guys about this aspect because I kind of forgot about it, but does AP Character (like Dio) will get any benefit from 100% ++ MP Recovery? What is recommended max MP Recovery for Dio? After Dio has certain MP Recovery, Dio will just need to pick Attack property for the rest of his equipments. 2. What pet is the best for Dio? Of course Pet that will recover AP (Sellion, Rexion, etc...right?).. There are quite a lot of AP Pets to choose, but when we say "the best", we do mean "which AP Pet generates the most damage, and AP recovery for the character". As of my experiences, I have been with Rutherford (Little Astaroth) and it is quite a good option for non-gacha pet. The other one is Berkas Jr. But do we have a special case for this one? I've been told that Devilion is the best partner for Dio. 3. What are the recipes for long lasting Onrush? Sounds like stupid question, but we all know it is more than "having the best pet, and large potions". The most common option for "large potions" is HD Potion which you can buy for 7 bullions at HD Shop. But I want to ask something, I used to play in GC Asia Official Server (by RevivalStudio Thailand), and I played Dio there with Berkas Jr. and HD pot, I can permanently doing onrush as long as I want / need and as long as I haven't run out of my HD pot...adding Berkas Jr to that combo, it became a very deadly weapon for my Dio back then. But when I try to do the same now, I realized I couldn't do that, because the HD potion has 30 secs cooldown and it is too long for me. Currently my MP Recov is about 47%... My question is : Did HD Pot had that long cooldown (30 secs) back then in GCA? Or is it just my current dio that simply isn't strong enough? Can we do perma-onrush here in GCM too? Maybe with minimal MP Recov, AP recov pets, and precise timing / order to do it so we can stay onrushing before dio runs out of AP and HD Pot's cooldown hasn't finished yet? 4. WF / DF / Hybrid Dio? Let's be quick here because there are tons of threads debating this, I'm not debating over that, let's not beat the dead horse anymore. Can I ask for the latest, the most recent Hybrid Skill Tree Dio? You know, when I said "the latest, the most recent" it's simply because some version that has been published here is just maybe deprecated because it's made before certain events / updates / dungeons appeared, like mentioned in this thread (in those case, it's made before ToE. whatever that means) so I want the newest Skill Tree that we use currently (for ToD, etc)... 5. Equipments, Crests, etc (also with anything else, I'll update it to this points in the future if I forget something) Equipment is just a short answer, it is simply True Iron Dragon, so goodluck grinding it! About "how can I get all those 4 properties mentioned in point 1 into my random propertied TID?", we can use GP Random Scroll (you can buy it in HD Shop for 30 bullions, hehe..) when it's mostly (3 or all properties) messed up, just random it all. When you have only 1 or 2 bad prop, you might don't wanna take a chance of randoming all again, use Single Property Scroll instead (you can farm it in ToD, if you manage to survive at least until halfway through in 5th or 6th floor). Or if you are prosper enough, just use GP Scroll and pick those 4 properties that you want (like when you bought cash / gacha equipments). Note however, we cannot use Random Scroll for TID. About the Necklace and Anklet, I'll let you choose your own preferences (Dragon, Dark, etc...) Earring : I heard Harkion's Earrings is good, you can choose to equip it, if you have one, then Phantom Phoenix's Earrings from clearing 30 stages of WL, and if you don't have Harkion or PP earring yet, buy 65 bullions earring from HD shop, Pearl of Persephone Earrings. But I do not recommend you to buy the Gnosis' Earrings tho'. Lastly, crest...hmmm...if you're on ToD, use its crest, otherwise, I can't say, it's your personal preferences. While ToD's crest is good, it lowers your HP (by ridiculously 50%). I can totally understand that because since you in ToD, you wouldn't need HP anyway, we mostly fight in Fatal condition. And we benefit those condition with ToD's crest, because at Fatal we will get attack boosted, etc. But on any other dungeon, you barely hit Fatal condition right? What is the purpose of using the crest when you're not going to hit Fatal, at all? Furthermore, the stats given by Crucible / Sanctum of Destruction's crest are better. But as I said before, it's up to you to choose, maybe we won't bother changing the crest along with changing the dungeon anyway, so save the trouble of changing it, it's totally okay to use ToD's crest anywhere. Phew, it's been a long thread, I hope you guys like it, and contribute to this thread, as I still have few points missing and I need your answers / confirmations about it. Thank you and have a nice day, chasers! Keep chasing it, madness.
  8. pinkan

    Failed to open launcher

    Thank you very much ❤️ it works! I can play normally after I released and renewed my IP. You rocks.
  9. pinkan

    Failed to open launcher

    Hi, after every updates, I always get this when opening the launcher. It doesn't matter if I applied manual patches or not. I also experienced it after previous update, but I do nothing. After few days (of yes, not playing at all ;-;) I opened it again, and the launcher started normally and immediately fetching new updates and then I can play. And yeah, I believe it isn't about my ISP / internet, because I can do anything else normally. Is there way around it or I have to wait (again) for some indefinite amount of time? Thanks in advance! Hope to find the answer ASAP. - Pinkan -
  10. pinkan

    Running Grand Chase Madness on Linux!

    I'm using Linux with Ubuntu distribution version of 18.04 LTS 64 bit. I want to try it. Will it work if I just have Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (Kabylake GT2) ? I don't run external / dedicated GPU (NVIDIA, etc)
  11. pinkan

    [Suggestion] GP random reset scroll

    Bingo, are that all available scrolls ? there aren't anything else right? Thanks! it's very clear now.
  12. pinkan

    [Suggestion] GP random reset scroll

    Hello, sorry for barging in, but I need a comprehensive explanation about prop scrolls I know there are GP random, Random scroll, Single Prop scroll (yeah this one is pretty self explanatory), and non-random scroll prop, Can anyone kindly explain the differences and usages? Thanks in advance! 🙏