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    Coordi Stack !

    Help with this every time i log in game its always there need help to removed it thanks That head and wing coordi ! lol i have no idea what's the reason behind that !
  2. Nifty18

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #5

    IGN: Nifty18 Description: Harpe The Greek God Weapon ( Medusa Slayer ⚔️ 🐍 !! ) Helm: Kumi's Neo-Shogun Hair Top: Prizefighter's Boxing Top Bottom: Samsara's Disciple Lower Armor Cloak: Kounat's Illuminated Society Cloak Weapon: Cordelia Nodachi Upper Armor Ornament ( Wing ) : Moon Child Wing's Upper Head: Dokaebi King's Mask Shield: Justice Shields
  3. Nifty18

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #4

    IGN: Nifty18 Description: Phantom Steampunk Thief ( I can Steal Anything !! ) Helm: Duke Petrushka's Felt Hat Top: Khronos Globetrotter Upper Armor Bottom: Khronos Globetrotter Lower Armor Gloves: Ace of Spade's Gloves Shoes: Purrfectly Wright Aviator Shoes Cloak: Tuxedo Mask Cloak Weapon: The Nutcracker's Dagger Upper Head: Mad Tea Party Blusher ( Spade ) Lower Head: Wedding Top Stompers: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch Shield: The Nutcracker's Shield Wing: None