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  1. IGN : Zettou Description : Elite Guard EQUIPMENT Helmet: Checkmate Helm Upper Armor: Khronos Globetrotter Upper Armor Lower Armor: Mad Tea Party Pants Gloves: Cobalt Prime Knight Gloves Shoes: Choralist Stigma Shoes Mantle: Super Sleuth Cloak Weapon: Duke Petrushka's Gladius ACCESSORY Upper Head: Ordo Squad Circlet Lower Head: Bluebell's Mask Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: The Nutcracker's Rifle Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch Arm Ornament/Shields: Marionette's Shields
  2. Sorry, I tried Replace the Game with Another game file and it works now. case closed . for the one who suffer the same problem might can try it too thanks
  3. Yeah , but my OS is windows 7, it works perfectly fine in the other platform (laptop os windows 10) so not really sure what i missed in my pc lol , it happened after the recent patch too
  4. My Grand chase since yesterday been laggy or in slowmotion. do Anyone have ever got through this , can help me solve the problem? Thanks.