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  1. Entry : Mari the Everlusting (Smash 'em eggs!!!) IGN : lMizugaki Description : Since the year gone wrong and the easter starts, the bunnies gone into madness and mari have lost her sanity and become lunatic. Coordi Used Equipments Helmet : Obsidian Rune Caster Helmet Upper Armor : Obsidian Gunslinger Upper Armor Lower Armor : Soul Extortion Skirt Gloves : Prizefighter's Gloves Shoes : Moon Child's Slippers Mantle : Ruby Kounat Scientist Cloak Weapon : Play Girl Grimoire Accesory Upper Head : Black Bunny Ears Lower Head : Hypnotic Eyes Upper Armor Ornament: Vernia's Corsage Lower Armor Ornament: Prizefighter's Championship Belt Arm Ornament : Clear Shields
  2. Hi Everyone IGN: RODNEY Description: “Big Boss of The Pumpkin Duck Gun Gang” Helmet: Jack-O’s Head Gear Upper Armor: Jiang Shi Upper Armor Lower Armor: Lunar Cicisbeo’s Hakama Gloves: Kumi’s Neo-Shogan Gloves Shoes: LaDiDas Slippers Cloak: Clear Cloak Circlet: Golden Crown Mask: United Forces Sunglasses Wings: United Forces Bazooka Stompers: Prizefighter’s Championship Belt Shield: Boombox