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  1. Idk, how to explain this but after updating my GCM and play it. It looks like this now. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks 😆
  2. In-game name: Zvyx Costume name: Rygulle Armor Full Set Concept Image(s): Concept Description: Long ago, there was a kid who loves to forge. The kid do everything to make his work perfect. After so many years forging, he achieve the wisdom to make a Relic Armor but to do this he needs a dragon scale. He applied for a soldier for the raid on Berkas Lair and then the time that some berkas scale comes off, he immediately took it and flee from the battle. He manage to forge a full set of armor, then he decided to name it from his name, the "Rygulle Armor Set".
  3. IGN: Zyx Title of Entry: Fall Festival Welcome Party Artwork: Reference and WIPs:
  4. IGN: Zvyx Description: Chronostasis of Steam Punk Era Helmet: Half Face Helmet Upper: Raven Soul Jacket Lower World Cup (USA) Shorts & Shin Guards Gloves: Khronos Globetrotter Gloves Shoes: Ebon Inferno Shoes Cloak: Desert Bandits Cloak Weapon: Super Sleuth Cube Circlet: Ace of Spades Circlet Mask: Ordo Squad Mask Wings: Purrfectly Wright Wings Stompers: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch Shield: Noir Brass Knuckles
  5. IGN: Zvyx Description: Celestial Grim of the Ancient Kurtzpel Item Used: Helmet: Celestial Guard Hair Upper Topless with Battle Scars Lower Blue bell's lower armor Gloves: Dark Knightmare Gloves Shoes: Evening beach coordi shoes Cloak: Soul Extorion Weapon: Cyber Knight Soul Reaver Circlet: Dokaebi King's Circlet Mask: Keter Mask Wings: Ethereal Knight Wings Stompers: None Shield: Justice Shield