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    This tag didn't continue downloading. PLEASE HELP ME I WANT TO PLAY THE NEW EVENT
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    Please help admins
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    Event Dungeon

    When would be the availability of the Monster Train 301 event dungeon? I'm just curious
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    Is it normal to change character and the pet, costumes (being dedicated to the changed character), etc. cannot be seen? I could only see the scroll and the others is because i played twice in dungeon. Please tell me it's not normal 😫
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    even the items that is indicated for them? (Getting item using Dio and dedicating it to veigas) Even the pet couldn't be seen at all
  6. kentuckymachenzie

    corrupt file (main.exe?)

    thank you ill try that one
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    corrupt file (main.exe?)

    I used McAfee Antivirus and it seems hard to find. please please please help
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    Item Rewards

    My items also didn't go to my inventory please help IGN: HEYDAY
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    corrupt file (main.exe?)

    Hello sir can you give a steps on how to exclude it? thank you in advance