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  1. Masskara Queen IGN: SHM Lime wandered in Bacolod City, the home of the finest masskaras EQUIPMENT Helmet: Carnival Helm Upper Armor: Masquerade Ball Upper Armor Lower Armor: Bluebell's Lower Armor Gloves: Medusa's Gloves Shoes: Karapis Shoes Mantle: Cordelia Cloak Weapon: Justice Gavel ACCESORY Upper Head: Dog Star Circlet Lower Head: Party Mask U. Armor Ornament: Keter Wings L. Armor Ornament: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch Arm Ornament: Checkmate Shields
  2. Nevermind lol, fixed just by now by deleting all dll files.
  3. What file did you replace my brother? you mean the whole GC Madness file?
  4. Same problem here but worse. I posted here also about the same problem but with a additional one. Here's the topic I made.
  5. SHM

    Black Friday Bug

    So recently the Black Friday Update came in then another problem had came to me. First is the old FPS problem with Windows 10 (I think?). After the patch the FPS somehow broke, I tried deleting the d3d9.dll to let the launcher download it on it's own but nothing works. Second and lastly, the mouse problem. The UI for the mouse of the game isn't alligned with the main/real mouse pointer. I can't even select or click Servers nor the fullscreen button since the real pointer is placed or moved right (About centimeters) from the UI of the mouse onsceen. Please fix these problems ASAP. I know you're aware of players' complains about bugs that's why I keep playing this game. Much love. My OS : Windows 10 Pro build 1909 (November 2019 Update)
  6. IGN: MariKACLM Description: School Teen Girl EQUIPMENT Helmet: Miracle Summer Hair Upper Armor: White Tee Lower Armor: Casanova's Silken Gloves: Day Beach Shoes: Wedding Shoes Mantle: Clear Cloak ACCESSORY Upper Head: Hibiscus Lower Head: Rune Caster's Glasses Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Serdin School Bunny Bag Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: Lunar Courtesan's Obijime Arm Ornament/Shields: Mad Tead Party Teacup Weapon: Super Sleuth Grimoire
  7. SHM


    Thanks it finally worked. Thank you so much, I guess the problem is with the launcher itself or the .dll file, some .dll files would just keep updating. Thank you this one worked
  8. SHM


    Yeah I did restart my PC and tried replacing the d3d9.dll file with old ones, but it just updating them. My PC does support DX11 but still the same results. If you have major fix for this issues please inform us ASAP. I'll be expecting some updates thank you.
  9. Recently, the October 15, 2019 patch came in, the patch somehow broke my FPS. I have no idea why but 1 fix included in the patch is "It fixed FPS issues for all Windows version" but mine somehow got broken. The game is pretty normal before this patch. Can someome help me with this? do I need to replace several .dll files? My OS: Windows 10 Pro ver. 1809