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  1. Cloud

    Hosting = DC

    Hello. I have this problem that every time I try to create a room, the program always closes. but when I join a room, it's working just fine. Create a room or quick join. as long as I will be creating a new room, it would always result in an instant DC. does anyone know about this problem? any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Cloud

    Can't login to GCM.

    Apparently, the server is offline but I am chatting with other people and they are able to play. There are also others on the same boat as me. Why is this happening? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Cloud

    No rewards for new account

    Great! Thank you so much! I'm sorry I just went online today. I saw it now. Many thanks for the help. All hail the GCM staff for a quick response.
  4. Cloud

    No rewards for new account

    Oh okay. I guess I'll just wait for the next patch then. Thanks.
  5. Cloud

    No rewards for new account

    Helllo. I'm just new to the game and I saw that there should be freebies for new accounts but when I checked the mailbox, it's already like this. Many thanks to those who can help. IGN: ChunChunKun
  6. Cloud

    new soul here

    Welcome! You can play solo or with others. It depends on you. But for me, yes you can play solo but it's more fun to play with others. So you should join a good guild if you can.
  7. Cloud

    Pet Glyphs

    Hello guys! Just telling you that the Pet Glyphs just keep unequipping every time. Even by just going to another window then I go back to check the pet glyphs, I always find it unequipped. Can you fix this?
  8. Cloud

    Server Offline

    Oh, thank you. It was offline for a few minutes then it was online and then it started patching. It's working now. Thank you for the advice. I'll do that next time.
  9. Cloud

    Server Offline

    Hello! Good day! Just asking, is the server offline again this time? Because it is offline on my side.
  10. Cloud

    Awakening Sets

    Ohhhh. Thank you so much. I guess I'll wait for their events.
  11. Cloud

    Awakening Sets

    Hello guys. Just wondering, do Awakening sets have stats just the same as Gacha coordi or they're just for looks and you'll have to fuse it with a gacha coordi for it to have stats? Cause I'm wondering if should I just wait for the events of the awakening sets or should I purchase gacha coordi now since they won't have stats. Thanks for the help guys!
  12. Cloud

    Server Offline

    Hey, the server is already online. What's wrong with yours?? It's been up since morning.
  13. Cloud

    Server Offline

    And for reference, it shows the HTTP error 500 and this is what it means. It's definitely a problem on their side.
  14. Cloud

    Server Offline

    Same issue I think. This is server problem since I also can't access their main website.
  15. Cloud

    Server Offline

    Same here. I still haven't done my Wiz. Lab. and Berkas. :'(