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    Didn't Receive my Item Rewards!

    Hi Rivia! Just following up! Did anything ever come out yet?
  2. SkyWit

    Didn't Receive my Item Rewards!

    I don't have Elesis at all I just chose Asin, and now Lass (so i could level up with friends). I read the other thread about it as well, checked locked items but I didn't really want to waste a slot on Elesis if I could avoid it (unless the rewards are sitting there!)
  3. I just joined GrandChase Madness and even donated a couple times because I wanted to support the server, but after inviting a few friends and one of them using the item rewards; i just realized that I never got mine. I didn't choose the Character Jump because I wanted to work for my levels and learn my combos, but I could use the items that I never received... I checked another thread out with checking Locked Items and the Warehouse, but I simply didn't get any! Is there a way we could fix these please? :( Thank you so much! In-Game Name: "SkyWit"