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  1. IGN: Piety Description: Asin's Final Form ( Heart Breaker ) Helmet: Keter Helm Upper Armor: Day Beach Coordi Top Lower Armor: Noir Pants Gloves: Dark Nightmare Shoes: Tuxedo Mask Mantle: None Weapon: Moon Shadow Armguard Upper Head: Raven Soul Circlet Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask U. Armor Ornament: Moon Child's Wings L. Armor Ornament: Decorative Tyrfing Belt Arm Ornament: Serdin School Bracelet
  2. IGN: Piety Title of Artwork: Edel's Moonslash Fall Themed References WIPs
  3. IGN: Piety Description/Title: " Asin's Melancholy " Items used: Accessory: Circlet: Sweat Drop Armor Coordi: Helmet: Wait for Him Coif Upper Armor: Topless with Battle Scars Lower Armor: Lunar Cicisbeo's Hakama Gloves: None Shoes: Tropical Paradise Coordi Accessories: Lower Head: Crying Face Wings: Moon Child's Wings Stompers: Celestial Guard Shields: Celestial Guard