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  1. 17CARAT

    SP All Reset Lost in Storage

    I have also lost 1 SP All reset card when I transferred it in the warehouse.
  2. 17CARAT

    item, pet & character

    To share items, transfer it first in your warehouse. You mean GP Character Unlock Missions? You can't buy those scrolls anymore. Unlocking a character requires 1 Character Slot Ticket (700 VP).
  3. 17CARAT

    Launcher error do not appear

    I also had this problem weeks ago. I just deleted all the .dat files (except unins000.da) and d3d9.dll then the launcher was fixed.
  4. In-Game Name: 17CARAT Costume Name: Blood Moon (Priest and Priestess) Costume Description: An ancient priest and priestess, summoned on the night of the Blood Moon, to perform the most powerful ritual — fusing their blood and flesh with the darkness, and becoming one with even greater power.