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  1. Probably. There's not really any significant GPU overhead when running games on Wine, so if you have the specs for running the game on Windows you should be fine.
  2. I've been looking for a way to play Grand Chase on Linux for quite a while now. This is usually not possible due to anti-cheat malware that uses a whitelist for allowed OSes, which most of the time means Linux gets blocked even if the game itself would work flawlessly. Talking to a personal friend of mine which happens to be a GM for Madness, I was suggested to give it a try and to my surprise everything works flawlessly. This thread is a simple guide on how to do the same. Requirements An x86 (32 bit) or x86_64 (64 bit) machine A working installation of any Linux distribution. In this guide I'll provide instructions for Arch and Debian based distributions Basic Linux knowledge. Terminal navigation (cd, ls, cat, etc) The appropriate drivers for your graphics card (Mesa for Intel / AMD, Nouveau for Nvidia, etc) Dependencies Wine Staging (Tested on 4.15, but any should work) Winetricks ARCH: yay -Sy wine-staging winetricks Debian / Ubuntu: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu How To Install all the dependencies listed on the previous header Download the GC Madness installer from the official website Run the installer using the following command: WINEARCH=win32 wine /path/to/GCMadness/setup.exe By default, the game's launcher will be at "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Grand\ Chase\ Madness\ Season\ 5/Launcher.exe". If your wine prefix is located somewhere else, use that instead. Run `winecfg` In the Application tab, select Windows 7 as the Windows Version In the Graphics tab, tick "Emulate a virtual desktop" and set the Desktop Size to 1280 x 720 Click OK Run the following command to install the missing DLLs: WINEARCH=win32 winetricks dlls mfc42 Run the following command to install the .NET Framework 4.0, which is needed for the Launcher to work properly WINEARCH=win32 winetricks -q dotnet40 vcrun2010 Launch the game with the following command: WINEARCH=win32 wine $HOME/drive_c/Program\ Files/Grand\ Chase\ Madness\ Season\ 5/Launcher.exe If everything works correctly, the launcher should start and update your game normally. Afterwards, just click Launch and enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions :) // TODO: FAQ, Troubleshooting