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  1. Entry: Theia - Titan Goddess of Sight and Shining Light, Mother of the Sun (Helios) and the Moon (Selene)

    IGN: Raphsody


    "Mother of the Sun, Theia of many names,
    for your sake men honor
    gold as more powerful than anything else;

    and through the value you bestow on them,
    o queen, ships contending on the sea
    and yoked teams of horses in swift-whirling contests become marvels."

    - Pindar, Fifth Isthmian ode

    Items used:

    Hair: Rain Master's Hair
    Upper Armor: Wedding Top
    Lower Armor: Ernasis Lower Armor (Fused)
    Gloves: Barakhufu Gloves (Fused)
    Shoes: N/A
    Mantle: Chosen's Mantle
    Weaapon: N/A
    Upper Head: Vampire Upper Head Accessory
    Lower Head: N/A
    U. Armor Accessory: N/A
    L. Armor Accessory: N/A
    Arm Ornament: N/A


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  2. Same problem here. Internet connection is working well. The server is online but it keeps on failing to connect and launch the game. At some instances I was able to log in successfully but the game would close later on. I've tried to log in again and again after that, but the problem still persists. Also, I can't access my playhouse and it's already been a couple of days. My tree is dying 😭😭😭