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  1. Entry: Easter Eggs To Dye For IGN: Columns Description: Lime is always ready to Dye and Protect her Easter Eggs from the Easter Bandits -Equipment- Helmet: Raven Soul Hair Upper Armor: Mad Tea Party Jacket Lower Armor: Magical Girl Lower Armor Gloves: Mad Tea Party Gloves Shoes: Shoes by Vernia Mantle: Sash by Vernia Weapon: Mad Tea Party Gavel -Accessory- Upper Head: Mad Tea Party Rabbit Ears Lower Head: Hypnotic Eyes Upper Armor Ornament: Serdin School Bunny Bag Lower Armor Ornament: Serdin School Toy Bunny Arm Ornament: Wedding Arm Guard
  2. ENTRY: FLOWERY SUMMER OUTFIT DESCRIPTION: AMY WANTS TO WEAR HER FLOWERY SUMMER OUTFIT WHILE SHE'S ON HER VACATION IGN: Bruuuhyan Item Used Helmet: Bluebell's Helmet Upper Armor: Day Beach Coordi Top Lower Armor: Wedding Lower Armor Gloves: Day Beach Coordi Gloves Shoes: Evening Beach Coordi Shoes Mantle: Bluebell's Cloak Weapon: Starlet's Training Chu-Chu Bag Upper Head: Hibiscus Lower Head: Mad Tea Party Blusher (Heart) U. Armor Ornament: Vernia's Corsage L. Armor Ornament: Lunar Courtesan's Obijime Arm Ornament: Bluebell's Shields
  3. Entry: "Astraea, Titan Goddess of Falling Stars" IGN: Bruuuhyan Description: "Fill the darkest night, with a brilliant light" Helmet: Rain Master's Hair Upper Armor: Medusa's Upper Armor Lower Armor: Medusa's Lower Armor Gloves: Medusa's Gloves Shoes: Medusa's Shoes Mantle: Chosen's Cloak Weapon: Cordelia Fan Upper Head: Dog Star Circlet Lower Head: Cordelia Mask U. Armor Ornament: Cordelia Wings L. Armor Ornament: Cordelia Stompers Arm Ornament: Cordelia Shield
  4. IGN: Bruuuhyan Coordi Description/Name: Queen of Darkness Coordi List: Helmet: Dark Nightmare Helm Upper Armor: Ebon Inferno Upper Armor Lower Armor: Raven Soul Pants Gloves: Requiem Gloves Shoes: Zombie Shoes Cloak: Harbinger's Cloak Weapon: Dark Nightmare Ultima Circlet: Soul Extortion Circlet Mask: Soul Extortion Mask Wings: Soul Extortion Wings Stompers: Soul Extortion Stompers Shield: Soul Extortion Shield
  5. IGN: Bruuuhyan Description: One of The Seven Deities