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  1. iHachiko

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #6

    Entry: Serdin Garden Sacred Fox IGN: iMelody Helmet: Soul Extortion Hair Upper Armor: Dog Star Upper Armor Lower Armor: Fighter's Lower Armor Gloves: Noir Gloves Shoes: The Nutcracker's Shoes Mantle: Crimson Kelby Cloak Weapon: Duke Petrushka's Knuckles Upper Head: Clear Upper Head Lower Head: Crimson Kelby Mask U. Armor Ornament: Serdin's Royal Court Bracelet L. Armor Ornament: Marionette Stompers Arm Ornament: Bluebell's Shields
  2. iHachiko

    [Monthly] Storytelling Chaser

    IGN : Likulau “New Year Celebration” Ryan run through the bushes up to the mountain while holding the red-haired boy who try to keep up his speed, "w-wait a minute, Ryan," said the red-haired boy. Ryan didn't listen to the red-haired boy- no, he listen, he just don't want to waste his time, "We're running out of time, Jin!" the red-haired boy named Jin trying to catch his breath as he keep running fast. "Could you atleast tell me, where we were heading?" They stop running as they reach the top of the mountain, Ryan stood still looking the city’s night view, the lanthern light up the city. Ryan still holding Jin’s hand while they both still catching their breath from all the running. “What’s up with you all of sudden? We even left the other at the city, we’re gonna miss the new year eve festival.” said Jin, he hold on his knee and looking up to Ryan in the eyes. “Jin. I’m..” Ryan turn aside to Jin and hold both of Jin’s hand tight, they both look each other in the eyes, “I...” Ryan tried to tell Jin this time... this time, “-I love you, Jin!” Fireworks start blowing up in the night sky, as Jin’s face turn red and his heartbeat goes crazy. Jin hold both Ryan’s cheek with teary eyes and warm smile, “I love you too, Ryan!” Ryan couldn’t believe what he just heard as he hug Jin tightly, finally.. finally he could let out his feeling for Jin this entire time. “Happy new year.. Jin,” Ryan stroke Jin back hair, pulling him in more warm hug, “Happy new year, Ryan.. please take care of me this year too,” Jin give Ryan a warm hug.
  3. iHachiko

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #5

    IGN: Likulau Description: God of Misfortune Helmet : Obsidian Summoner Helm Upper Armor : Dark Matriarch's Upper Armor Lower Armor : Evoker's Lower Armor Gloves : Evoker's Gauntlets Shoes : Obsidian Harbinger Shoes Mantle : Raven Soul Neck Cuff Weapon : Mad Tea Party Ultima Upper Head : Wedding Tiara Lower Head : Krimson Kelby Mask U. Armor Ornament : Garnet Evoker Wings L. Armor Ornament : Clear Lower Ornament Arm Ornament : Cordelia Shield
  4. iHachiko

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #4

    IGN : iAlexios Description : The Time Gate Keeper EQUIPMENT Helmet: Liones Helm Upper Armor: Kronos Globetrotter Upper Armor Lower Armor: Choralist Stigma Bottom Gloves: GC Rescue Squad Gloves Shoes: Kerapis Fighter Shoes Mantle: Purrfectly Wright Aviator Tail Weapon: Bluebell Vajras ACCESSORY Upper Head: Celestial Guard Circlet Lower Head: Distorted Smile Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Kronos Globetrotter Wings Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch Arm Ornament/Shields: Checkmate Shield
  5. iHachiko

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

    IGN: iAlexios Description: Guardian Of The Moonlight Village EQUIPMENT Helmet: Soul Extortion Hair Upper Armor: Ebon Inferno Upper Armor Lower Armor: Dokaebi King's Lower Armor Gloves: Asura's Gauntlets Shoes: Vulcan Shoes Mantle: Crimson Kelby Cloak Weapon: Purrfectly Wright Vajras ACCESSORY Circlet: Dokaebi King's Circlet Mask: Cordelia Mask Wings: Dog Star Wings Stompers: Feynan Spurs Shields: Feynan Spaulders
  6. iHachiko

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #2

    IGN: iTanjirou Description: Bunny Knight Item List: Helm: Ethereal Knight Helm Upper Armor: Grand Sage Upper Armor Lower Armor: Mad Tea Party Pants Gloves: Chevalier Gloves Shoes: Serdin's Royal Court Shoes Cloak: Mad Tea Party Ribbon Circlet: Mad Tea Party Rabbit Ears Mask: Masquerade Mask Wings: None Stompers: None Shields: None Weapon : Mad Tea Party Jade Hook
  7. iHachiko

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser

    IGN : iTanjirou Description : Kindergarten Costume Party