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  1. Sometimes, i feel lazy to play GC 😕

    1. NeoSuko


      Hello, Sorry I want to ask. Does GCMadness rollback accounts every few months? Thanks.

  2. This nostalgia ❤️
    This version is very good!


  3. If i have 2 dollares in my pocket, and make clone, the i'm going to have 4 dollars?


  4. hmmm... omoshiroi

  5. Hi, what's up? I've a friend that he played GC a while ago using Windows 10, and had no problem even if he updated his machine. I advise you to check your computer's drivers, download DirectX 9 and .NET Framework version 4.5 or higher, and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 Redistributable Packages until 2017 (If I'm not mistaken). If it doesn't work, try to delay the Windows update to 1803, create a restore point, and then upgrade to the latest version for testing, then if it does not pick up again, stay in 1803. Thanks for your attention ^-^