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  1. Okay thats quite a long reply there... Took me about a minute or 2 while i'm working here to read it ._." Anyway.. Thanks for the information, i happened to saw your intro post too just before.. You havent been that long here either ehh? But i was quite a pro player too back then on indo server (but, the server died before we reached season v #screwKOG) This crit damage status was there for about a month long only, so i'm not quite sure if its better to increase it rather than atk (sp. atk before was quite crappy too) I'll try the transmutation formula u told me later Tried refining from +16 to +17 with 5 arqueemece scroll and failed It wasnt that hard to get to +17 before -_-" Nice to know you thou
  2. Ahh.. Okay i see.. No wonder no one used grade-limit rules anymore these days Thanks
  3. ahh i see.. once again thanks
  4. Sure i could use a helping hand too Appreciate it
  5. I see.. Thanks for the information Sadly i sold 3 devotee tickets already ... Shud have keep it.. One thing i forgot to ask is.. How to use emoji in-game in-room u just /Sorry/ or some sort, but i cant seems to do the same in-game It just wont appear
  6. Hey guys I played this game many years ago and quite a veteran before on Indonesia KOG server (sadly stupid KOG shutted the game down) I'm a Zero main player before, other chasers that i also played were sieghart, ryan, mari, rin, asin, lime, rufus, edel, and ley (Uno wasnt out yet on Indo server) U can find me in-game with this IGN: ACElKei Pleased to know you all here Also.. Since i'm new here.. I have several questions regarding some items and system here They definitely look not familiar at all for me 1. The gold bar thingy for refining equipment, said increase 300% success rate for refining but how to use it? Cant even put it as a sub for reinforce scroll, or is it used for transmuting item? 2. Mini game devotee ticket... What the heck is this thing for? Does it work as free 100k GP only or there are some future event where i can use it to get things? 3. Can someone explain the new PvP mode? I'm quite a maniac for PvP but the new season V pvp looks very different, also can someone please explain the naming rules for the pvp room? Such as A+ only or whatever the rules are? 4. I read that there are nerf and buff for chars here.. Which chars got nerfed or buffed already? I'm kind of curious cuz i feel like my zero here just got stronger.. or maybe its just me for not playing it after ... 6 years? 5. Character slot.. How do we get more? Do we really need to pay 700 k-ching/vp or is there another way? The F2P way.. I mean.. 6. Which is more important and increase more total atk here.. Atk / Sp. Atk / Crit chance / Crit dmg ? 7. How does the transmute system works here? Any idea how to easily get a +17 epic stone through transmutation? I think thats all for now.. If u guys have the time to read and answer my question, please... please... help me Thank you before