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  1. Hi! I wanted to try sieghart in PVE but I don't know how to use him so I have some questions. 1. What skills to use as 1st job 2. How important is JF for 4th job 3. Is 2nd and 3rd job good I find it hard to use in practice mode P.S. It seems I can't post this in sieghart section of general guide.
  2. Thanks for this. Do you know when was this last updated? I'll also try to make my own.
  3. Is there a list here where we can see all the character changes here at madness? It would be a great help if someone is tracking it.
  4. Hello! I'm a returning player and I played GC Madness before I think that was before the new client and pet glyphs stuff. Anyway does anyone know how to fix lagging here? I usually played at 4th bar graphics setting in the options before but now it lags the dungeons. Now it only runs smooth when at 1st bar graphics (no background and HP bars) which sucks!!!!!!!