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  1. Hello! Hello! Hello! I'm back >w< to the game again.. >w<

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  2. Still alive here, i'm not dead¬†ūü§£

  3. Ping me :D still alive here. 

    1. YamiHiro


      Nice :D happy for you.

  4. 5 days left for the Final Decision. . . . . . . .

  5. 9 days left for me to decide if no resolve yet. 

    Final Decision. . . . . 

    1. YamiHiro


      whats is going on?

    2. Amy Nakahara

      Amy Nakahara

      you might want to pm me direct to discord to know more about the detail?

    3. YamiHiro


      tell me at discord Arthur N#3082

  6. I discover it while cleaning cards via fusion card. I tried in putting in the socket error also getting error when fusioning it. GrandChase20190721_015840.BMP
  7. Amy Nakahara

    Onrush duration

    pet ap recovery and high mp recovery rate in equipments
  8. Amy Nakahara

    Onrush duration

    mp/ap recovery and big potions thats why the onrush have long duration also including the pet ap and its ability of ap recovery rate
  9. Let's wait for the big updated they're talking about for a while.
  10. It will still fall to trade system even if it's limited of item to send.
  11. When i first got it i can see it to my inventory but after putting it to the warehouse then put back in my inventory i can't find it at all
  12. Still i can't find the achievement box that i got from the achievement but i still see it in my inventory i want to open it so badly. Additionally the heroic shop, I want to upgrade my circlet epic to relic but i can't seems to click the item in the upgrade. Including shop of the other equipment in the upgrade shop that i can available to upgrade. I have exact amount of coins still can't upgrade it. It's already getting in my nerved. *sigh bug bug bug bug bug
  13. It's fix now thank you. . . ..
  14. Mari's Jump after the Rocket Jump is not working even the move is already registered in the skill tree slot.
  15. Try to use vpn connection to open the launcher once it start loading you can go back to your original connection.