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  1. after the update on the fps fix on any windows platform, ive always been experiencing fps drop on when the gauge are full on the chars that has it, is there anyway to fix it? thank you and more power to the gcm
  2. IBluuI

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #4

    IGN: DarkAoi Description: "Khrono's Guardian" Helmet: Khronos Globethrotter Helm Upper Armor: Obsidian Shisa Upper Armor Lower Armor: Crimson Kelby Lower Armor Gloves: Obsidian Fighter Gloves Shoes: Wind Master's Shoes Cloak: Chronos Watch Cloak Weapon: Dog Star Chanma Circlet: Purrfectly Wright Circlet Mask: Soul Extortion Evil Mask Stompers: Serdin's Royal Court Anklet
  3. IBluuI

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

    IGN: IBLuuI Title: The Awakened Demon Lord Rufus Equipment: Helmet: moon shadow helm Upper Armor: Ebon Inferno Upper Armor Lower Armor: Leviathan Lord Chaos Lower Armor Gloves: Devil's Gloves Shoes: United Forces Shoes Mantle: Bluebell Cloak Weapon: Vermillion Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth Accesories: Circlet: Dog Star Circlet Mask: Dark Nightmare Mask Wings: Soul Extortion Wings Shields: Noir Brass Knuckles Stompers: Cordelia Stompers
  4. IBluuI


    oh i see thank you, hope the bug will be fix
  5. IBluuI


    the gauge on my eclipse is bug and i cant claim my char, please help me
  6. IBluuI

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser

    IGN: lENDl Description: The Dark Demon Spade GrandChase20190904_195526.BMP
  7. IBluuI

    Bug Mission

    Yes sir, the last ab mission
  8. IBluuI

    Bug Mission

    Please help, when i gave my ab mission to lass my mission went to 10-10 then no rewards nor descriptions. GrandChase20190421_100840.BMP