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    Hungry Pet's Revolt

    Aside from that, I also suggest that the Purrthos Anklet Chest be added to the Serdin's Gratitude Box (or an Anklet chest can be crafted from extra Purrthos pet cards). (The way this event is organized makes it so that you can only get one Anklet from the entirety of the event, which is not so good.)
  2. nitramy

    Some Rin bugs I found

    Well I kind of found a work around with the crash causing items; I just sell them. Another bug: Rin's 4th job quest (GP) only gives potions in the final step.
  3. nitramy

    Some Rin bugs I found

    Just two I've found so far. One, Rin does not have the Kaze'aaze Cloak in the forge, and through multiple dungeon runs, it hasn't dropped in Battle for Bermesiah. Two, you can't cancel out of the Dark Mode level 1 special into the Curse buff (or is this a nerf). EDIT: New, the game crashes each time I want to go to the forge with Rin. Will sell items and see what happens.