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    Dungeon Chest Bugged

    Playing solo i get no drops what so ever aside from exp. While playing with other players things function as normal, items coins card ect all drop. The result screen passes and goes to where you get to pick a chest and everything is fine till i pick one or the 5 second timer expires. I also don't have problems anywhere else but right at the end of a dungeon. As for the Asia host option i haven't tried it yet. I did originally think it was a firewall problem and my client not talking to the server correctly but after turning off my firewall nothing changed, same with AV software. Edit: Asia host yields same results, no drops game gets stuck on Chest screen.
  2. BlubbiestBlub

    Dungeon Chest Bugged

    I cant open the General Rewards chests at the end of any of the Dungeons. I pick one, wait, and nothing happens. I have to leave the dungeon in order to get my game unstuck. Leaving means i cant get the item drops from any dungeons. Edit: I also just noticed that i dont get any item or coin drops while playing through a dungeon. Edit 2: I get item drops when playing with other players.