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    Some Bugs I found

    I found some more XD -sometimes entering a dungeon doesn't load it at all, even though your load bar is full and the sound of entering a dungeon played already, I noticed this happened more frequently after leaving the game and going afk for sometime, this happened five times for me yesterday, had to exit the game and re-log for it to go away. Also this is the first time I encountered this too. I don't know if it's a character bug but, I noticed all of Asin's style attack sometimes deal 2 damage only, like for example: I activate Dragon Style then attack using Z after initiating that style, that hit/attack can either deal normal damage (1500+ for me) or it could deal 2 or maybe 4 if it crits, this goes for all his styles too. Was this intentional?
  2. Grand Z

    Some Bugs I found

    Thank you so much :)
  3. Grand Z

    Some Bugs I found

    Thanks Enid Please fix it 'cause I've been waiting for months and saving up some vp for the earrings because I think it would make using Uno a whole lot better in regards to reaching his full potential, and also I don't know how much it costs XD Only to find that it doesn't work at all after buying it is kinda sad and disappointing tbh Btw the relics of kounat has been ok since yesterday after I logged in for the third time, I really don't know what happened there, I can't even replicate it now, must be because the patch was just released at the time XD.
  4. Grand Z

    Lass moving backwards

    I actually encountered this too when running Hammer's Reach while testing Uno's Bloody Soul Earrings (which doesn't activate or work atm). I encountered this when I reached the jumping section of the stage.
  5. Grand Z

    Some Bugs I found

    -Uno's Bloody Soul Earring's doesn't activate, no matter how much time you wait. (Tried equipping it solo or with other earring's, both doesn't work) -The movement speed for characters slowing down and their jump height too, I noticed this when I tried to run Hammer's Reach to test the newly bought earring's, then during the jump section it happened, it's probably the same issue like in the thread "Lass moving backwards" -Entering Kounat's relic crashed for me twice, then it's okay again after entering trial forest? Dunno what happened there XD
  6. Grand Z

    Bloody Soul Earrings

    Is this item gonna come back this month? Is it coming back at all?
  7. The server is offline and Kizuyo (Enid) already posted the contents of the April 9th patch, is the maintenance still ongoing or are the servers just down at the moment? Thank you in advance
  8. Thank you so much GM Kouyz :)
  9. Whenever I try to use these specific skills the game outright crashes on me. this is quite a fatal bug for Zero users, please fix as soon as you can