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  1. Not just boxes, and this has been happening for a while now (getting progressively worse over time). I open a box (either Card Box or Event Box (Total Eclipse Chest)), and it says "You did not obtain anything". After displaying this, the box disappears (and no item is obtained). I ran a test on my Character of Level 1 (Lime), and she had 15 Golden Card boxes (acquired from Land Of Judgement). I opened all 15 boxes expecting 15 Cards in return, and sure enough only 14 Cards were in my inventory. So one Card Box didn't contain a Card. I made sure I opened each box slowly. I opened a box, waited for the message to say what Card I got to pop up. I waited 5 seconds, and moved the mouse in a circular motion, then I clicked "OK" on the pop-up. I waited another 5 seconds, moving the mouse in a circular motion, and clicked on the next box. Repeating the above until all 15 Boxes were open. The final Card Box didn't give me a card. It is particularly an issue when you open multiple boxes only to find most of them report the same message. I at its worst point, opened 5 boxes (Total Eclipse Boxes) only to find only one box contained anything. It wouldn't be an issue if I got the item from within and it just return that message due to some form of lag. However, I do not receive anything from the boxes that return this message. Another test that was conducted was involving Card Boxes. 200 Boxes exactly, opening each box providing 5 seconds each time between opening, receiving a pop-up message and clicking "OK" on the message. Only 162 Boxes contained cards. So 38 Card Boxes didn't contain any cards. The messages appear at random, and can occur multiple times consecutively even after restarting the game client. This doesn't effect just Card Boxes. This issue applies to all Boxes that randomly generate their contents. Only Selectable Boxes are not effected. Side Note: Total Eclipse Boxes are not always given when you click on the "Claim Reward" button.
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    monthly reward

    So it's not just me then, I didn't get any monthly rewards for last month (been checking, still nothing). Any idea when this update will be coming?
  3. Me and other members of the same time-zone had an glitch occur recently. As some of you may know, we have just entered British Summer Time. This means we are now +01:00 ahead of what we usually are. The problem here is, this is when the error started. Error Details: You enter the Hero Dungeon Menu and the timer says 'X' amount of time until open. At 01:00 British Summer Time, this equates to 1360+ minutes, or about 22.6 hours or more. By the time that time gets to 0 minutes, the time resets. The only dungeon that is open (and even that get buggy) is the 'Land Of Judgement' dungeon. The 'Land Of Judgement' Dungeon is bugged at around 00:00-01:00 British Summer Time. Attached, is a video illustrating what I mean. GrandChase 2019-04-01 00-27-17-886.avi
  4. OK, so when is this update going to occur? While I appreciate that the error didn't effect everyone so fairly compensating those effected would be challenging, the lack of any patch is placing specific players further behind.
  5. And will there be any compensation to those who have been effected? It is placing specific users at a major disadvantage.
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    seal breaker

    They are quite busy, don't expect a swift response.
  7. There is stuff in the game that I'd like, but I can't get for at least 6 Months or so. There are not enough Payment Methods. I don't have PayPal or the other method I've never heard of. So how am I meant to get anything? I'd suggest PaySafe or even VISA Debt.
  8. There are two Quests that I've noticed strait away that do not work. First - Elesis - Zone 1 - Area 2 - Trial Tower Objective - Use Mega Slash Lv1 once Completion - NEGATIVE, Mega Slash Lv1 is not recognised by the mission when used, unable to turn in. Second - Lire - Zone 1 - Area 2 - Trial Tower Objective - Use Metal Shot Lv1 once Completion - NEGATIVE, Metal Shot Lv1 does NOT exist, can't fulfil mission criteria, unable to turn in. As and When I find more missions that can't be completed, I will post them here.
  9. As much as I'd like new Characters available to me, I can't earn them by completing missions. Using VP points gets costly and time consuming (even if you spend all the VP points you get at the beginning on new Characters). When VP points should be used on other important things such as making the Characters you've already got better, you don't need to be spending time on earning the VP for Characters. The initial 3500 VP points don't stretch to all of the Characters, and there are no missions available for earning new Characters either. At a rate of 60 VP points per 24 hours, and a cost of 700 VP points for each Character, it takes a while (about 5 or 6 months assuming you've spent every VP point on only Characters). It would of been nice to have had the chance to earn the Characters via missions. Though once you have all 20 Characters, you get a different issue, logging in as each and every one of them every day. 30 Minutes per Character, multiplied by 20 Characters, that's 10 Hours of gaming Minimum. Attendance should be Linked across all Characters, as should In-Game Currencies.
  10. Anyone know why my game goes White Screen and then Closes automatically. It was working at 00:10 GMT 03.03.19 without any issues. Then when I refreshed the game (closed the application and restarted it), the game didn't load. The White Screen was all I was faced with (This was 10 minutes later at 00:20 GMT 03.03.19). What happened, I don't know. It was working fine one minute, and then complete inoperable the next. Troubleshooting Steps Taken: Turned system off and turned it back on again - NO FIX Edit the Compatibility Settings - NO FIX IN WRITING THE ABOVE I did something and responded 1. Access Install directory 2. Run Updater.exe 3. A bar will go along and the updater will close automatically 4. Run the Launcher.exe and you may be faced with an error saying unable to connect to server (See attached image) 5. Press OK, then use the little 'X' button on the Launcher to close the Launcher 6. After Launcher has closed, relaunch it again, it should avoid White Screen after that. Working by 00:40 GMT 03.03.19 If this was part of an update that was running at that time, then great, if not, I hope the Troubleshooting Steps help.
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    Forge Bug

    There is a neighbouring issue as well. When trying Dismantle items: It applies when specific items are present in ones inventory. I had it happen myself, just sell the items that can be sold for GP currency in return, this should avoid the issue. In most cases the GC currency items are not very good anyway. I think it's items from Kanavan, but there may be other items involved.