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  1. There are characters in the game who have been over-nerfed, making them useless. Example; Arme, Total Attack of 71,000 Another Character (I dare not say what character), Total Attack of 24,000 Time Attack on Stage 1 Wizards Labyrinth Arme: 2 Minutes roughly, and not consistent (highest close to 3 minutes) Other character: 1 Minute 40 Seconds (highest 1 minute 50 Seconds), consistent over 6 runs back-to-back There are other examples that I could of chosen from, but Arme is my favourite character, even though her overall damage is one of the lowest next to Dio. Dio is another character who has been over-nerfed, his skills being almost useless, and other characters of the same Total Attack do a lot more damage much quicker. I will go on about Arme in this context as she is the worst effected. For some characters, the Nerfs go from extreme to out-right braking the character. Some characters are plagued by glitches and bugs that are intermittent and cripple the player (weapons that don't do any damage at all). There used to be some really good characters, now those previously 'good' characters are about as useless as a flat tire on a race track. You wouldn't run an F1 around a race track without any tires, so why should we be expected to use characters in dungeons without skills that work. Take the Healing Skill of Arme (First Job, Input X then D), it is a good skill, but it doesn't work very often. Temperamental, the healing skill in many matches I've player recently, the skill doesn't heal me or my allies or as is most often, only heals 99 Health Points. It should heal 33% of a health bar regardless of total Health points. So from Fatal, should require 3 uses to recover to maximum health. Regardless of if the character has 1000 Health Points or 6000 Health Points, it should be 33% every time without fail. To balance it, if it could be done, ideally: The Health Spell should give 50% in PvE (40% to oneself, and 50% to Allies would be best) The Health Spell should give 25% in PvP (25% to oneself, and 30% to Allies would be best) Depends how well it can be fine tuned. The currently random health spell that only works sometimes if it feels like it is no good. One can not play a support role if the spells don't work.
  2. ZOOL

    Achievement Reward Box missing

    Yes, there is a post about this. They already stated that you may collect the boxes, but they don't do anything yet (they're deciding what to put in the boxes I presume). They stated this when the Achievement System was introduced. Still not been fully finished yet.
  3. ZOOL

    Dismantle closing the game

    It's an issue that happens with specific Items and Armour Sets at some times. Armour Sets known to course issues: Warrior Saint Armour Set (any piece of it) Trooper Armour Set (any piece of it) Moonlight Armour Set (any piece of it) Victor's Armour Set (any piece of it) Kaze'Aze's Armour Set (any piece of it) but to name a few of them. Sometimes the forges will allow you to dismantle them, sometimes the forges don't.
  4. ZOOL

    FPS drop when activating/maxing meters

    Thanks to your Operating System, you might be able to work around the issue by using a USB3.0 Port and a USB Flash Drive capable of using a feature called 'Ready Boost' technology. Ready Boost allows a USB stick to act as if it was Random Access Memory (RAM), though a lot slower than internal RAM, your system should not be under as much strain. Not all USB drives can use Ready Boost, and Ready Boost E-RAM (External RAM) is about 600-640 MB/s (though often as low as 480MB/s). Internal RAM is around 4 times faster (based upon the information you provided, I'd say you're using 1800MHz Speed RAM). WARNING: Using Ready Boost will cause deterioration in USB Sticks using it. Select a fresh or otherwise empty USB stick so that you don't lose data. Also Note: In the event that your system suddenly is without power, your USB Drive that you use for Ready Boost will need to repair itself and part of this repair process involves formatting the drive in extreme cases. I hope this helps as a temporary cheap solution until you have appropriate funding.
  5. ZOOL

    Unable to log on my website acc

    What Operating System are you using, and are you using Google Chrome as your Browser (Windows 10 Microsoft Edge can intermittently have this issue)?
  6. I think this effects all Windows 10 Systems that use Microsoft Essentials (or whatever replaced it for the sake of Windows 10). Maybe your issue is your Operating System, I wouldn't be surprised. Tip: Windows 10 is not fit for purpose, let alone gaming, LOL. Every instance of this post all shows Windows 10, Windows 7 doesn't have the issue.
  7. ZOOL

    Party Dungeon Unsynced

    I've been having this with the Talin's Revenge Dungeon purely. Since the update, every game I've had has been very badly out-of-sync. I've had everything from: Not being able to see my ally's projectiles (tried with multiple people, same result) Not being able to see fluid moving enemy units (just jitterbugs that skip along in Seconds per Frame (where Frames are being dropped in mass)) My own projectiles being useless and not doing any damage or that damage being severely delayed (when I've joined someone else who's hosting) My ally's projectiles freezing or double instancing (The Big Wave and the Charged-Laser) Frankly, the game is unplayable.
  8. ZOOL

    monthly reward

    You're not alone, 3 Months running for multiple characters. It's been broken since KOG, I'm not sure, but I think it got broken when the Character Individualisation was introduced (which I still think is a bad idea). Things like Attendance and Crests need to be re-melded together so that they apply across the board. For OCD people like myself, attending 10 hours per day every single day is not healthy physically or mentally. Also, on the note of OCD, the attainment of every Crest for every Character is insane (especially with 20 Characters). Attaining a Crest once is a long enough process, but 20 times gets to be a bit closer to plain nuts. So ye, reverse the individualisation to Attendance and Crests, and you may find it fixes itself.
  9. First of all, there are a lot of Consumable Items listed in the Equip List. What I notice is that most of these are not getting used. They're not worth selling, and they can't be consumed (many collide with other potions of the same type). Second of all, reading the list of Consumable items can often be confusing and/or time-consuming. First of all, analysing the Standard Consumables: HP Potion MP Potion Mystery Potion (HP and MP) I noticed that only the HP Potion has an X variant. Each of these should have the following sizes (With Rarity included - HP/MP Potions would be one step-up in Rarity compared to HP Potions and MP Potions): S (Small - Common White) M (Medium - Common White) L (Large - Common White) X (X-Large - Rare Blue) U (Ultimate, so basically 100% no matter what - Epic Yellow) This would be a lot easier to read and understand (my father did play the game, and he found Potions and Consumables to be too confusing the way it currently is). The Potions costs should be edited also ('p' / 'GP' - Attendance Points / GP): HP - S - 10p / 5000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 500GP each MP - S - 10p / 5000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 500GP each HP/MP - S - 20p / 7500GP (Pack of 10 units) - 750GP each HP - M - 20p / 10000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 1000GP each MP - M - 20p / 10000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 1000GP each HP/MP - M - 40p / 15000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 1500GP each HP - L - 30p / 15000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 1500GP each MP - L - 30p / 15000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 1500GP each HP/MP - L - 60p / 20000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 2000GP each HP - X - 40p / 20000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 2000GP each MP - X - 40p / 20000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 2000GP each HP/MP - X - 80p / 30000GP (Pack of 10 units) - 3000GP each HP - U - 10p / NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WITH GP (1 Single unit) MP - U - 10p / NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WITH GP (1 Single unit) HP/MP - U - 20p / NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WITH GP (1 Single unit) Extra Bonus that everyone will like: HP/MP/Pet - 30p / NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WITH GP (1 Single unit) - Bonus is that it restores the Pet Gauge too ITEM_NAME: Strange Potion ITEM_DESC: A strange bottle containing a Rainbow coloured fluid, with a label that says; "This Potion will rejuvenate both you and your pet when consumed." ITEM_IMAGE: PENDING DESIGN Item Effects: 100% HP / 100% MP / 100% Pet Gauge The Ultimate Potions would be purchased via Attendance Points only for Balancing reasons as they restore 100% instead of a fixed number. MP Potions should restore in the following amounts: MP - S - 0.5 Bar MP - M - 1 Bar MP - L - 1.5 Bars MP - X - 2 Bars MP - U - 4 Bars HP/MP - S - 0.4 Bar HP/MP - M - 0.8 Bar HP/MP - L - 1.2 Bars HP/MP - X - 1.6 Bars HP/MP/Pet - U - 4 Bars I would say that this would make the entire Potion system easier to understand.
  10. Is it just me who has actually noticed this, but the Crests get the bonuses wrong. The percentages of the bonuses allocated by the Crests are completely wrong. 10% of 20337 is 2033.7, not 1192. So what's going on? I took a look at the Crests that I've got, and I noticed that all of the Crests that provide an Attack Bonus as a percentage get it wrong. 13% of 20337 giving 1526 instead of 2643.81 5% of 20337 giving 817 instead of 1016.85 It wouldn't be so bad if it was at least logical, but these random numbers are exactly that, random. I tried checking to see if it was due to some form of fraction like having half of the percentage somehow, it wasn't. This needs to be repaired as soon as possible. I don't like being short-changed. GrandChase 2019-05-30 16-21-39-897.avi
  11. ZOOL

    Crests getting the mathematics wrong...

    Also, as a side note to this, I would recommend that the King Slime Crest is looked at. Minus 3% to Critical Chance with only Plus 50% to Critical Damage, just rams the Crest into the floor. Especially with how hard the Crest is to obtain, it should at least be half decent. King Slime Crest Proposal: +2.5% Critical Chance +25% Critical Damage +5% Special Attack Damage +10% MP Regeneration (maybe as a bonus)
  12. I personally think a 'Do-It-All' Potion would be cool, hahaha.
  13. ZOOL

    Trojan in main.exe file

    Yes, but if anyone is still getting an issue, it's advised that they explore other matters. Even an Encrypted File can still get infected from outside (not on the Server side, but in transit or Client Side). That's all I was saying.
  14. A couple of things I noticed, all stemming from one thing... DID ANYONE ACTUALLY TEST THE PATCH FILES BEFORE RELEASING THEM? Answer: NO! The Update Patch Notes state that modifications were made to a few things, yet to see the effects of any of the following supposed changes: The following changes have been applied to King Slime Land: - The Defender Slime(s) (Blue) have received a reduction in their chance to use Poison Mist. - The Justicar Slime (Orange) has received a nerf to its hit rate in Fire Cloak and has had its damage reduced by 20%. - The time before the dungeon ends after clearing the final stage has been increased. So that for a start hasn't happened the way it was expected to. Poison Mist SPAM still happens (fair enough not 8-Times Back-To-Back, but still 4-Times Back-To-Back), instead now, they Jump SPAM as well (worse than before, and it was bad enough). 5-Times Back-To-Back "Slime Pang" Skill. You can fix this by giving them a more normal attack. As for the Fire Cloak, the Skill can't be dodged out of, so it still takes 10000 HP in one single run, just takes a little (not really noticeable) longer to do so. This makes it more traumatic to watch, as you have to sit and watch for longer as your HP goes down to nothing. You can fix this by perhaps making it so it doesn't actually reduce you to being dead, just Fatal. Alternatively, reduce the duration so that it can't take 10000 HP all in one go. Then the problem of, the time duration before the Dungeon Ends after clearing the final stage. Was it really increased? I hadn't noticed, I don't think 0.5 of a Second constitutes as increasing the timer. I press 'X' to Skip the dialog, and it ends INSTANTLY still. I let the dialog finish, and guess what, it still ends INSTANTLY. The following changes have been applied to Dice, Dice, Baby: - You are now able to accumulate an infinite amount of rolls per day. - You are now able to roll an infinite amount of times per day. - You are now able to acquire Dice Coins from clearing Hero and Event dungeons So this is baffling, I thought the timer would not just expire after 30 Rolls (as it did, and still does) So then there is the issue with Dice Coins being awarded for clearing Event Dungeons. The Event Dungeons now give Dice Coins, INSTEAD of what they used to award, not in addition to. This is particularly annoying as now it's even harder to get the items that I actually need. The chance to get particular items is low enough, we don't need a 'Either-Or' situation to make things worse. SO, DID ANYONE TEST THE PATCH BEFORE RELEASE? I don't think anyone did, as a programmer and tester myself, I don't feel like I can say that anyone tested it. I'm sure that somebody did, but it doesn't feel like they did. Sorry if this sounds too aggressive, I want you to know that my intention is to inform in a direct manner, not in an aggressive manner. I'm personally having a bad time of the Event, and I'm not the only one who is having a bad time of it. The drops for the Event are dismal at best, with the only items being awarded are: Season V Potions Monster Cards Hero Bullion (only 1-4 Hero Bullion) Dungeon Festival Coins Slime Cores (that I'm using to make Golden Fortune Mystery Boxes) The very rare Golden Fortune Mystery Box (now even more rare) The excessively rare Premium Transmutation Scroll (now impossible to get, yet to see one since the update) The insanely rare (only had Four out of a total of 40 runs before the update) New Arquemeece's Refinery Protection Scroll (again, now impossible to get) So when the notes say you can get items such as Keys and Stone Level-Up Refinery Scrolls, you'd expect to get them.
  15. ZOOL

    Trojan in main.exe file

    Check to confirm that your Internet Connection is actually secure. The virus may be getting transmitted from a gateway to your computer. So while the Server is clean, the route the file is taking may not be. Check your entire system for viruses in the event that something else might be infecting your game.
  16. ZOOL

    Attack Speed

    You got my vote, I'd like it.
  17. ZOOL

    Reverse NERF characters...

    So, on the note of Edel: If it was a real weapon, you wouldn't thrust your Rapier behind the Target and give them a hub and a big wet kiss to boot. So why does this happen in the game? (GC Logic) Let's say, your other skills were disabled due to a Core inside an Event Dungeon (Skill Lock). How would Edel win in such a Dungeon? She wouldn't be able to is the answer. It should be a simple matter of fixing the Collision Box so that everything in front of her can be hit (just Move the Box inward a bit, it doesn't even need to be bigger if you're that worried about it's actual size). So, then there is Lire: How is my concept of an Archer Floored? Just because actual real-life archery may damage your fingers if you don't use a bow correctly, and can cause cramp anyway during extended operation, is not to say that it should have equal consequence on a computer game. NOTE: A Computer Game A Computer Game should be relaxing and fun to play, not destructive to your fingers and your keyboard (especially as keyboards are £10 GBP per unit). I understand that Lire is an Archer and that as such, extra effort may be required for full-on performance. However, that said, button-mashing isn't an answer. The other matters: To resolve the issues regarding 'difficulty' I believe that extra buttons are needed. There needs to be more usage of the keys if you want to bring difficulty in as a factor. Button Mashing does not substitute for difficulty as this only aids in singling out players/users and limiting them to using Characters that don't require so much of it. Rapid movement across a screen is bad enough, but destroying your Z button until it sticks so bad you can't even type in 'Howzit going' without it turning into a fiasco of Howzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........Insufficient Memory...[BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH]. That, is not on. Include more buttons, you increase the Skill required for the game, in turn, increase the difficulty in an appropriate way.
  18. ZOOL

    Reverse NERF characters...

    With current Control Schemes (by the way, Joypad Controls are still bugged), I do not believe that difficulty is a factor that can be included (button mashing is not an answer). As someone with arthritis, I know that one of my favourite characters (Lire) is not a character I can use (at any length of time) for this reason. Button Mashing Z at high-speed (enough to destroy fingers and keyboards alike) is not an answer as this only promotes the usage of Rapid-Fire macros. I am unsure as to whether GC-Madness actually prohibits the usage of these types of macros, but I do know that a lot of companies do. As for Dio's Skill 'Onrush' being OP, I can see where you're coming from in some parts. However, that said, it is dependant on the monsters not jumping out of the way (they constantly do). Also, it is exclusively the only skill that is of any use in multi-purpose capacity. In action, I've seen how poorly the other skills perform. I would only agree to the 'Onrush' skill being slightly nerfed so long as the other skills were equalised. Looking at Arme's performance, it is very clear that her performance dropped from the original updates (from the original Season 5 cross-over) that nerfed Arme. Arme's skills (based upon a 102K Total Attack): Shock-Stun (LV2) - The issue is with poor damage output. This skill used to be very good when it was first introduced, but is now only good against lower level enemies. Meteor - Good as a splash of low damage, just to get the attention of every enemy on the map, but very low damage. Cure (LV2) - This is one of the most bug-ridden skills going. Often being activated only to give 100 HP to the caster and no HP to allies (even outside of combat), this skill needs to be repaired, and badly. It should give a consistent amount based upon a percentage of Total HP of both caster and allies. The End - By its name, you would expect that it would be a very powerful skill. However, it often doesn't perform as expected, often coursing the enemies to skill-spam back-to-back jumping. The Lamp and its standard attack - Why does she stand Idle and do nothing no matter how many times you press Z. She needs to have some form of normal attack function, such as pulling a genie out to do a basic melee attack like a genie swiping a claw out. Then there is Edel, which often strikes behind targets and in turn misses them. Primary Attack (Z and Z Repeatedly) can't be used in some situations, as the targets are too thin to strike. Taking Demon Cores for example, it can take a lot of trial and error before I get lucky enough to actually hit the target (taking several minutes to get enough hits onto the target). This is particularly annoying when trying to complete Hero Dungeons, I often have to get other players into the session just to solely take down Demon Cores.
  19. ZOOL

    Reverse NERF characters...

    Talking of bugged Weapon Jobs, Arme and the Magic Lamp. Input Pressed: Z / Z, Z / Z, Z, Z / Z, Z, Z, Z Issue, she rubs the Lamp once, then stands idel doing nothing. How is this any good to anyone, at all.
  20. ZOOL

    Reverse NERF characters...

    What are you talking about, it's about the only Skill that can actually do anything at all. The other Skills on Dio's Tree are near to useless (I know, I've seen them in action, one of them over specialising in super large targets, useless against small targets). Taking the Skill that forms a Aura around Dio to damage foes, it barely handles foes of half the level (LV75 Dio with 28K Total Attack VS LV30 Normal monsters not Bosses). Then the aforementioned Skill that does a 4 hit burst in one direction, it is too wide spread and often misses targets that are too close or too small. For you to say that the Onrush Skill needs to be nerfed, you're actually insane, sorry, but you'd have to be. Please Note: Usage of Skills in PvP should be restricted, that I can agree on. However, that said, they should not be made useless in PvE just to facilitate PvP. If the other Skills for each of the other Characters were 'Reverse Nerfed' then the Onrush Skill would be balanced compared to the other Skills. I'm a LV85 Arme with 102K Total Attack, and I watch in horror as other Characters of half my Total Attack walk all over dungeons like they are nothing. I had a Lime say that the King Slime Land was easy, and they had only 100K Total Attack themselves. They can SOLO King Slime Land in under 20 Minutes. I tried to SOLO King Slime Land, 40 Minutes later, I'm still on the same level, I lost due to my arthritis getting the better of me. Dio walks into King Slime Land SOLO, has to rely solely on the Onrush Skill to do heavy damage and then hope the target doesn't just jump to and down (which it always does). Dio doesn't need a NERF, most everyone else needs a Reverse-Nerf. The game shouldn't be an endurance test of see who can survive for a whole hour solid. There isn't even a pause button.
  21. I, like many of us, would like to see the Hero Dungeons limitations to be loosened. Currently, we have the limits at: Crucible: 4 Runs MAX Sanctum Of Destruction: 4 Runs MAX Wizards Labyrinth: 6 Runs MAX Berkas' Lair: 2 Runs MAX Tower Of Disappearance: 24 Runs MAX It should be set so that there are more available runs. Crucible: 10 Sanctum Of Destruction: 10 Wizards Labyrinth: 10 Berkas' Lair: 5 Tower Of Disappearance: 25 This would make everybody happy and still keep the limitations to acceptable levels. Please set the maximum runs to the higher values as stated above.
  22. ZOOL

    Dice Dice Baby Coin bug

    30 Coins per day (as standard) is definitely nowhere near enough, especially as the drop rate for useful items such as Warehouse Storage is as low as it is. The current Drop rate for Warehouse Storage is unknown, as I've only had 1 so far out of 57 laps around the board (needing 5-10 rolls each). On the note of Drops, could we at least get some items that we are actually going to use please. Currently, there are: Socket Gems (which, if you're careful about your Card distribution, you don't need) GP Random Prop Reset Forms (OK, these are a must have, so good item to get) Natal Ring (Moderately useful, so good item to get) Champion Tickets (I personally collect more than I can use, but they're an OK item to get I guess) Hero's Potion (I personally don't use them, as I'm either alive or I'm not, I either get 1-hit KIA or don't take much damage at all, so not much use to me, but maybe to others) HP X Potion (I personally don't use them, for the same reason as stated above) SP Reset Card (never used, do ones research before spending SP if you're unsure on the Skill) Choco'Brick Bar (never used) Random Chance Drops include (in addition to the above list of items, which can also drop randomly upon completing a Lap): Dragon Necklace Drop (Red or Blue, and I would presume Black Serpent Necklace is also possible) Warehouse Storage Slots and Safes (not very many of these available so far, it dropped Slots for me, and only 1 safe out of 57 Laps) Random Demons of Yore Potion Box (sorry, but not much usage at all, only 2 out of 10 of them are any good I think, I don't use them though) Season V Potion (whatever it does, never tested one to see, the Description is MISSING, I'd guess at them being HP+MP Recovery based on the colour) Personally, I believe there should be a wider variety of items, including items such as +10 Bags (which used to be in the original Mini-Game). Even a +5 Bag would be OK, so long as we got the Bags on the board. Introducing Hero Bullion as a possible item would be a good idea too (use it to replace one of the SP Card slots). Seal Breaker Scrolls would be nice too. Also, Random Reinforcement Stone Chests and Random Refinery Scroll Chests, both of these would be useful to have on the board. Demon Core boxes, they'd be nice to have, they're at least useful to some players. Just a few ideas of mine that would mean more players playing the Mini-Game.
  23. Personally, I don't think that this will catch-on (Due to better equipment such as Harkion Rings). However, that said, I do think that there should be some form of Necklace Coordi that gives an effect damage type. So (for Coordi), Spring being associated with Earth (the Rainbow would be nice to see here) Summer being associated with Fire Autumn being associated with Air Winter being associated with Ice Additional funny effects could include: Night (Dark Element Effect, but only at night (system local time), makes enemies miss 25% of the time) Day (Light Element Effect, but only in the day (system local time), makes enemies miss 25% of the time) The stats to these being: +Element Type Damage (Earth slowing down enemies movement / Fire burning to target / Air chucking enemies into the air / Ice Freezing enemies) Just a thought...
  24. ZOOL

    FPS drop when activating/maxing meters

    What are your system specs? CPU (GHz) RAM (GB Total / GB Available / MHz Speed) Graphics (Modal) Operating System Networking Capacity I don't get the issue myself, if this helps, read bellow: CPU - 4.2GHz Quad-Core RAM - 32GB 3200MHz Graphics - MSI Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Gaming Graphics Card Operating System - Windows 7 Networking - Wired Preferred (Cat6 RJ45 Cable 1 Metre) / Wireless ASUS PCE-AC88 (2167Mbs Dual-Band) Overclocking - NOT USED
  25. A few years ago ( I believe in Season 4), there used to be HP Regeneration Rate. This was simply referred to as HP Regen. I would like for there to be quests added to the game to allow players to boost their HP Regeneration Rate (PvE only). The Stat would count as its own thing and only effect Player VS AI Combat, nothing else. Effective in all PvE dungeons so long as the current HP Regen is operational. The quests would be for each character and would come in levels. The HP Regeneration Rate could be connected to a Skill that uses the Weapon Change Key as its input (HOLD Weapon Change to engage Gaia's Will Skill). Quest List: Level 20 - Gaia's Will - The First Gift Level 30 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Nature Level 40 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Fire Level 50 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Water Level 60 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Air Level 70 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Darkness Level 80 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Light Level 85 - Gaia's Will - The Ultimate Gift If using the Gaia's Will Skill, there should be Passive and Active Regeneration Rate. Input: HOLD Weapon Change Key The Character will be unable to move while in this state While the Passive HP Regeneration Rate will be limited to the MAX HP Regen Stat, the Active Skill will be able to surpass that Stat. Quest Rewards: Quest 1 - HP Regeneration Rate (10% Passive / 20% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 1 Quest 2 - HP Regeneration Rate (20% Passive / 40% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 2 Quest 3 - HP Regeneration Rate (40% Passive / 80% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 3 Quest 4 - HP Regeneration Rate (60% Passive / 120% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 4 Quest 5 - HP Regeneration Rate (80% Passive / 160% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 5 Quest 6 - HP Regeneration Rate (100% Passive / 200% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 6 (Added ability to limit incoming damage to 5000 HP) Quest 7 - HP Regeneration Rate (120% Passive / 240% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 7 (Added ability to limit incoming damage to 4000 HP) Quest 8 - HP Regeneration Rate (150% Passive / 300% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 8 (Added ability to limit incoming damage to 2500 HP) Limiting Incoming Damage Ability: Input: While HOLDING Weapon Change Key, Press the Direction Arrow for the Incoming Attack So, Press Left if the Attack is coming from the Left of the Character So, Press Right if the Attack is coming from the Right of the Character So, Press Down if the Attack is coming from a Special attack that attacks on your position directly without coming from somewhere. Only Level 8 will provide Hyper Armour (Using Up as the Input to engage Hyper Armour) while in Gaia's Will Mode. Hyper Armour lasting for 10 Seconds, needing 30 Seconds to Cooldown. I've spent time working all of the mechanics of how this would operate, so please include it. I really want to be capable of entering Tower Of Disappearance and actually stand a chance (because so far, it's pointless even looking at it, as it's impossible for my character).