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  1. ZOOL

    Reverse NERF characters...

    Talking of bugged Weapon Jobs, Arme and the Magic Lamp. Input Pressed: Z / Z, Z / Z, Z, Z / Z, Z, Z, Z Issue, she rubs the Lamp once, then stands idel doing nothing. How is this any good to anyone, at all.
  2. ZOOL

    Reverse NERF characters...

    What are you talking about, it's about the only Skill that can actually do anything at all. The other Skills on Dio's Tree are near to useless (I know, I've seen them in action, one of them over specialising in super large targets, useless against small targets). Taking the Skill that forms a Aura around Dio to damage foes, it barely handles foes of half the level (LV75 Dio with 28K Total Attack VS LV30 Normal monsters not Bosses). Then the aforementioned Skill that does a 4 hit burst in one direction, it is too wide spread and often misses targets that are too close or too small. For you to say that the Onrush Skill needs to be nerfed, you're actually insane, sorry, but you'd have to be. Please Note: Usage of Skills in PvP should be restricted, that I can agree on. However, that said, they should not be made useless in PvE just to facilitate PvP. If the other Skills for each of the other Characters were 'Reverse Nerfed' then the Onrush Skill would be balanced compared to the other Skills. I'm a LV85 Arme with 102K Total Attack, and I watch in horror as other Characters of half my Total Attack walk all over dungeons like they are nothing. I had a Lime say that the King Slime Land was easy, and they had only 100K Total Attack themselves. They can SOLO King Slime Land in under 20 Minutes. I tried to SOLO King Slime Land, 40 Minutes later, I'm still on the same level, I lost due to my arthritis getting the better of me. Dio walks into King Slime Land SOLO, has to rely solely on the Onrush Skill to do heavy damage and then hope the target doesn't just jump to and down (which it always does). Dio doesn't need a NERF, most everyone else needs a Reverse-Nerf. The game shouldn't be an endurance test of see who can survive for a whole hour solid. There isn't even a pause button.
  3. ZOOL

    Dice Dice Baby Coin bug

    30 Coins per day (as standard) is definitely nowhere near enough, especially as the drop rate for useful items such as Warehouse Storage is as low as it is. The current Drop rate for Warehouse Storage is unknown, as I've only had 1 so far out of 57 laps around the board (needing 5-10 rolls each). On the note of Drops, could we at least get some items that we are actually going to use please. Currently, there are: Socket Gems (which, if you're careful about your Card distribution, you don't need) GP Random Prop Reset Forms (OK, these are a must have, so good item to get) Natal Ring (Moderately useful, so good item to get) Champion Tickets (I personally collect more than I can use, but they're an OK item to get I guess) Hero's Potion (I personally don't use them, as I'm either alive or I'm not, I either get 1-hit KIA or don't take much damage at all, so not much use to me, but maybe to others) HP X Potion (I personally don't use them, for the same reason as stated above) SP Reset Card (never used, do ones research before spending SP if you're unsure on the Skill) Choco'Brick Bar (never used) Random Chance Drops include (in addition to the above list of items, which can also drop randomly upon completing a Lap): Dragon Necklace Drop (Red or Blue, and I would presume Black Serpent Necklace is also possible) Warehouse Storage Slots and Safes (not very many of these available so far, it dropped Slots for me, and only 1 safe out of 57 Laps) Random Demons of Yore Potion Box (sorry, but not much usage at all, only 2 out of 10 of them are any good I think, I don't use them though) Season V Potion (whatever it does, never tested one to see, the Description is MISSING, I'd guess at them being HP+MP Recovery based on the colour) Personally, I believe there should be a wider variety of items, including items such as +10 Bags (which used to be in the original Mini-Game). Even a +5 Bag would be OK, so long as we got the Bags on the board. Introducing Hero Bullion as a possible item would be a good idea too (use it to replace one of the SP Card slots). Seal Breaker Scrolls would be nice too. Also, Random Reinforcement Stone Chests and Random Refinery Scroll Chests, both of these would be useful to have on the board. Demon Core boxes, they'd be nice to have, they're at least useful to some players. Just a few ideas of mine that would mean more players playing the Mini-Game.
  4. Personally, I don't think that this will catch-on (Due to better equipment such as Harkion Rings). However, that said, I do think that there should be some form of Necklace Coordi that gives an effect damage type. So (for Coordi), Spring being associated with Earth (the Rainbow would be nice to see here) Summer being associated with Fire Autumn being associated with Air Winter being associated with Ice Additional funny effects could include: Night (Dark Element Effect, but only at night (system local time), makes enemies miss 25% of the time) Day (Light Element Effect, but only in the day (system local time), makes enemies miss 25% of the time) The stats to these being: +Element Type Damage (Earth slowing down enemies movement / Fire burning to target / Air chucking enemies into the air / Ice Freezing enemies) Just a thought...
  5. ZOOL

    FPS drop when activating/maxing meters

    What are your system specs? CPU (GHz) RAM (GB Total / GB Available / MHz Speed) Graphics (Modal) Operating System Networking Capacity I don't get the issue myself, if this helps, read bellow: CPU - 4.2GHz Quad-Core RAM - 32GB 3200MHz Graphics - MSI Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Gaming Graphics Card Operating System - Windows 7 Networking - Wired Preferred (Cat6 RJ45 Cable 1 Metre) / Wireless ASUS PCE-AC88 (2167Mbs Dual-Band) Overclocking - NOT USED
  6. A few years ago ( I believe in Season 4), there used to be HP Regeneration Rate. This was simply referred to as HP Regen. I would like for there to be quests added to the game to allow players to boost their HP Regeneration Rate (PvE only). The Stat would count as its own thing and only effect Player VS AI Combat, nothing else. Effective in all PvE dungeons so long as the current HP Regen is operational. The quests would be for each character and would come in levels. The HP Regeneration Rate could be connected to a Skill that uses the Weapon Change Key as its input (HOLD Weapon Change to engage Gaia's Will Skill). Quest List: Level 20 - Gaia's Will - The First Gift Level 30 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Nature Level 40 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Fire Level 50 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Water Level 60 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Air Level 70 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Darkness Level 80 - Gaia's Will - The Gift Of Light Level 85 - Gaia's Will - The Ultimate Gift If using the Gaia's Will Skill, there should be Passive and Active Regeneration Rate. Input: HOLD Weapon Change Key The Character will be unable to move while in this state While the Passive HP Regeneration Rate will be limited to the MAX HP Regen Stat, the Active Skill will be able to surpass that Stat. Quest Rewards: Quest 1 - HP Regeneration Rate (10% Passive / 20% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 1 Quest 2 - HP Regeneration Rate (20% Passive / 40% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 2 Quest 3 - HP Regeneration Rate (40% Passive / 80% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 3 Quest 4 - HP Regeneration Rate (60% Passive / 120% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 4 Quest 5 - HP Regeneration Rate (80% Passive / 160% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 5 Quest 6 - HP Regeneration Rate (100% Passive / 200% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 6 (Added ability to limit incoming damage to 5000 HP) Quest 7 - HP Regeneration Rate (120% Passive / 240% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 7 (Added ability to limit incoming damage to 4000 HP) Quest 8 - HP Regeneration Rate (150% Passive / 300% Active) - Gaia's Will Skill Level 8 (Added ability to limit incoming damage to 2500 HP) Limiting Incoming Damage Ability: Input: While HOLDING Weapon Change Key, Press the Direction Arrow for the Incoming Attack So, Press Left if the Attack is coming from the Left of the Character So, Press Right if the Attack is coming from the Right of the Character So, Press Down if the Attack is coming from a Special attack that attacks on your position directly without coming from somewhere. Only Level 8 will provide Hyper Armour (Using Up as the Input to engage Hyper Armour) while in Gaia's Will Mode. Hyper Armour lasting for 10 Seconds, needing 30 Seconds to Cooldown. I've spent time working all of the mechanics of how this would operate, so please include it. I really want to be capable of entering Tower Of Disappearance and actually stand a chance (because so far, it's pointless even looking at it, as it's impossible for my character).
  7. The controls for the Joy Pad keep resetting to whatever it feels like, whenever it feels like. I find myself unable to actually use a Control Pad in order to play the game. It auto resets without warning, so when I try to press Z to attack, the pad thinks I've pressed some sort of taunt button. This keeps happening and is wasting my tickets to enter dungeons (Event and Champion Mode), and this gets aggravating as then I'm forced to mash a button on my Keyboard. This means my wrists get pounded badly as the pressure from the impacts on the Z button mean my wrist is taking the brunt of it (instead of my thumb on a Control Pad). PLEASE FIX THIS, as I can't play the game otherwise.
  8. ZOOL

    Dice Dice Baby Coin bug

    OK, good to see something being done about it, thank you.
  9. ZOOL

    Attack Spam from enemies...

    This happens identically on two very differently configured systems, even the Operating System isn't the same version* *one being Win7-64Bit-HomePrem on a Laptop, the other Win7-64Bit-Pro on a Desktop. It happens to my account a lot, and my farther's also having the same issue (he's on an AMD Processor, I'm on an Intel Processor). So with both, the idea that it's the installation, and the idea of it being the account, blown out the water. All we are left with is the code applying to everyone. So, I assume there are threat levels and threat types. This assumption is based on the fact that the monsters do not target the closest player. Often, in the event that I am playing with other people, the system makes a distinctive choice (consistent, regardless of monster). I will always get the Rock Thrower Goblins come after me (tested as me using Arme, and another player using Jin or Zero). There are other monsters that target me specifically, to the point that they purposely go out of their way to get me. Crossing the whole map just to get me, even though someone's less than 5px behind them. Kunji's and Kunji Bosses go after Zero in priority, but jump spam when I'm not close by to them. Boss Kunji's do some dirty tricks, like spamming the whirlwind in Champion mode, until before long, there is no room to even breathe. The only monster type that avoids me (unless I'm the SOLO), is the Golum. The Golum will actively target whatever is closest and hitting hit. Ents tend to get Skill crazy if I'm not up close to them (jump spam).
  10. ZOOL

    Microsoft Visual c++ runtime error

    My advise, use Windows 7 64-Bit. That will negate the issue entirely. The reason for your issue is due to your Operating System and how it organises itself. Your hardware and Operating System are not harmoniously communicating, which makes your OS do some unpredictable stuff. Windows 10 is not suitable for gaming at all, and while the OS may work for some, it won't work for others. Subtle differences in hardware, even what manufacturer your hardware is will make Windows 10 operate differently. It will operate sometimes, under very specific conditions, but you're better off getting a Windows 7 system. Windows 10 is unstable and constantly moving, Windows 7 is stable and games are built for it. If your hardware doesn't support Windows 7 (because of being locked state) then your only salvation is in Linux and using Virtual Box software. V-Box Software can be tricky to get hold of in some countries, but there are a few options to choose from. I'm fortunate in not needing to use Virtual Box software just to do I want to do, I got the real thing. Short version: Your OS is likely to be your problem, as Windows 10 is unstable and not friendly to games or their developers. Use Windows 7 (not Win7 Mode in Win10, it still has issues). If your hardware doesn't support Windows 7, then use Linux with Virtual Box software. List of Virtual Box software: VirtualBox VMWare Hyper-V I lack any further details, I hope this helps though. Windows 10 is a money sinkhole, I feel for you, good luck.
  11. I've noticed this before on every Event Dungeon so far. The NPC Monsters using a skill repeatedly. On a match I just played in Event Dungeon 'King Slime Land' I was being struck by the same skill on repeat. Not just 3 or 4 times, no. 7 Times from each Slime on the first stage, the 'Spit Skill' was used back-to-back-to-back..... They themselves were not taking any hits from me (I was playing SOLO), so that wasn't the reason. The only thing to brake their repeated usage of the same skill was me striking them with my Pet. By this point, I was in 'FATAL' state and up close to them. One of the Slimes changed to using a AoE Skill (Electric Burst), and this finished me off. This also happened on multiple stages of the previous Event Dungeon 'Angry Boss' where I was unable to progress SOLO with any respectable completion time. My best SOLO run I had of Angry Boss was 52 Minutes (Cost: 45 Bonus Lives and 120-130 HP-X Potions). Maybe it's my really bad luck, but I always get problems of this type, where I'm completely unable to survive for the spam. It's not funny, not any more. When I get hit by the same skill multiple times in a row, or worse, when I dodge the incoming Skill only for it to loop until I am finally hit and struck-down by it. Jump spams are among the worst, with iFrame Skills being the only Skills that are worse than that. Once or Twice repeated is one thing, but when the same Skill is used more times than you've got fingers, that's when it gets to be pointless.
  12. ZOOL

    MSVCP problem

    I assume you've run it as Admin. Try looking to see if your have any instances of 'MSVCP110.dll' contained in your system. If yes, I recommend that you use an Anti-Virus Program to scan it to make sure it's in working order. You can also use virustotal.com if your Anti-Virus program doesn't detect anything. Assuming it's clean and in working order, make a copy (copy it, do NOT move it) of the DLL file and paste the copy into your Grand Chase Directory. After that, you shouldn't see the error any more (it may change the error to talk about another DLL file, so just repeat the steps with whatever DLL file it mentions). Note for future reference: I also noticed, your theme, is that just a Windows XP theme, or are you really using Windows XP. Maybe upgrade your Operating System to Windows 7 (NOT Windows 10), and maybe improve your Graphics Card.
  13. ZOOL

    Dice Dice Baby Coin bug

    I got 4 coins, and then BUG OUT. Actually pointless if you can't even get around the board even once in a whole day. I got lucky, I managed to get 2 rounds around the board (some lucky doubles played a large part in this). The recharge restriction should be removed entirely, it didn't work then (back when KOG had it), it still doesn't work now. It should be entirely attendance related, the longer the user is online, the more coins they get. If you must restrict it at all (to prevent AFK collections), then do so using the amount of time a player is actually playing. So: One Event Dungeon Clear = 5 Coins One Hero Dungeon Clear = 2 Coins One Normal Dungeon Clear (in Alcubra or Archimedia)= 1 Coin Two Normal Dungeon Clears (in Xenia) = 1 Coin Three Normal Dungeon Clears (in Ellia) = 1 Coin Four Normal Dungeon Clears (in Silver Land) = 1 Coin Five Normal Dungeon Clears (in Serdin and Kanavan) = 1 Coin 20 Minutes = 1 Coin (24 hours of sitting around doing nothing would get 72 Coins) This has been calculated by the average time it takes to clear these dungeons. This is a more preferable method of attendance calculation.
  14. The map is huge, even with slow characters you can learn their AI and escape, if Drawl is on the lower part of the map go up and vice-versa, Season V introduced the dodge system soo it's an really high advantage for all characters (and even broke some even more...) I don't get very well what do you mean with Giant Frilzard. I think Enid can solve this, but better wait for his reply. You can counter it wasting your skills to gain i-frames and destroy them before hiting you o: Yeah, i agree they does insane damage and isn't even balanced with their currently stage and the Season V dodge system, but AB isn't meant to be easy too, AI is manipulable and you can simple group them and kill them both in one go... Ok, that is super weird and need a fix asap, even with some revamps the old characters are really outdated in some aspects (and coding specially, yes, i'm talking about you KoG!) I don't play Arme soo i won't burn my hands about this. You know that Lass can even kill Kaze'aze last form in ToD now, don't you? he is viable now, just need to study him. Won't burn my hands for these tree either. Both are viable here too, i even managed to fast kill Berkas with Elesis solo in less than one minute OK, so going in order of replies... Veron and Drawl going Apocalypses on me, happens constantly, I'll record it the next time it happens. I go to a Corner, and Drawl stands in the middle of the map and hits me anyway. Also, only my luck, when I do marginally survive with a partial HP Bar, he then does it again in the same spot, right on the middle, where he can cover the whole map. I've tried every corner possible, same result. I Dodge, get nothing, but an empty HP Bar anyway... I Use Spell Spam, he just Special Spams. When I do manage to survive, it's more from luck than anything else. Giant Frilzard, the Lizard looking Monster on the South Track of Angry Boss (Sand Ruler being the Boss, the Frilzards being the backup). They Jump one after the other and take it turns jumping to get the best result. Arme can back-to-back spells all she likes, the Energy orbs just wait until you're finished, and do their job anyway. And it's not just Perseo, it's just, he's the most recent example. The twins take me down as the screen loads up, so I'm already dead or on the floor (when I've entered with a Shield) by the time I can see what I'm doing. The screen loads, and I have no time to react as they pound into me. As I said about Lass, I wanted to do more tests, but at low level, he isn't all that good. I would be interested in some Screenshots of what your Loadout is. Cards / Equipment / Stats / Crest / Skill Set I also want to see a recorded run for your Elesis, and what you're using. Simply, I've never seen any character played by anyone (talking 280K Total Attack players) ever. So what do you have? Added Notes: What control Setup are you using? Also, on the note of Lire, what would you suggest for players who simply can't mash a button at 500 times a minute? Current solution (not viable), using a second person to press the Z key on command using a second keyboard while you also press the Z key on the first keyboard.
  15. The Card system needs a few new Cards added. Helm: Vitality +212 LV85 (Relic) Defence +184 LV85 (Relic) Vitality +176 LV78 (Epic) Defence +149 LV82 (Epic) All Stats +128 LV85 (Relic)* (Card of Archimedia) All Stats +96 LV75 (Relic)* (Card of Alcubra) All Stats +64 LV60 (Relic)* (Card of Xenia) All Stats +32 LV45 (Relic)* (Card of Ellia) The All Stats Cards for the Helm would be balanced in idea that they would be available under specific conditions, no Lottery of chance. Available all year round, these would be acquirable from GP Missions. The GP Missions Complete each Area in the Zone in question a specific number of times, in sequential order. So Complete Every Area in Ellia 5 Times each (Mission Cost 1,000,000 GP) So Complete Every Area in Xenia 10 Times each (Mission Cost 2,000,000 GP) So Complete Every Area in Alcubra 15 Times each (Mission Cost 3,500,00 GP) So Complete Every Area in Archimedia 20 Times each (Mission Cost 5,000,000 GP)