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  1. ZOOL

    I can't equip gear or pet...

    My best guess would be to reinstall the game. Thankfully, it's not an issue I've ever encountered, but that would the best solution I could suggest.
  2. I had a bug involving the Seal Breaker Scrolls. I spent Scrolls on the the Gatcha Coordi in order to get the last piece I need for Mari's Justice Coordi. It consumed the Scrolls, but didn't give me anything for them. The Last Coordi Item I need for the set is: Justice Stompers After that, that would be the full set and I'll have the Pet. I have been spending Seal Breaker Scrolls Since (20 additional Scrolls so far), and I'm getting nothing but 'GC Club' to which I'm now on 70+ days worth. 30 Scrolls for one single Coordi Gatcha is a bit rough.
  3. ZOOL

    Arme suffering from another NERF...

    OK, Bug or NERF, it still needs fixing. Though, note I'm not just talking about the Phasing, even though that has had a large impact upon performance.
  4. I thought I noticed it the other day shortly after the last update, but now I am certain. Arme's Phase Dashing Ability has been NERFED is Bugged. I used to be able to phase through enemies to get behind them. I mostly used this to avoid taking damage from incoming attacks. The skill was also useful for getting across the stage to the Bosses without the need to waste time with their minions. However, since the update, I've been incapable of performing with any level of proficiency. I ask that Arme isn't NERFED anymore (Because previous NERF's have still done their damage to her anyway, the additional Bugs don't help). She's gone from being a really good character (before Season 5), to OK-ish (Introduction of Season 5), to being nearly unusable (a few months ago), to now being actually incapable (latest update, Due to additional Bugs within the game). Can someone FIX Arme please, she can't keep up with any of the other characters. Take Lass/Edel/Lime/Rin/Mari, all of them perform better on lower stats than Arme. I know, because my own Edel out-matches my Arme on only a 3rd of the stats. I have Mari's and Lime's looking at me wondering in what way I am deficient. Arme using an F-Skill, does some damage to the Boss (rarely finishing the job). Mari using an F-Skill, does more damage to the Boss with lower stats (finishing the job in most cases when stats are equal to my Arme). Rin walks in, One-Shot DONE (Almost every time). Lass walks in, again, One-Shot DONE (on lower stats than my Arme). Lime, again, same story. Then there is my Edel... My Edel compared to my Arme: Total Attack: 38,218 VS 112,023 Attack: 17053 VS 21076 Defence: 12046 VS 13577 Vitality: 4769 VS 7763 Special Attack: 3792 VS 10155 Special Defence: 1317 VS 1371 Critical Attack Chance: 16.3% VS 42.0% Critical Attack Damage: 158.4% VS 327.8% Counterattack Resistance: 0.0% VS 21.0% HP Recovery: 68.0% VS 122.0% MP Recovery: 29.3% VS 54.9% Hell Spear: 300 VS 440 Result: Edel can move faster and therefor can avoid being hit Arme moves slowly, can't double jump, and now can't phase through enemies reliably (is often blocked somehow) Edel can do more Damage per Second, and has an ability that allows her strikes to become more powerful regardless of what she hits Arme can only do more damage to a single predetermined target using her ability, but sacrifices the Shield in order to do this Edel can do heavy damage to multiple targets even when they are not closely packed Arme can do some heavy damage, but this is often negated by the monsters performing Special moves (back-to-back) and even the famous Jump-Spam Edel can struggle to strike a target that is too close to her and too thin to contact Arme doesn't have this issue, but requires a combo to avoid the issue In practice: Wizard's Labyrinth - Stage 1 - Completion Times: Edel - Under 2 Minutes consistently - Record being 1 Minute 20 Seconds Approx Arme - On Par for 2 Minutes consistently - Record being 1 Minute 40 Seconds Approx I even recorded it, but my upload speeds are too low right now to upload the recording.
  5. ZOOL

    My Playhouse

    It's a weekend, I didn't expect a reply until Monday anyway. I would ask that you calm your tone (my interpretation of your message is that you think I've somehow been nagging on about this issue, I personally have not been). I understand that it's an issue that sometimes happens and effects some players and not all at all times. I just noticed a pattern, so therefore pointed it out as a possible source of the problem.
  6. ZOOL

    My Playhouse

    Identical issue over here too. Something about the LV6 Enchanted Tree? Someone needs to look into this (I contacted Kizuyo about this issue, awaiting reply, they don't work weekends, hahaha).
  7. ZOOL

    Achievement Reward Box missing

    Yes, there is a post about this. They already stated that you may collect the boxes, but they don't do anything yet (they're deciding what to put in the boxes I presume). They stated this when the Achievement System was introduced. Still not been fully finished yet.
  8. ZOOL

    Dismantle closing the game

    It's an issue that happens with specific Items and Armour Sets at some times. Armour Sets known to course issues: Warrior Saint Armour Set (any piece of it) Trooper Armour Set (any piece of it) Moonlight Armour Set (any piece of it) Victor's Armour Set (any piece of it) Kaze'Aze's Armour Set (any piece of it) but to name a few of them. Sometimes the forges will allow you to dismantle them, sometimes the forges don't.
  9. ZOOL

    FPS drop when activating/maxing meters

    Thanks to your Operating System, you might be able to work around the issue by using a USB3.0 Port and a USB Flash Drive capable of using a feature called 'Ready Boost' technology. Ready Boost allows a USB stick to act as if it was Random Access Memory (RAM), though a lot slower than internal RAM, your system should not be under as much strain. Not all USB drives can use Ready Boost, and Ready Boost E-RAM (External RAM) is about 600-640 MB/s (though often as low as 480MB/s). Internal RAM is around 4 times faster (based upon the information you provided, I'd say you're using 1800MHz Speed RAM). WARNING: Using Ready Boost will cause deterioration in USB Sticks using it. Select a fresh or otherwise empty USB stick so that you don't lose data. Also Note: In the event that your system suddenly is without power, your USB Drive that you use for Ready Boost will need to repair itself and part of this repair process involves formatting the drive in extreme cases. I hope this helps as a temporary cheap solution until you have appropriate funding.
  10. ZOOL

    Unable to log on my website acc

    What Operating System are you using, and are you using Google Chrome as your Browser (Windows 10 Microsoft Edge can intermittently have this issue)?
  11. I think this effects all Windows 10 Systems that use Microsoft Essentials (or whatever replaced it for the sake of Windows 10). Maybe your issue is your Operating System, I wouldn't be surprised. Tip: Windows 10 is not fit for purpose, let alone gaming, LOL. Every instance of this post all shows Windows 10, Windows 7 doesn't have the issue.
  12. ZOOL

    Party Dungeon Unsynced

    I've been having this with the Talin's Revenge Dungeon purely. Since the update, every game I've had has been very badly out-of-sync. I've had everything from: Not being able to see my ally's projectiles (tried with multiple people, same result) Not being able to see fluid moving enemy units (just jitterbugs that skip along in Seconds per Frame (where Frames are being dropped in mass)) My own projectiles being useless and not doing any damage or that damage being severely delayed (when I've joined someone else who's hosting) My ally's projectiles freezing or double instancing (The Big Wave and the Charged-Laser) Frankly, the game is unplayable.
  13. ZOOL

    monthly reward

    You're not alone, 3 Months running for multiple characters. It's been broken since KOG, I'm not sure, but I think it got broken when the Character Individualisation was introduced (which I still think is a bad idea). Things like Attendance and Crests need to be re-melded together so that they apply across the board. For OCD people like myself, attending 10 hours per day every single day is not healthy physically or mentally. Also, on the note of OCD, the attainment of every Crest for every Character is insane (especially with 20 Characters). Attaining a Crest once is a long enough process, but 20 times gets to be a bit closer to plain nuts. So ye, reverse the individualisation to Attendance and Crests, and you may find it fixes itself.
  14. ZOOL

    Crests getting the mathematics wrong...

    Also, as a side note to this, I would recommend that the King Slime Crest is looked at. Minus 3% to Critical Chance with only Plus 50% to Critical Damage, just rams the Crest into the floor. Especially with how hard the Crest is to obtain, it should at least be half decent. King Slime Crest Proposal: +2.5% Critical Chance +25% Critical Damage +5% Special Attack Damage +10% MP Regeneration (maybe as a bonus)
  15. I personally think a 'Do-It-All' Potion would be cool, hahaha.