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  1. -Shin(Loss)


    do u even have... Extreme Skill key? The so called 4th skill , extra MP bar and dodge skill can only be unlock by the EXTREME SKILL KEY Also even if u have the key..u cannot unlock it while being in a dungeon room The "Normal" Skill Key is only for the lock skills on 1st Job
  2. -Shin(Loss)

    Seal Breaker Scrolls

    Bruh...... Giving free vp is already being ""extremely kind" on their part If you want easy shizz in SB...then go fucking donate ffs And besides...who in their god damn minds would waste time doing a crazy mission just for 1 sb scroll upon completion I would rather waste my time thinking about my sad unwanted didnt ask for fucking life...
  3. -Shin(Loss)

    lost sp

    120 is the Limit..lelzzz
  4. -Shin(Loss)


    u still get vp daily once u sign in an attendance of atleast 1 chara We use to have pvp events where u get 300 vp if u loose or 500 when u are first(depends on the mood) but its been a few months since the last pvp event Another way is to join occasional forum events...soon And lastly donation..
  5. sup kids...

    Empress is here!!!

  6. -Shin(Loss)

    about moonlight village dungeon

    Moonlight Village ... Its balance...so it doesnt matter how good ur stat was it will all revert back to the original non-touch improve stats u got from gears cards etc
  7. -Shin(Loss)

    Event Mission Transfer

    I dont know if you are gonna get help regarding this... Cuz...its a player mistake not a system mistake.. This is s5 ...everything is separated .... So good luck with that
  8. -Shin(Loss)

    GCM Fashion Show! [1/18-31/2018]

    "Anywhere you go..please don't forget I'll always be here cheering you on!!" xAra
  9. indeed it does say 500x but can only be use once
  10. odd... wait for further announcement
  11. -Shin(Loss)

    Black Dragon's Red Necklace

    Its all about luck ... There are times u only need 100-300 and times u have used 1k+ and still not getting +9 Try again..RNG is a bitch after all
  12. -Shin(Loss)

    GP necklaces/anklet upgrade

    Ah no GP necklaces/anklets are breakable prolly bug rn or u are just lucky that it wont break) Cash Necklaces arent breakable same with anklet(ignoring cash anklet currently bug) A video of the percentage chart that u requested
  13. -Shin(Loss)

    Character Quests

    Its just that .... S5 was designed like that... But our Scripter is thinking of a way on making character slot missions ...but not rn Maybe soon..or so
  14. -Shin(Loss)

    Character Quests

    Ah no.. This is S5 Where u get 5 slots free to choose any character u like The only way to obtain additional slots rn are by buying it using cash/vp or obtaining it from event(we have one right now) But I believe in the near future they will provide some sort of mission to get more slot
  15. And uh... I believe its the wrong channel ... Please be careful in posting next time..