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    Login Crash 2.0

    Lmao for real. They can take my money when I donate but I can't log in so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. tangerines

    [Suggestion] GP random reset scroll

    You can't buy them at the moment in the store because it's glitched :/. I don't mind spending the hero bullions but I can't even buy it in the firstplace
  3. tangerines

    Xenia Care Package Bug

    Hi, I finished the adventure's event for the continent of Xenia and received the care package. It's in my inventory but when I click "Ok" to collect the contents, it doesn't do anything. I've changed serves, relogged, changed characters, etc. Can someone help me out?
  4. Hello all, I recently starting playing grandchase again and i've noticed that the frames when playing grandchase is absolutely horrendous. Before you tell me to took at the other threads, know that i've spent hours and hours trying to fix that. I've downloaded 10+ d3d9.dlls, went through "regedit", changed the compatibility, changed the vertical synchronization, and basically everything i've seen so far offered on this website in terms of fixes. However, I still can't fix it. My brothers own laptops that are years older than my pc (which I just built) and they receive no such lag once they replaced their d3d9. I run a PC with a Ryzen 5 1600x, a 350 strix mobo, a Radeon Vega 56. The one similarity i've seen between the two laptops is that they both use nvidia and have intel processors. I also noticed on the download screen for the game that it recommends Intel and Nvidia. I don't know if there is way to get around this but if anyone can help that'll be great. I'd hate to quit the game since I just donated just because of this FPS issue, but it's honestly so bad that it makes playing unbearable.