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    Forge Bug

    Hi, so I have found another bug that I would like to address. So I went on my day and about to forge some armor but instead I got this error message (GrandChase20190206_203610.BMP). As you can see it says it success but as I went through my inventories I did not have the armor that I wanted. GrandChase20190206_203631.BMP. GrandChase20190206_203652.BMP. GrandChase20190206_203657.BMP. I had this issue as of last week but I just now have the time to submit this issue. Thanks. GrandChase20190206_203701.BMP
  2. ArOn43

    Mini game Bug

    So I bought 10 soccer balls from the kching store to use it for the Soccer attack mini game cuz i was out of soccer balls and im really close getting the final reward. But as soon as open the mini game, it wouldnt let me use the soccer ball. Is that a bug or something? I have screenshots to proof that the 10 soccer balls are on my item inventory. Thanks in advance!GrandChase20190128_022333.BMP GrandChase20190128_022306.BMP GrandChase20190128_022333.BMP