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    ForgeNDawn Recruiting

    Recruiting members for our club. ForgeNDawn Hey people. I was playing GrandChase long time ago. I was really loving this game. However, servers shut down my account got deleted. I am pretty happy that this game came out. Also, i am already experience with gacha games for several years now. Still, i am playing game called SoccerSpirits. Im probably addicted to it :D. Anyway, I created a club. I love this game i am regularly playing it. I am just not competetive type of person in general. Even though, im finishing all requests everyday and all that stuff. What i am trying to say is, If you are really casual about games you are welcome aswell. To sum up, please check out our club "ForgeNDawn". We also have Line and discord server aswell you can join those. Discord: https://discord.gg/vcWNMns Line: https://line.me/R/ti/g/TiCTxxoEt0